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Instagram profiles side by side comparison

Are you paying too much for just a few profiles?

The more you monitor, the better

With Iconosquare, you might end up paying more than you should for less than you need.

With a limit of 5 social profiles, you may be in a position to choose which accounts to monitor, and you may choose wrongly. As an alternative, Socialinsider lets you get your job done without choosing. We thought the price according to your needs, and we give you insights for more Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Boosted content - get behind the scenes access

Take a peek into their paid strategy

Knowing everything about your competitors' content, studying their campaigns, and the ratio between boosted and non-boosted posts will help you improve your campaigns. With instant access, Socialinsider gives you insights from your competitors' paid strategy and how often their posts are boosted.

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Instagram analytics and reports

Unlimited social reports

Instant reports for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Getting weekly, monthly or yearly PDF reports is a must when you work in any field. Iconosquare offers you this option but only for Instagram accounts.

Socialinsider comes as an alternative to Iconosquare reporting and with just a click you have all your reports for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you save time and you can focus on the important things. As a plus, you can make your reports unique by branding them with your logo.