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TikTok analytics tool

Analyze the TikTok data in one single dashboard

Discover TikTok data that offers in-depth insights. Understand your TikTok's performance by analyzing metrics such as video views, engagement rate, likes, comments, shares, and saves to optimize your content strategy. Improve your TikTok content and boost brand awareness with data-driven virality insights.

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TikTok historical data

Get TikTok historical data and analytics

Use Socialinsider's TikTok analytics platform to see how your KPIs have evolved over time. Discover if you’ve had any drops or spikes in views or engagement and the videos that triggered them. Monitor your TikTok analytics to identify potential algorithm changes and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Socialinsider gives us insightful charts from social media KPIs to best performing content examples on all major platforms.

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TikTok content insights

Analyze the TikTok content based on keywords or topics

Tag and group your TikTok videos based on different keywords or topics to understand what goes viral. Keep an eye on your TikTok analytics to understand what type of content your audience is attracted to. Track your TikTok content analytics to gain strategic insights on your best-performing posts for each TikTok campaign to improve your marketing game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TikTok analytics?

TikTok analytics is a collection of data that highlights how a TikTok account’s content performs, and that can be used for strategy evaluation. Including a wide range of KPIs, data analysis offers insights into what videos are most effective in generating brand interest.

Monitoring your TikTok analytics will help you create an optimized strategy through multiple layered insights, including

  • a deep understanding of your audience’s behavioral patterns, such as the types of videos they are more prone to engage with - by correlating videos’ different lengths and messages with the number of likes, comments, or shares they generate;
  • quick trends identification through which you can easily spot TikTok marketing best practices that will help you create better-performing content and improve performance on the go;
  • ROI pinpointing - once you understand the results you are likely to achieve by leveraging certain content types and putting a certain effort into your TikTok marketing game, it will get easier for you to allocate your budget toward what is more profitable.

Depending on your TikTok strategy’s objectives, some metrics may weigh more when doing your performance evaluation. While views, engagement, watch time, and audience demographics are usually the most relevant metrics for marketers, you can check here an in-depth list of the most important KPIs.

To check your performance insights, you can either visit the TikTok analytics dashboard available within the native platform or leverage a third-party TikTok analytics app.

To access your TikTok native analytics, go to Profile, select Creator Tools, and click on the Analytics tab.

Given that different platforms work better for different objectives when choosing your TikTok data app, it’s important to take into consideration your most pressing needs and choose your tool based on its solution offerings for that specific case.

Among marketers’ most helpful tools when it comes to getting analytics for TikTok, you’ll find

  • Socialinsider - for TikTok data reporting;
  • Brand24 - for social media monitoring;
  • Exolyt - for influencer identification and management;
To discover what might be the best TikTok analytics solution for you, check out this extended list of the top analytics platforms available on the market.

Usually, an external tool offers more than raw data, which is what is available within the native analytics app, by offering more features and, therefore, more ways to look at the data.

For example, by using Socialinsider’s Strategy module, you can tag and group your TikToks based on specific keywords or topics, identify your best-performing content pillars, and understand what’s working and what’s not.

While the desktop version of the native TikTok analytics platform enables data download as XLS and CSV, for more complex social media reports, you can choose a third-party analytics tool, like Socialinsider, that offers additional performance data download options, such as PPT and PDF.

Moreover, by leveraging it, you can create custom dashboards using Looker (Google Data Studio) or API.

Socialinsider provides a wide variety of metrics, among which:

  • video views
  • engagement and engagement rates
  • engagement evolution
  • best time to post
  • views evolution
  • follower count and follower growth
  • top hashtags
Additionally, you can decompose your viral videos by looking at some unique KPIs, such as average days until virality. To discover more of Socialinsider’s custom metrics, start your 14-day free trial!

Ultimately, you can use Socialinsider’s TikTok analytics dashboard to compare performance across channels and download presentation-ready reports.

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