2019's Social Media Tactics From Top 10 Digital Marketers

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Hello, 2019! 🤩

Looking for some bold digital marketing trends for the year ahead? Wondering what's the most impactful social media trend that businesses should integrate it in 2019?

I asked top 10 digital marketers - Mari Smith, Matt Navarra, Dennis Yu, Andy Crestodina, and other top marketers - to share their predictions for 2019 and what they see on the near horizon.

Let's dive in!

2019 Social media trends to keep in mind as you start planning your strategy

  1. Mari Smith - Create interactive engagement experiences with Facebook Watch Parties
  2. Dennis Yu - Use your phone to capture moments with your customers, employees, and partners and to create One Minute Videos
  3. Matt Navarra - Foster niche communities with groups and messaging apps
  4. Rachel Miller - Build communities with conversations
  5. Andy Crestodina - Promote your content on social media with short videos
  6. Alex Khan - Engage with your followers on social media
  7. Adina Jipa - Use 'back to basics' marketing tactics
  8. Lexie Carbone - Start looking at Instagram Stories as its own platform
  9. Dorien Morin van-Dam - Use messaging bots for leads and customer service
  10. Christina Garnett - Focus on video marketing designed for your buyer persona

#1. Facebook Watch Parties

Facebook launched Watch Party — it's a feature that lets users to watch videos simultaneously together online — inside Groups earlier this year, and now it’s expanding it to every page and profile around the world.

Mari Smith

Mari Smith believes that Facebook Watch Parties will be one of the primary features marketers should focus on in 2019.

"The KEY difference between video on Facebook compared to video on all other platforms, including YouTube, is the potential for creating unique, interactive engagement experiences for your community.

We know that Mark Zuckerberg and the team are on a mission to prioritize content that sparks meaningful social interaction. To this end, Facebook Watch Parties will be one of the primary features marketers should incorporate into their 2019 social media strategy.

Facebook will continue to improve the Watch Party product, adding more and more features to enhance engagement and distribution, as well as offering key insights. The news feed will take on a new look and feel, emphasizing video and the Stories format even more."

Mari Smith is a Facebook Marketing Expert and a Social Media Thought Leader.

You can follow her on Twitter.

#2. One minute video

Creating a video will help you connect more deeply with your audience and help drive traffic to your website or business.

Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu believes that 'One minute video' will be one of the primary digital marketing trend that marketers should focus on in 2019.

"As a business owner, you must be able to speak to your phone and use your phone to capture moments with your customers, employees, and partners-- not like an eager Snapchat teenager, but a roving reporter wanting to get stories.

You are collecting the knowledge, passion, and trust of others, whether directly related to your business or not.

Post these on your Facebook page and LinkedIn profile-- and see how this is more effective than hiring a professional videographer who has all the fancy equipment or hiring an expensive agency. People want to hear from you, the business owner, as imperfect and real-- they don't want more ads."

Dennis Yu is a Co-founder and CEO @BlitzMetrics.

You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

#3. Groups and Messaging apps

You have to know that raising the engagement level of your Instagram account, or your Facebook page, website visits is a continuous goal that takes time, but what better way to be there for your audience then groups and messaging apps.

Group text messaging apps will help you share whatever you want in one fell swoop, saving you the time and effort otherwise required to send that detail individually.

Matt Navarra

Matt Navarra believes that groups and messaging apps are going to play a big part in how people engage with people on social media in 2019.

"Groups and Messaging apps are going to play a big part in how people engage with people on social media in 2019.

The shift away from public sharing towards smaller and more private communities has been gathering pace in the past year. Recent online privacy scandals such as Facebook's Cambridge Analytica failures have served to accelerate this change.

Businesses should get closer to their customers interests and help foster niche communities around their brand values or identity.

Reaching customers using 2018 tactics tied to public social media pages and profiles will deliver ever-decreasing returns in 2019."

Matt Navarra is a Social media consultant and Former Social Media Director @TheNextWeb.

You can follow him on Twitter or join his Facebook group: The Social Media Geek Out.

#4. Conversations build community

Conversations build communities. Community builds commitment... and commitment triggers not only sales, but long term brand loyalty!

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller believes that this is the future of social media

"The brands who grow quickly - and last - are the ones that foster that commitment. Often we jump the gun and ask our audience, the people that see our ads, we ask them to buy, we ask them for a commitment before we have a conversation with them.

This may bring a single sale, but it doesn’t foster the community and commitment that brings not only return buyers but the devoted folks who refer our products to all of their friends and family.

It all starts with a conversation! These can be small, fast engagements, example: giving a post a thumbs up. They can also be a quick tag of someone your audience thinks will like the content... but the best conversations, the ones that build community the fastest, those have a back and forth dialog with you and your brand, those are gold for a business!

Rachel Miller is a founder at Moolah Marketer.

You can follow her on Facebook

#5. Videos with caption

There are so many elements that go into social media videos including subtitles, length, details, and sound. Mostly, you’re trying to explain a lot of detailed learnings in a few seconds. But when you do it well, you see higher engagement and build a better relationship with your audience.

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina believes that video with caption are going to play a big part in social media 2019 strategy.

"Next time you want to promote a piece of content, make a short video introducing it to your followers. In 2019, the best social media posts will include the following:

  • A headline with a number
  • A secondary headlines with benefits
  • Mentions of anyone who contributed to the article
  • A hashtag
  • A 1-minute video with captions introducing the article
  • The link to the article (with Google Analytics tracking code to measure the results!)

Is it more work? Yes! It's often 10x the effort. It can take 20-30 minutes to make a great social media video, add captions and create the post. But the results? Often 100x."

Andy Crestodina is a Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder @ Orbit Media.

You can follow him on Twitter

#6. Understanding the value

A comment is usually a sign that people love your social media content. And it’s important to reciprocate and respond to these interactions.

Alex Khan

Alex Khan believes that understanding the value of engaging with your followers is one major key to success for businesses in 2019.

"I believe understanding the value of engaging with your followers is one major key to success for businesses in 2019.

There are numerous ways to trigger engagement like for example using questions and polls in Instagram stories, doing Instagram lives (with a split screen partner) and on top I see big potential in messenger marketing on Whatsapp."

Alex Khan is a Social Media & Live Video Coach.

You can follow him on Twitter

#7. Authenticity

Adina Jipa

Adina Jipa believes that marketers should focus their strategy on being more authentic on social media and use 'back to basics' marketing tactics.

"I agree with Mark Ritson when he is saying that "rather than glorying in the pornography of change, good marketers should be learning from 2018 to improve their strategy and execution in 2019."

In 2019 marketers should focus their strategy on being more authentic on social media and use 'back to basics' marketing tactics. They should forget the autopilot mode of posting on social media, “me-centric posts,” or random acts of content and humanize the communication by starting conversations with their audience.

How can you do that? Here some ideas:

  • Involve your employee in communication and let them be a brand ambassador for your business. LinkedIn is a better platform for this tactic, and the platform is shaped by featuring the individual profiles rather than business pages.
  • Create non-polished videos for social media, focus more on the value you provide.
  • Create communities around your business and invite your audience to be part of the change - Facebook groups are a great opportunity here, and Facebook will bring more and more features for groups in 2019.
  • Start conversations on social media - once you choose the social media platforms for your business, be active and engage with other people on that platform - On Instagram comments are what keep posts interesting as Taylor Lorenz said."

Adina Jipa is a co-Founder @Socialinsider.

You can follow her on Twitter

#8. Instagram Stories

Over the past two years, Instagram Stories has evolved, and now it's a highly competitive channel for business marketing.

This feature is used by businesses to enhance their visibility and engagement. Brands are using Instagram Stories to generate user-specific content in order to interact with their audience, increase their engagement rates, website conversions, leads or sales.

Lexie Carbone

Lexie Carbone believes that most impactful social media trend that businesses should integrate it in 2019 is Instagram Stories.

"Businesses will want to start looking at Instagram Stories as its own platform. Just like you create a strategy for your feed, you’ll want to do the same for Stories now too! With more and more interactive stickers being released, Instagram will continue to roll out fun new ways for businesses to engage with their audiences this year.

Instagram will also continue making strides at becoming a full-fledged shopping platform — either by creating a stand-alone shopping app, or continuing to integrate more business tools into the platform. Instagram will become one of the easiest ways for businesses to drive sales and provide customers with personalized support.

As Instagram becomes more business-focused, users will be looking for more detailed engagement metrics to better understand their Instagram ROI. I predict businesses will have access to deeper insights and new analytics tools, making it easier than ever to track traffic, sales, and performance against marketing goals."

Lexie Carbone is content writer @Later.

You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram

#9. Messaging bots for leads and customer service

Dorien Morin-van Dam believes that most impactful social media trend that businesses should integrate it in 2019 are messaging bots for leads and customer service.

Dorien Morin-van Dam

"In 2019, businesses who are already active on social media need to invest time and money in learning about messaging bots for leads and customer service. I've seen a huge upswing in new bot software, dedicated conferences and usage of bots. If you're on the fence, jump off that fence and jump in to learn and implement."

Dorien Morin-van Dam is a social media consultant, trainer and keynote speaker. You'll recognize Dorien online and on-stage by her signature orange glasses, a nod to her Dutch heritage.

You can follow her on Twitter

#10. Video Marketing

Christina Garnett believes that most impactful social media trend that businesses should integrate it in 2019 is video marketing.

Christina Garnett

"For small businesses as well as large global brands, the need to tell your story through video is only increasing. With the ability to live stream, vlog, and style your content with some easy to use video editing tools, there is no longer an excuse for those waiting to take the plunge."

Are you wondering if you should use short or long content?

"Long form content is perfect for platforms like IGTV and YouTube, while Facebook and Instagram Stories offer a perfect place to spotlight your video content in bite size pieces. Video creates a stronger connection than just copy or an image. It opens the door to your viewer, allowing them to hear you, see you, and engage with you."

Christina told me that another important element is knowing your audience.

"Are there other brands like yours? Have you performed a competitive analysis of their social media channels? What content works best for them? What other brands would your target audience engage with on social? Is there an aesthetic that they prefer? Is there a time frame that tends to have more views?

This data is crucial in testing your video content. Once you put your video content out into the universe, you need to look at its performance and determine how it can be improved. As with most marketing content, you need to test and optimize."

Last but not least, captions. Yes, you must know that captions are crucial.

"Have captions available for your videos, so people can watch without sound. Determine your brand’s narrative and how you can show that in an engaging way."

Christina Garnett is a Digital Strategist.

You can follow her on Twitter.

Final thoughts

The world of social media is constantly changing, bringing new trends, ideas, and unspoken rules each year.

Here's a summary of social media predictions for 2019:

  • Facebook Watch Parties
  • One minute video
  • Groups and Messaging apps
  • Conversations build community
  • Video with caption
  • Understanding the value
  • Authenticity
  • Instagram stories
  • Messaging bots for leads and customer service
  • Video marketing.

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P.S: I am Maria, marketing coordinator at Socialinsider, and because this is my first article published this year I want to finish it wishing you all a happy 2019 with a lot of great ideas! 🎉

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