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Social media performance analytics

Dive into in-depth social media analytics metrics

Track essential social media data analytics, such as engagement, reach, impressions, followers’ growth, video views and much more, to identify your strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.

Leverage historical social media data to spot your most effective content pillars and campaign over time and gain powerful insights for optimization. Monitor audience social media analytics to understand who your followers are and their content preferences.

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Social media competitor analysis

Add competitive context to your analysis

Access insightful competitive data and spy on your competitors’ social media strategies. Benchmark KPIs such as follower growth and engagement rate and identify best-performing campaigns to gain inspiration for future content.

Perform a competitive analysis against industry standards to see how your brand stands within its niche.

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Social media content analytics

Discover detailed social media post analytics

Get exhaustive organic and paid analytics data for every post and understand what your best formats are for different content pillars.

Use post-level social media analytics to find out what’s working and what’s not, and refine your content strategy based on the insights you gain from your best-performing posts.

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Social media campaign analytics

Tag and group social media posts by keywords or hashtags

Tag and categorize your social posts into different campaigns based on keywords or hashtags and use social media analytics KPIs to find out what your most successful creative concepts are.

Track how different campaigns or content pillars perform across networks and revamp your strategy depending on the social media analytics insights of each content category.

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Brand social media analytics

Monitor social media metrics across all channels

Get a social media analytics report covering the performance across multiple networks to discover which is your best-performing channel and which platforms are more suited for different campaigns.

Leverage cross-channel social media analytics to identify optimization opportunities for each channel and discover how to increase your brand’s visibility on social.

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Social media analytics and reporting

Simplify social media analytics reporting

Get presentation-ready social media analytics reports that cover extensive metrics for a deep understanding of the social media scene.

Easily export social media analytics data in the format that you need, personalize your reports, and impress your managers or clients with complete, thorough performance audits and insights.

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Top-tier social media analytics platform that brings clarity to the chaos

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the main types of social media analysis?

For an in-depth understanding of a brand’s level of success on social media, multiple analysis areas should be covered, including the ones above.

  • Performance analysis: it includes a series of analytics metrics covering the brand’s visibility and success in achieving its objectives, such as engagement, reach, impressions, clicks, etc.
  • Audience analytics: this data segment indicates the demographics you are reaching with your content, thus highlighting if your strategy is successful in getting the attention of your target audience.
  • Competitor analysis: by examining your competitors’ KPIs and identifying their strongest and weakest strategy points, you can discover new content and campaign ideas to increase brand visibility and also set better social media goals as a result of a more in-depth understanding of the market.
  • Paid social analytics: given that budget optimization is a key element for business growth, keeping an eye on your ads’ performance metrics is essential. To understand how cost-effective your social media ads are, you should monitor KPIs such as CPC, CPM, or CTR.
  • Influencer analysis: tracking influencer analytics, like audience size and engagement rate, allows you to understand which partnerships are most successful and more accurately measure your ROI.
  • Sentiment analysis: it highlights what are the consumers’ perceptions of your brand and should be continuously monitored so that you could spot and avoid potential crises. This analysis area is also helpful for gaining customer feedback that can be used for improved brand experiences that translate into loyal customers and a greater easiness in acquiring new clients.

Social media analytics refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data gathered from various social media platforms to gain insights into audience behavior, engagement patterns, and social trends. It implies a series of metrics and tools specialized in measuring the performance of social media campaigns, monitoring brand reputation, and analyzing influencer partnerships.

Social media analytics also include social listening insights, as these types of KPIs contribute to the overall performance understanding. Social media analytics play a significant role in data-driven business decisions that businesses leverage to generate growth.

Monitoring social media analytics is important because it offers strategy optimization directions by indicating which type of content and networks are generating the best results. Performance insights can help marketers refine their campaigns and get better results in the future.

Usually, the most relevant metrics for performance analysis include engagement, reach, impressions, clicks, video views, follower count, and follower growth. However, depending on different campaign objectives, marketers can focus on different, specific KPIs.

To stay on top of the trends, tracking social media analytics should be done consistently. Most digital marketers create performance reports quarterly, but for a deeper understanding of the social media landscape, it’s recommended to track your analytics for social media monthly, to be able to identify optimization opportunities quicker and improve your strategy on the go.

Social media analytics can be tracked within the social media platform’s native analytics section and also by leveraging a third-party analytics tool. The main benefit of choosing the second option is that an external tool, in most cases, also offers extended data and customized metrics.

On top of that, with an app like Socialinsider, you can perform a cross-channel analysis, comparing multiple brands’ social media channels to identify the most effective ones. Test it for free within our 14-day trial!

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