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Monitor more profiles

Double win for you and your business

Quality for less

Even if you are a freelancer or have a great business, monitoring social media pages may be a necessity, and you might want to explore as much as you can. With a limit of profiles to add, Quintly may put you in the position to choose. Besides that, you will end up paying to much for not so much information.

As an alternative, Socialinsider makes you win twice: you can monitor more Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles for less money.

More White-label Reports

Don't ever fear you're running out

Automated Reports are a pretty useful feature for both agencies and any business. Quintly offers this option but it limits it to 10 reports. In most cases, that will not be enough. As an alternative, unlimited white-label reports are just a click away with Socialinsider.

Download more reports for less
Keep tabs on your competitors

What are your competitors doing better?

Quality for less

To optimize your social media performance, you should not only look at your own page’s performance but also at how your competitors do on the social web. Quintly gives you this chance, but with the same problem, there is a limit.

As an alternative, Socialinsider has no limits, you can measure and benchmark unlimited Facebook pages starting today!