Social Listening on LinkedIn: How To Do It And Why It Matters
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Social Listening on LinkedIn: How To Do It And Why It Matters

Laura Dascau
Laura Dascau

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When you have already gained popularity on all social media platforms and you are trying to stay afloat and continue to rock your industry, social listening is required.

This kind of thorough analysis will find out what people think about your brand. And in a world where consumerism is top of mind, feedback from your clients is crucial.

Social listening on LinkedIn allows you to see what are your audience’s interests, what other companies activate in your niche and how to improve your strategy.

Today we will learn everything there is to know about social listening on LinkedIn, ranging from its importance to the advantages that it can bring.

Social Listening on LinkedIn

1. What is LinkedIn social listening and why it matters
2. How to perform social listening on LinkedIn

3. How social listening can help your LinkedIn page

4. The benefits of social listening on LinkedIn

1. What is LinkedIn social listening and why it matters

LinkedIn social listening implies listening to your customers’ and prospective clients’ discussions in the online world to retrieve useful data about your brand.

LinkedIn is not just a social media network where you can find a job. There are a lot of businesses that sell their services and products.

By learning how users evaluate your work, you will know what there is to change: your marketing strategy or your products.

Adjusting how and what you sell is a huge step forward since you admit that you can do better and you are not afraid to show that your business is a work in progress.

A brand that is continuously growing is a brand that never stops experimenting, taking into account different perspectives and angles until the “Evrika” moment arrives.

By performing social listening on LinkedIn, you will be able to find out what users say about your brand when they believe you are not looking

If you are wondering why you should do this, the answer is simple. The biggest advantage is that you can quickly find negative feedback and offer your customer support.

2. How to perform social listening on LinkedIn

Social listening on LinkedIn is the process through which every conversation, comment and reaction about your brand is analyzed, while also offering you data about the latest trends in your industry and niche.

Let’s see how to perform social listening on LinkedIn to improve your business’ strategy.

Identify listening goals

To extract important data about your brand, you should first establish what are your goals when it comes to social listening.

If you are only looking for the latest trends in your niche and industry, then you will find plenty of useful ideas you could test for your brand.

In case you want to see some feedback regarding your products and services, you can analyze conversations, comments and mentions to find users’ opinions.

Once you establish your goals for social listening on LinkedIn, you will be able to discover a lot of hidden feedback in other posts and comments.

Join groups on LinkedIn

To perform an efficient social listening on LinkedIn, you should join groups where you can find users with the same interests as you.

Find relevant groups that focus on the same topics as your brand does. You might be surprised to see there people already discussing about your brand.

After you join those groups, you will easily be able to keep up with the conversations about your brand.

And this is not something all your competitors do, so you will have a great advantage in front of them.

Adjust your newsfeed

When you want to implement more changes that could attract a larger number of people, it is advisable to analyze your newsfeed.

The way your brand presents in front of people is really important. Think about your LinkedIn page as your brand’s passport.

A picture with a quote about linkedin by natalia wiechowski

It has to look nice, paying attention to what posts you share.

Make sure you customize your newsfeed and set automatic filters to avoid spamming your audience with unnecessary content.

It is better to keep in focus only your native documents and content about your products and services. At the end of the day, these are the things that stir people’s interest.

Track your LinkedIn mentions

One very smart and easy way to do social listening on LinkedIn is to track your mentions on this plaform. To count as a mention, someone has to directly tag you in a post (using the @ in the body of the post or comment).

To access this data, you only need to connect your LinkedIn account, head to the analytics dashboard and scroll all the way down.

linkedin mentions socialinsider

Don't forget to adjust the time range to track mentions across a longer period of time!

The search button featured on your LinkedIn page is not there only to search for new connections. You should also use it to search for topics of your interest or popular trends in your industry.

A screenshot of socialinsider linkedin page that refers to social listening

When performing social listening on LinkedIn, you need to know that the search button can be used to find people, groups, companies, jobs and your inbox.

After you decide which is your topic of interest, isolate the search only to “people” so that you can spot who your future connections should be.

It means that you have a lot in common with the users included in that list and you should chat with them.

Measure brand health

A LinkedIn social listening is a great opportunity to measure your brand’s health. If you find posts where customers complain about your products, make sure you alert your team.

Even if there might not be your fault, make sure you apologize to the customer for their disappointing experience and promise to fix things.

The key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers is to be honest. Answer their queries as quickly as possible to avoid their little issue to grow into a huge problem.

Maybe some of the conversations people have about your brand regard your customer support. Think about implementing some changes into that system to cater customers’ needs.

Use a LinkedIn social listening tool

Social listening on LinkedIn cannot be performed manually, if you want to be efficient. A social media listening tool is useful in this case since it offers you real-time results.

Besides, you cannot keep count of all the mentions and tags your brand gets. This is a job for an AI.

A specialized tool can quickly help you determine what are users’ opinions about your brand.

Here is a list of social media listening tools that can come in handy when performing LinkedIn social listening.

3. How social listening can help your LinkedIn page

Social listening on LinkedIn helps marketers find insights in users’ conversations and posts about their brands.

Conducting LinkedIn social listening can help you boost brand reputation and build  better-oriented content to attract a wider audience.

  • Brand monitoring

By conducting social listening on LinkedIn you can monitor your brand’s performance and evolution so far.

A quarterly overall social listening will help you develop a more efficient marketing strategy.

If you decide to search by specific keywords related to your niche and brand, you will be able to track your company’ progress and see what’s missing.

  • Develop a thought leadership strategy

The people working for your brand, and especially the executives, are the image of your brand. Building together a thought leadership strategy can help you increase brand reputation.

Your thought leadership strategy shows that your company is specialized in a certain field.

Due to your LinkedIn page (if built right), people will consider you a trustful source of information when it comes to your niche.

This is how thought leadership, through your representatives, helps you develop brand awareness.

  • Competitive social intelligence

Since you are not the only one in your industry, competition will appear and you have to be ready to face it and overcome it.

Through your values, ideas and services you offer, you need to try to surpass your competition’s progress.

Even when the battle turns into a war, you still need to have the necessary resources to face it.

By overlooking your competitors’ evolution you get access to many insights regarding their marketing strategy.

Social listening on LinkedIn for your brand is not everything. You should also consider using LinkedIn social listening to see what others are doing.

Keep  an eye on your rivals’ new products and services and see what feedback they receive from their clients.

This will help you put in place a better LinkedIn strategy for your brand and find new leads.

4. The benefits of social listening on LinkedIn

Social listening on LinkedIn can boost your brand’s strategy efficiency. And this is not the only benefit.

You can find out immediately if a customer complains about your products or services to solve the problem before everyone on LinkedIn sees it.

Through social listening, you will be the first to read your clients’ feedback and you will learn about the latest trends in your industry.

If you think you still need more reasons to perform social listening on LinkedIn, we gave you a few more.

  • Find out what your audience wants

Your audience’s feedback tells you what they want and what data they need to see to keep them engaged.

Take notes and rethink your marketing strategy on LinkedIn based on your customers’ likings and dislikings.

A picture with a quote about linkedin by louise brogan

By satisfying your clients’ needs, you also manage to increase brand reputation since they will continue to talk about you, praising you for your products and customer support.

And if you have happy clients, you certainly have a prosperous business.

  • Monitor your competitors

Your LinkedIn strategy is not complete if you don’t look at what your competitors are doing.

Otherwise, you won’t know whether you need to readjust your marketing plan or come up with revolutionary services and products.

Monitoring your competition helps you develop better content on LinkedIn, since you know how the market fluctuates, the needs of clients change and your industry is continuously growing.

  • Discover leads

A social media listening tool shows you in what type of discussions your brand is mentioned. By discovering users’ interests, you manage to develop a buyer persona.

This will help you build the profile of your ideal client. All you have to do next is to find out what keeps them interested and deliver.

Finding out about the evolution of your competitors also offers you insights about what people think about their services.

This way, you can convert those users into leads. Maybe you have better products or offers for them and you can attract them to become your customers instead.

Final Thoughts

When deconstructing every function of a social media platform, you get the chance to explore it from every perspective.

So it’s the case of LinkedIn when you first conduct social listening. This type of analysis offers you new insights that could help you better connect with your audience.

Social listening on LinkedIn allows you to keep up with the latest trends and follow up on customers’ feedback to offer them the best customer support experience.

This complete guide on LinkedIn social listening offers you the nitty-gritty data that helps you grow your brand on LinkedIn.

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. I’d be happy to help.

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