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13 LinkedIn Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try

LinkedIn analytics tools are apps that track a LinkedIn page's or profile's performance metrics, enabling in-depth KPIs analysis. Check the best ones!

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In the realm of social media marketing, LinkedIn is a powerhouse for professionals and businesses alike.

To maximize the impact of your LinkedIn marketing efforts, Linkedin analytics are essential, as they provide deep insights into content performance, audience demographics, and campaign effectiveness, allowing marketers to refine their strategies for better engagement and results.

Read on to discover the best LinkedIn analytics tools available on the market right now and how to harness the power of data to gain a competitive advantage.

Table of contents

What are LinkedIn analytics tools?
Why use a LinkedIn analytics reporting tool?
13 LinkedIn analytics tools for marketers
FAQs about Linkedin Analytics tools

What are LinkedIn analytics tools?

LinkedIn analytics tools are platforms that help marketers collect performance data and evaluate the effectiveness of their content strategy on LinkedIn.

Available both through third-party apps and via LinkedIn's native analytics, LinkedIn insights and KPIs help social media managers make the most out of their social media efforts, helping them increase conversion rates and optimize social media ROI.

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Why use a LinkedIn analytics reporting tool?

Having access to a complex LinkedIn reporting tool that provides in-depth data about your LinkedIn content can help you assess your campaigns' performance.

These LinkedIn analysis tools offer valuable insights about content and advertising KPIs and audience data, enabling professionals to make more strategic decisions when creating their LinkedIn marketing plan.

LinkedIn metrics will indicate what type of posts attract more followers, and you'll then focus more on that to satisfy your audience's needs.

By leveraging a LinkedIn analytics tool, you’ll also learn more about your audience's demographics and preferences, and you'll be able to easily refine your strategy accordingly.

Plus, the process is quick and fast β€” no time wasted!

13 LinkedIn analytics tools for marketers

1. Socialinsider

Socialinsider is one of the best LinkedIn analytics tools, offering premium features for measuring and reporting LinkedIn performance.

With Socialinsider's analytics app, you can analyze your LinkedIn content strategy, perform a LinkedIn audit, understand your audience, and compare data across channels.

With this tool for social media analytics and reporting, you can quickly get history data for one year or customize the time range. This allows you to compare past performance to find gaps in your content and seek new improvement tactics.

Socialinsider's LinkedIn Analytics dashboard

Socialinsider’s LinkedIn analytics features include:

  • Get top LinkedIn metrics such as engagement rate, impressions, reach, followers growth, video views, and clicks.
  • Identify your best-performing posts.
  • Access analytics on a post-level.
  • Find out which type of post is generating the highest number of comments, shares, or reactions.
  • Tag and group LinkedIn posts by keywords or content pillars.
  • Compare social media performance across channels.
  • Get historical post data on LinkedIn to run social media audits.
  • Compare side-by-side LinkedIn pages.
  • Export social media data as PDF, PPT, CSV, or EXCEL. You can import your Socialinsider data to Looker (Google Data Studio) or PowerBI or get social media data via API.

Moreover, Socialinsider offers an easy-to-use customizable LinkedIn analytics dashboard, where you can choose the social media metrics and charts that are shown in the summary dashboard.

Specially designed for busy marketers who want to assess the effectiveness of their LinkedIn strategy and campaigns, Socialinsider can significantly streamline this process quickly and efficiently.

Price: The plans start from 99/month.

2. Inlytics

Inlytics is one of the few analytics tools that focuses only on LinkedIn analytics. Inlytics features a LinkedIn analytics tool and a LinkedIn scheduling tool.

It offers LinkedIn reports for profiles, enabling data comparison over time for users to find out what works and what doesn't, both in the short and in the long run.

Inlytics LinkedIn Analytics Tool

One of this platform's strongest points when it comes to LinkedIn analysis, is its capacity of offering in-depth engagement metrics, such as reactions on posts.

Ultimately, the app also provides actionable recommendations to help the users easily implement the changes needed to upgrade their content strategy.

Price: You can also have free access to basic data, but if you need in-depth analytics, the pricing starts at $12 per month.

3. Shield

Shield is one of the best analytics tools for LinkedIn profiles. Among its most powerful features is its keywords usage analysis, which displays a visual representation of your most used keywords.

Also, it enables an estimated earned media value from organic content, helping prove LinkedIn ROI, capacity which makes it one of the most valuable LinkedIn reporting tools available on the market.

Shield LinkedIn Analytics Tool

Price: The pricing for Shield starts at $8 per month.

4. Social Pilot

Offering in-depth Linkedin company page analytics, Social Pilot helps professionals gain market intelligence on LinkedIn through a diversified list of metrics, showcasing insights such as follower growth or impressions trends. Β 

Moreover, it allows multiple integrations, for a simplified workflow.

Social Pilot LinkedIn analytics tool

Price: Starts from $30/month plus a 14-day free trial plan.

5. Whatagrapgh

Speaking about LinkedIn analysis tools, Whatagraph is an in-depth monitoring and reporting software that provides performance insights for this platform.

The app offers various metrics such as page views, engagement, and follower growth, as well as pre-made templates for a creative and in-depth LinkedIn analytics report.

You can access historical data in order to systematically compare your performance on LinkedIn and identify areas for improvement.

With Whatagraph, you can easily share your reports with your team or clients and start making data-driven decisions for a top-notch LinkedIn strategy.

Whatagrapgh reporting tool for linkedin

Price: Watagraph plans start from $249/mo.

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a social media management tool that provides comprehensive LinkedIn page analytics. This software displays data such as LinkedIn audience insights, and metrics like engagement, impressions, and follower growth.

Important to know is that when looking for tools for LinkedIn analytics that offer custom dashboards, Iconosquare is one if the safest choices.

Iconosquare LinkedIn Analytics tool

Price: For this social media analytics app, the pricing starts at $49.

7. SocialStatus

SocialStatus is a tool that provides Linkedin page analytics and performance metrics and audience demographics for a tailored social media report.

With this tool, you can get a master at reporting, having the possibility to look at top-notch data, such as your or social competitor benchmarks, or paid and organic breakdowns for your content.

Using this app, you can get social media reports in multiple formats: multi-channel reports that are full with actionable insight, white-label reports, and custom reports for agencies.

SocialStatus LinkedIn Analytics Tool

You can also export data to CSV, XLSX, PDF, PPTX, or Google Slides, automating social media reporting with just a few clicks.

If you choose the Business Plan, you can customize your reports as you wish.

Price: For this LinkedIn analytics tool, the starting price is $29/ month.

8. Brand24

Brand24 is a listening tool that also provides LinkedIn analytics. Its LinkedIn analytics dashboard tracks audience insights such as conversations around your brand, sentiment analysis, and discussion volume and reach.

Armed with these features, you’ll get a better understanding of who is talking about your brand and what, ultimately helping you refine the LinkedIn strategy.

Brand24 LinkedIn analytics tool

Also, you’ll receive alerts within the app or email if discussions across your brand change.

You can export the reports as PDFs, .xls files, and infographics.

Price: Brand24 starts its pricing at $99/ month.

9. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is stands among the LinkedIn reporting tools that have leveraged the power of AI for data analysis and forecasting. This platform allows you to build high-tech dashboards for your clients, taking social media reporting to the next level. Β 

With this LinkedIn analytics tool you can create custom dashboards with the most relevant KPIs for yourbusiness, such as audience data, the performance of ads, and the list goes on.

klipfolio linkedin analytics tool

Price: For this LinkedIn analytics tool, the price starts at $300/ month.

10. Social Champ

Social Champ is social media management tool that has also integrated a LinkedIn analytics module, which simplifies access to platform specific metrics and performance insights.

Within its dashboard you'll find LinkedIn post analytics that will help you understand how your most effective posts look like and how you content's engagement fluctuates over time.

social champ linkedin analytics tool

Price: it starts from $26/ month.

11. Keyhole

From basic analytics for LinkedIn, such as engagement, top posts, and audience demographics, to more in-depth LinkedIn data, such as hashtag analytics, Keyhole is a powerful LinkedIn reporting tool that offers valuable performance insights.

Through its posting recommendations, social media strategists can level up their content creation process and get better LinkedIn results.

Keyhole LinkedIn Analytics Tool

Price: The starting price for this tool is $157/ month.

12. Vaizle

Offering both page and posts-level metrics, Vaizle is a LinkedIn analysis tool that help marketers easily oversee their brand's engagement, impressions, clicks, and more.

Vaizle LinkedIn Analytics Tool

Price: The starting price for this tool is $29/ month.

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13. LinkedIn Native Analytics Tool

LinkedIn offers its free LinkedIn analytics tools within the platform, which offers company page performance data.

LinkedIn provides social media analytics and reporting data, such as:

  • content analytics,
  • visitor demographics,
  • follower growth,
  • basic competitive data,
  • and employee advocacy metrics.

In each section, there are a few Linkedin metrics to track your performance, like:

  • impressions
  • clicks
  • reactions
  • comments
  • reposts
  • engagement rate
  • video views
LinkedIn Native App Analytics Tool

You can also customize the time range and export the data set as an XLS file.

How to see LinkedIn analytics: Click on your profile image in the upper right corner, and select your Company Page from the drop-down menu - Analytics.

Final Thoughts

To avoid any confusion that may appear when thinking about LinkedIn analytics tools, here is a distinction that matters for marketers.

There are tools that only look at analytics pages, other apps that look only at individual profiles, and then there are those that offer data for both.

A LinkedIn analytics tool can give you precious insights into how your campaigns are working and enable you to improve your social media performance.

Since LinkedIn has grown to become one of the most important providers of high-quality leads for businesses all across the globe, optimizing your strategy is a must-do here, and it's the case on all the other platforms.

I hope this list is helpful for you to pick one that is suitable for you.

FAQs about LinkedIn analytics tools

What is LinkedIn Analytics used for?

LinkedIn analytics is used to track content performance, gain audience demographics, follower growth, and page insights. It is also used to monitor advertising campaigns on the LinkedIn platform.

What is the best LinkedIn analytics tool?

The best LinkedIn analytics tools are:

  1. Socialinsider
  2. Social Pilot
  3. Whatagrapgh
  4. Iconosquare
  5. Inalytics
  6. Shield
  7. Brand24
  8. Vaizle
  9. SocialStatus
  10. Keyhole
  11. Klipfolio
  12. Social Champ
  13. LinkedIn Native Analytics Tool

But remember, the best LinkedIn tool can vary depending on your marketing goals and your budget. Make sure you choose one that fits.

How to see LinkedIn Analytics?

To view LinkedIn Analytics, log in to your LinkedIn account, navigate to your profile or company page, and access the Analytics section.

How do I analyze my LinkedIn data?

In order to analyze your LinkedIn data, you need to acces Linkedin Analytics or a third-party tool, such as Socialinsider.

Using a Linkedin analytics tool, you’ll get various metrics and analytics to help you understand your audience, track content performance, measure follower growth, and do a competitor analysis. You can export all of these in a report and start drawing conclusions to enhance your strategy.

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