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14 Social Listening Tools That Will Help You Unlock Consumer Insights

Elena Cucu
Elena Cucu
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In such a highly competitive business environment brands need to understand what are consumers’s opinions about their products and services.

To understand key perceived differentiation points between companies and discover customers’ sentiment toward their brand, businesses can use different social listening tools that offer various insights that can lead to many market opportunities.

This brings us to the question - what are the best social media listening tools that marketers can leverage to eavesdrop on their consumers’ conversations and supervise brand mentions? Let’s find out!

Social media listening tools worth checking out

  1. What is a social listening tool?
  2. Why use a social media listening tool?
  3. Top social media listening tools available on the market
    3.1 Socialinsider
    3.2 Keyhole
    3.3 Brand24
    3.4 Digimind
    3.5 Brandwatch
    3.6 Talkwalker
    3.7 Metlwater
    3.8 Hootsuite
    3.9 Mentionlytics
    3.10 YouScan
    3.11 Mention
    3.12 Awario
    3.13 BrandMentions
    3.14 Determ

1. What are social listening tools?

Social listening tools are platforms that search the internet for mentions of your brand, competitors, and other keywords you choose.

By leveraging a social listening tool, you can better understand how your brand is perceived, spot trends more easily, and gain more control over your brand's story.

2. Why use social media listening tools?

A social media listening tool can be used for a series of reasons, from gaining consumer insights for a new business line and real-time events' impact monitoring to customer sentiment tracking and reputation management.

Listening tools for social media are a must-have in every digital marketer's toolkit, as they enable quick data collection, which will enforce rapid social strategy optimization, which can lead to competitive advantage.

3. Top social media listening tools available on the market

Various tools for social listening can provide you with unbiased and direct information about every aspect of your business.

Examine the options listed below to see which of these best social listening tools can help you make wiser decisions to build and maintain your brand's reputation.

3.1. Socialinsider

Being one of the best AI social listening tools available on the market, Socialinsider offers in-depth insights and data analysis from multiple perspectives, from content and engagement to demographics insights.

social listening tool - Socialinsider

Our Instagram Listening tool also empowers you to dig deeper into sentiment and emotion analysis, read between the lines of online conversations around your brand and understand how your audience really feels about it.

sentiment analysis tool

Lastly but not least, Socialinsider also helps you discover the influencers that show an active interest in your brand.

Allowing in-depth research on their past collaborations and interactions with other brands, that will help you decide whether or not some of them would be a good fit for future partnerships, this AI-powered listening tool could save you a lot of time on different social listening tasks.

influencers identification tool

Pricing: Starts at $42 /month for the Social Listening module. By the way, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial before commiting to any pricing plan.

4.2. Keyhole

social listening tool - keyhole

Keyhole is an AI-powered social listening tool that simplifies brand monitoring across the web by tracking mentions, branded keywords and hashtags.

One of the platform's most helpful social listening features is its alerts for posts that have the potential of becoming viral option, being a go-to solution for crisis prevention.

Besides these, Keyhole's social listening module also covers sentiment analysis and comparative listening data.

Pricing: It starts at $89 / month for the Individual plan.

3.3. Brand24

social listening tool - brand24

Brand24 is a powerful social listening platform that helps businesses measure their brand awareness, discover customer insights and protect their brand reputation.

By using this social media listening software, companies can monitor mentions, track their reach, oversee sentiment analysis and learn from clients' feedback.

Pricing: Brand24 offers an individual plan at $79/mo. Pricing plans for teams and agencies start at $149/mo. You can also opt for a free 14-day trial.

3.4. Digimind

social listening tools - digimind

This social media listening software is also a popular choice among marketers as their brand reputation monitoring solution.

With Digimind, you can monitor your brand’s reputation in real-time through in-depth sentiment analysis and by tracking any changes in discussions volume. You can then create in-depth social listening reports that will highlight how your brand is perceived in the online world.

Pricing: Available upon request.

3.5. Brandwatch

In your search for tools for social media listening, you may have heard about Brandwatch, a world-class platform equipped with many professional features that help marketers make strategic decisions for their brands.

social listening tool - brand watch

For social media listening purposes, the tool provides sentiment analysis, categorizing mentions as good, neutral, or negative.

Moreover, you can set notifications to alert if there is a spike in specific mentions. You can also create automated reports of mentions and trending topics and have them delivered straight to your inbox.

Pricing: Available upon request.

3.6. Talkwalker

social listening tool - talk walker

Talkwalker's social listening software offers a series features that turns reputation management into a easy breezy task. With this social listening solution, marketers can easy monitor brand mentions and get sentiment metrics and insights that can be used as a starting point for future campaigns and initiatives.

Its social listening AI tools provide comprehensive and out-of-the-box social listening data, such as share of voice benchmarking against competitors.

Pricing: Contact Talkwalker to obtain current pricing.

3.7. Meltwater

social listening tool - meltwater

In the current landscape, Meltwater stands among the top social media listening tools available.

Offering data such as audience insights, mentions tracking, and sentiment analysis, this social media listening software helps marketers easily stay on top of their brand's image management and prevent crises.

It also simplifies social media listening reporting through its automated reports feature and custom reporting dashboards.

Pricing: Contact Meltwater to obtain current pricing.

3.8. Hootsuite

social listening tool - hoot suite

Hootsuite is a social media monitoring tool that helps brands tap into customers' conversations, allowing their feedback to act as a business development driver.

Using this platform, marketers can monitor mentions, keywords, and hashtags to see how much brand awareness specific campaigns have generated and also discover clients' perceptions of the brand.

Pricing: It starts at $99/mo for the Professional plan.

3.9. Mentionlytics

social listening tool - mentionlytics

Talking about tools for social listening that integrate AI, Mentionlytics also leverages a cutting edge technology to offer innovative insights that can help brands scale their campaign's awareness and reputation.

Offering web and social media monitoring, this social media listening platform makes tracking brand awareness, mentions, reach, and engagement a piece of cake.

Pricing: Starts at $40/mo β€” this plan is ideal for small-size brands that need to search for up to 10K mentions per month.

3.10. YouScan

social media listening tool - you scan

YouScan is a top social media listening tool that helps marketers measure brand visibility and gather in-depth consumer insights, having an AI-powered algorithm.

Among the platform's main high-tech features is its Visual Insights section, which provides image recognition and data.

Through its visual analytics metrics, this social listening platform empowers brands to discover influencers and brand ambassadors with whom they could create fruitful collaborations.

Pricing: Starts at $299/mo, a package that's designed for small businesses and startups.

3.11. Mention

social media listening tool - mention

Mention is a social media listening platform that allows marketers to listen to their audience through consumer conversations around the web and social media.

Covering a wide range of social listening metrics, Mention is a great brand awareness measurement tool that can equally help businesses create better-performing social strategies starting from their customers' needs.

Pricing: Starts at $41/mo, and there's the option of testing it through a free trial.

3.12. Awario

social media listening tool - aware

Enabling brand monitoring across web and social media, Awario is a social listening tool that can be used for a lot of pusposes, from tracking brand-related conversations and share of mentions, to market research and connecting with influencers.

One of its much appreciated features is also its competitive analysis and reputation tracking, that allows brands to understand how their market's status influence brand image and perceptions.

Pricing: Starts at $41/mo and offers a free trial.

3.13. BrandMentions

listening tool for social media - brand mentions

BrandMentions is one of those versatile tools for social media listening that can help you keep track of everything mentioned about your brand or product on all channels that matter to you. It also performs a thorough sentiment analysis to determine the tone of the chats and notifies you in real time.

Pricing: Starts at $79/mo. You can also see what BrandMentions can do for you within a 7-day free trial.

3.14. Determ

tool for social listening - Determ

This tool for social media listening offers all the relevant insights for managing brand image and reputation. From mentions monitoring to campaign analysis or sentiment data, Determ simplifies the life of any marketer interested in understanding how his brand is perceived in the online world.

Pricing: Available upon request.

Final thoughts

Given that people are talking about brands on social now more than ever before, leveraging a social listening tool has become crucial for brands aiming to understand how their audiences are talking about them.

Helpful for gathering customer feedback and also crisis management, social listening tools can offer valuable insights that can lead to further product improvement and growth.

FAQs about social listening tools

  • What is the best social listening tool available?

There is no such thing as only one best tool for social media listening. Your choice should depend on your needs, as every platform has its specific set of features aimed to serve a certain use case.

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