“Now we can create more complex social media reports.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager @ Untold

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“We've primarily started using this tool to create comprehensive competitor analysis.”

Grady Andersen, Founder at pavdy

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“How to impress clients with data they haven't seen before.”

Alex Khan, Founder at Attractive Media Agency

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Hanging Gardens

“With Socialinsider, creating social media reports is a matter of a few hours.”

Dorra Lunet, Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

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Alex Khan
How Alex Khan, top social media expert, impresses clients with data they haven’t seen before

With Alex Khan, Social Media Expert

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How Blink Agency saves 30 hours monthly on reporting by using premium social media analytics

With Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency

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How Hype Lab took its social media reports to the next level, optimizing time and costs

With Nick Radclyffe, CEO at Hype Lab

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Megan Ruff
How Megan Jean Ruff took her freelancing in social media to a next level of productivity

With Megan Jean Ruff, Freelance Social Media Manager

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Mina Ionescu
How VMLY&R uses social media reports to reach its customers’ marketing and business KPIs

With Mina Ionescu, Head of Digital at VMLY&R

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Rachel Miller
How Rachel Miller helps businesses get attention quickly while spending the least possible on ads

With Rachel Miller, Founder at Moolah Marketer

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How Mocha agency saves 5 full days of reporting work

With Yar Zar Aung, Founder & CEO at Mocha

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How Locarl developed a market intelligence service based on Socialinsider’s features

With Dirk Sasse, Founder of Locarl

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Hanging Gardens
How Hanging Gardens Agency went from a full day to only one hour for a social media report

With Dorra Lunet, Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

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Create Media
How to save $16k+ each year and get premium analytics

With Mohamed El-Daly, Social Media Director at Create Media

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How Fashionbi spends 15% less time on reporting for top brands such as Versace and Gucci

With Yana Bushmeleva, COO and Partner at Fashionbi

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How Hourly increased their Instagram followers from 0 to 1700+ in less than one year, all organically

With Ben Harborne, Head of Marketing at Hourly

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How Inmediata expands their offering and increases their monthly income with $1,000

With Sebastian Saita, co-founder at Inmediata

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Watersky Digital
How Watersky Digital gets social media insights in a matter of a few minutes

With Liana Mkrtchyan, Digital Analyst at Watersky Digital

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Tribal Worldwide
How Tribal Worldwide Romania gets ahead of the competition for its 40 social media clients

With Arnold Vieriu, Head of Social Media at Tribal Worldwide Romania

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How pavdy won 5 agency pitches with Socialinsider’s benchmarks reports

With Grady Andersen, Founder at pavdy

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How WRONG saves time and impresses clients with data they haven’t seen before

With Vilhelms Meisters, Social Media Director at WRONG

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Jami Eidsvold
How Smarty Social saves 10-15 hours per month with Socialinsider’s reporting tool

With Jami Eidsvold, founder and CEO of Smarty Social

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Jami Eidsvold
Caktuss spends 50% less time conducting social media reports with Socialinsider

With Ramy Kandil, Founder & Managing Director at Caktuss

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Joanne Sweeney
Digital Training Institute develops cross-platform reports and uses Socialinsider’s audit feature

With Joanne Sweeney, CEO at Digital Training Institute

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Ana Pogonariu
How the UNTOLD group manages to optimise time and develop “immediate reports” with Socialinsider

With Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

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