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Oversee key LinkedIn metrics such as engagement, impressions, post clicks, video views, and many more. Gain insight into your LinkedIn campaigns and replicate successful content ideas. Leverage a powerful LinkedIn analytics tool to automate your reporting and save time.

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LinkedIn post analytics

Understand which posts perform best

Identify your best-performing posts by keeping an eye on your LinkedIn content analytics. Improve your LinkedIn strategy with advanced analytics that reveal your audience's preferred content format and messaging.

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LinkedIn audience insights

Gain insights into your LinkedIn audience

Track key LinkedIn audience insights like follower job title, industry, and company size, that will help you shape an improved strategy. Discover the markets where your brand shines the most to create targeted campaigns and increase your brand exposure.

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Cross-channel analysis

Understand why LinkedIn is top-performing

Compare your LinkedIn analytics to other social media accounts using cross-channel analysis. Run a LinkedIn analysis to spot areas of improvement and pinpoint the post types that can help you improve your metrics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are LinkedIn analytics?

LinkedIn analytics refers to data that is used to evaluate a LinkedIn page’s content performance and overall strategy effectiveness. It includes several areas of analysis, such as posts’ metrics and audience demographics.

Analytics data for LinkedIn plays a crucial role in strategy optimization, offering insights into what is working and what’s not and revealing what the most effective LinkedIn content looks like.

Having a data-driven marketing approach is beneficial from multiple perspectives, among which the greatest advantages being:

  • a deep understanding of your audience’s content preferences and the ability to adapt to your followers’s needs quickly;
  • identification of best practices that can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage;
  • facilitation of ROI calculation, allowing you to orient your focus and budget toward those campaigns that drive the best results.

LinkedIn performance insights are available both through the platform’s built-in analytics dashboard and through a third-party LinkedIn data tool.

To see your LinkedIn page analytics within the native platform, go to your company’s LinkedIn profile and select Analytics from the left-sided menu. Here, you’ll find metrics related to content, visitors, competitors, and much more.

The great advantage of an external tool is its capacity to offer additional, more in-depth data compared to the native LinkedIn analytics platform.

For example, with Socialinsider, you gain access to insights related to the best time to post, engagement by content type, top posts, engagement evolution, and more.
On top of that, Socialinsider also offers additional features, such as history post data, to discover which were your most effective campaigns and strategies in the long run.

Your choice of a LinkedIn analytics solution should be based on your reporting needs.

  • Among the best tools for LinkedIn data available on the market at the moment, you’ll find:
  • Socialinsider - for analytics and reporting
  • Sprout Social - for social media management
  • Brand24 - for social media monitoring
For an extended list of the top apps providing analytics for LinkedIn, check out this 10 tools that offer in-depth LinkedIn performance insights.

Offering solutions beyond basic reporting, Socialinsider facilitates strategy optimization through its multiple layers of data analysis, such as its Campaign feature for example.

By allowing the analysis of posts based on keywords or topics through post tagging, Socialinsider provides powerful content insights, turning into a valuable resource for social media reporting.

Among marketers’ top KPIs worth tracking when doing social media reporting is the following data:

  • engagement;
  • impressions,
  • audience demographics
To discover what other KPIs are relevant for an in-depth LinkedIn performance evaluation, you can check our detailed list of LinkedIn metrics that reveal valuable content insights for strategy improvement.

To export your LinkedIn KPIs, you can either download your data within the platform’s analytics unit, which allows only a CSV format download or use a third-party analytics tool, which enables more reporting layouts, including PPT and PDF.

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