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Instagram analytics insights

Analyze and compare any Instagram business account

Track metrics such as reach, impressions, both paid and organic, engagement rate, Reels views, and more to gain insights that will help you boost your brand’s performance. Leverage in-depth Instagram analytics to quickly identify your best-performing posts and understand what is working and what’s not.

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Instagram Stories analytics

Create more engaging Stories

Dive into Instagram Stories analytics to understand what your most appealing Stories look like. Analyze Instagram stories metrics such as tap forward, exit and completion rate, impressions, replies, and best time to post by reach to discover what makes your audience tick and level up your content creation strategy.

Note: the Instagram API does not include data for swipe ups, profile clicks, or sticker taps.

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Social Media Statistics

Socialinsider gives us insightful charts from social media KPIs to best performing content examples on all major platforms.

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Instagram performance benchmarks

Simplify competitor’s research

Benchmark your competitor’s Instagram analytics against your own data to identify the best-performing strategies for Instagram marketing. Spy on their social media KPIs, from overall performance metrics to specific campaign insights, to discover trends within your niche. Leverage industry benchmarks to learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

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Post-level Instagram analytics

Get in-depth post-level analytics insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your post’s performance by leveraging in-depth post-level analytics and discover what is your most successful content format. Discover how your Reel’s KPIs stack up against the other post formats and leverage those insights to optimize your strategy.

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Instagram audience analytics

Better target your content with audience insights

Look into your Instagram analytics demographics to understand who your followers are and how your content can better address their wants and needs. Monitor your fan base’s geographical distribution and gender & age segmentation to measure how effective your targeted campaigns are.

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Instagram performance audit

Perform an in-depth Instagram audit and automate reporting

Run a comprehensive Instagram strategy audit by monitoring your metrics over time, leveraging historical post data. Automate your Instagram reporting process by quickly downloading your Instagram KPIs in multiple formats. Easily customize your Instagram analytics reports simply by adding your brand colors and company logo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

How do I see Instagram analytics?

There are two ways in which you can take a look at your Instagram analytics:

  • within the native app, in the insights section: you have an overview of your account’s KPIs, highlighting the accounts you reached, accounts engaged, and total followers, and also more in-depth data for every post, including reach, impressions, likes, comments, saves, shares, and profile visits generated by the particular post.
  • by using a third-party tool, like Socialinsider, that offers extended analytics metrics besides the classical ones, such as organic engagement evolution, top posts, top hashtags, best time to post, growth of followers, demographics data, competitor analysis, and much more.

When creating your performance reports, you should consider that Instagram’s native analytics offers more limiting analysis timeframes. However, at a content-category level (posts, Reels, Stories, videos, and lives), you can track your data over a period of a maximum of two years. For Instagram analytics reports covering more historical data, you should use a third-party analytics app.

By tracking your social media analytics for Instagram, you can better understand how effective various content strategies and pillars are. Instagram KPIs allow you to identify the best content formats for different objectives and learn if your current Instagram marketing strategies can help your brand achieve its business goals.

An Instagram analytics tool like Socialinsider provides advanced metrics enabling predictive analysis of your social media data.
Socialinsider's Instagram analytics dashboard gives you data aggregation, content trends for industries, audience insights, campaign performance, and social media measurement.

Engagement, reach, and impressions are the top three Instagram analytics highlighting an account’s performance, and these can be tracked for both in-feed posts and Stories.

Other important data consists of audience analytics, including follower count and follower growth rate, and demographic insights (language, age & gender of your followers).

Socialinsider offers a wide variety of advanced Instagram analytics, from content to Stories and audience data. Among the tool’s main advantages compared to the native analytics platform is that it also offers Instagram analytics for competitors, altogether with campaign or content pillars analysis.

While the native platform’s insights section did not enable exporting Instagram analytics, an analytics tool like Socialinsider allows data download for your Instagram reports in multiple formats, such as PPT, PFT, or CSV. On top of these, you have the option to connect your social media data to Looker (Google Data Studio) to create custom dashboards.

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