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LinkedIn KPIs

Track the LinkedIn metrics that matter

Gain insight into the performance of your LinkedIn page and learn how to optimize your content strategy. Oversee key LinkedIn page analytics such as engagement, reach, impressions, posts clicks, video views, and many more.

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LinkedIn post analytics

Optimize your content performance

Track LinkedIn post analytics to identify your best content based on different objectives. Discover if your top-performing content consists of images, carousels, text, polls, or other formats. Boost your strategy by leveraging LinkedIn data analytics that shows you how to create content tailored to your audience’s preferences.

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LinkedIn audience insights

Understand your audience using LinkedIn demographic data

See if your content is successful in putting you in front of the right people. Monitor the level of interest in your brand. Discover key Linkedin audience insights like follower job title, industry, and company size, that will help you shape an improved strategy.

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Cross-channel analysis

Identify your strategy’s weakest and strongest points

Discover how your LinkedIn page stands up against your other social media pages through a cross-channel analysis. Spot areas of improvement and pinpoint the post types that can help you improve your metrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Why use a third-party LinkedIn analytics tool instead of the platform’s native analytics?

The great advantage of an external LinkedIn analytics tool is its capacity to offer additional, more in-depth metrics compared to the native analytics platform.

For example, with Socialinsider, besides classical metrics like engagement, you also see KPIs such as engagement evolution to discover if there were any sudden changes in your engagement.

Offering solutions beyond basic reporting, Socialinsider facilitates strategy optimization through its multiple layers of data analysis, such as its Campaign feature for example.

By allowing specific campaign analysis through post tagging, Socialinsider provides powerful content insights, turning into a valuable resource for social media reporting.

Your added pages’ limit depends on the package chosen. During our 14 days free trial, we’ve set a 20-account limit. To discover more about Socialinsider’s pricing plans, feel free to check our pricing page.

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