• Monitor hashtags. Track Instagram campaigns

    Instagram Analytics and Hashtag Reports for 50 competitive brands and influencers

    Instagram profile growth over time

    See how competitive profiles have evolved over time

    Preparing to promote your brand on Instagram, or just want to take a look at how your competitors’ profiles have evolved?


    Track and benchmark up to 50 competitors and their hashtags on Instagram, access their past campaigns, and understand how their profiles grew over time.

    Historical posts data

    Get access to your competitions' posts

    Don’t know what campaigns you should start this Christmas?


    Discover what your competitors are up to on Instagram and what past campaigns they have rolled out since the day the profile was created with socialinsinsider.io.

    Content Performance

    Learn how to optimize your content on Instagram

    Instagram provides a lot of features and can be overwhelming when you have to choose the type of filters to use, or how to edit photos and videos.


    Socialinsider.io shows you what type of content your competitors publish on Instagram, when they post and what filter they use most on their profiles.

    Engagement Reports

    See the evolution of engagement on each competitive Instagram profile

    Get behind the scenes access to the Instagram performance of your competitors.


    Understand when they post, what type of posts they use (video, image or carousel), and how their engagement rates evolve each day.

    Hashtag reports

    Monitor your competitors’ hashtags

    Measure, track and benchmark your competitors’ hashtags and get insights about their brand awareness on Instagram.


    Find out who the most influential accounts who use their hashtags are, how many posts with that hashtag are posted per day, when they are posted, in which types of posts are used (carousel, video, or image) and much more.

    Compare profiles

    Measure your Instagram efforts against your top competitors

    Analyze your competitors' profiles, understand their audience, get insights about their content strategy, and adjust your digital strategy accordingly.

    Download Instagram stats as .ppt

    Save time and energy with white-label reports

    Impress your managers or clients with customized reports about their competitors’ actions on Instagram.


    Download Instagram stats as a .ppt file, with profile evolutions, post performances, top filters, when the best time to post is, engagement performance and much more.


    Get an inside look at your competitors' Instagram account!

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