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TikTok analytics dashboard

Analyze and measure your video’s performance

Track TikTok analytics such as video views, engagement rates, how long it takes to go viral, top video content, likes, comments, shares, follower growth, and many more, and gain insights that will help you improve your strategy. Leverage the data to discover virality insights and gain a competitive edge.

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TikTok historical posts data

Compare your TikTok metrics over time

Gain access to historical posts and analytics for TikTok to spot trends in views and engagement. Dig into detailed TikTok analytics for every video and gain a deeper understanding of what context mixes work best for your brand. Compare TikTok pages side by side to gain a competitive advantage.

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Social Media Statistics

Socialinsider gives us insightful charts from social media KPIs to best performing content examples on all major platforms.

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TikTok content analytics

Identify your best-performing content based on topics and keywords

Tag and group your TikTok videos based on different keywords or topics to understand which content themes perform best and use the insights you get to optimize your TikTok strategy.

Compare KPIs of different TikTok campaigns and discover what kind of content and topics are most successful in engaging your audience.

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Social Media Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to see TikTok analytics?

To access your TikTok analytics, you can either navigate the analytics dashboard within the native platform or leverage a third-party analytics tool.

Within the native TikTok analytics platform, you can get an overview of your account’s main KPIs, including video views, profile views, likes, comments, and saves. TikTok analytics data related to content (trending videos) and audience demographics (that indicate your followers’ gender, age, top countries, and cities at an aggregated level) are also available. Ultimately, TikTok also enabled live video insights. Complementarily, Socialinsider offers a series of additional, custom KPIs meant to help marketers better understand how to reach virality. These metrics include the number of days until peak views, view rate peak, number of views in the first three and ten days after publishing, and more.

While the desktop version of the native TikTok analytics platform enables data download as XLS and CSV, for more complex social media reports, you can choose a third-party analytics tool, like Socialinsider, that offers additional performance data download options, such as PPT and PDF. Moreover, by leveraging it, you can create custom dashboards using Looker (Google Data Studio), Microsoft Power BI, or API.

Socialinsider offers a wide variety of metrics, among which:

  • video views
  • engagement rates
  • likes, comments, shares, saves
  • follower count and follower growth
  • top performing content
  • top hashtags
  • Post-level analytics, where you can see how it takes for a video to go viral

You can use Socialinsider’s TikTok analytics to compare across channels and download presentation-ready reports.

Socialinsider provides data analytics for multiple TikTok pages, the number depending on the package you choose. For more information about our offerings, start with a 14-day free trial.

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