Use AI Instagram listening insights to power any decision

Tired of getting no user data or just a few number of posts? Not anymore - we fixed it.

Get in-depth insights into your branded hashtags or campaign hashtags. Find the key influencers in your industry to boost your brand visibility.

AI Instagram Listening Tool

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Stay ahead of the curve with AI Instagram listening insights

Access powerful Instagram listening data, such as content, engagement, and demographics insights.

See who is talking about your brand and your competitors and better understand your audience. Spot trends and identify marketing opportunities that can make your brand thrive on social.

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Get AI-consolidated sentiment and emotion analysis

Discover what’s the general sentiment and emotion associated with a certain brand on Instagram. Dive deep into sentiment and emotions analytics to find out how your customers' conversations on Instagram impact your brand image.

Pinpoint consumer issues, identify your brand’s strengths, and leverage those insights to create better marketing strategies.

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Find key influencers in your industry

Establish partnerships and collaborations with these influencers to boost your brand visibility, expand your reach, and get new audiences.

Identify their past collaborations and interactions with other brands and benchmark their social media performance.

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Explore posts & topics around hashtag campaigns

Measure the impact of your Instagram hashtag campaigns by tracking sentiment and engagement, allowing you to refine messaging and optimize future efforts.

Leverage a new, AI-based way of doing Instagram listening to discover related topics that your audience is talking about to spot strategic partnership opportunities.

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Back up any Instagram campaign with AI listening insights

Stay on top of your Instagram listening insights. Get sentiment, emotion, key influencers, and past collabs for any hashtag.

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