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Level up your company page on LinkedIn

Track all LinkedIn KPIs for business purposes

Measure your LinkedIn performance and track analytics for your business page.

Learn how to grow your LinkedIn presence and increase your engagement, traffic, and leads.

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Analyze and improve your content strategy

Understand your content marketing strategy on LinkedIn

Analyze your hashtags, topics, post format, and improve your content based on impressions, clicks, comments, shares, and hashtags. Track key metrics of each post on LinkedIn.

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Dive deeper into your demographics data

Get to know your targeted audience on LinkedIn

Understand your demographics on LinkedIn, discover key aspects of your target niche, and create tailored messages for them.

Discover your audience

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Export LinkedIn analytics data

Easily create reports and customize them with your logo and brand colors.

Export LinkedIn analytics data as PDF, PPT, CSV, or EXCEL and share them with your team, manager, and stakeholders.

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