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Is there a better alternative to Rival IQ?

Yes! There are many tools meant to guide you on social, but not all of them could offer you the best experience.

Since we believe that everybody deserves to have a wonderful experience on social, our tool was specifically designed to help people out.

Socialinsider was born because of this desire. We wanted to create a social media analytics tool that could be a problem-solver in any team. When it comes to social media performance, we believe that Socialinsider will be your best friend for multiple reasons.

As a Rival IQ alternative, Socialinsider is meant to give you the flexibility you need to understand the competitive landscape. This tool is perfect for you because it is constantly growing according to your social media analytics needs.

Here is why Socialinsider is the preferred choice for thousands of brands and agencies.

Monitor more profiles

How is Socialinsider better than Rival IQ

5 things that only Socialinsider can do


User-friendly platform

Socialinsider is an all-in-one platform for analytics, benchmarking and reporting. All the social media insights that you want are in one place.

The exquisite data about your own social profiles, but also your competitors’, can be accessed in one dashboard. This will indeed save you a lot of time.

Hard to use platform

Rival IQ offers a grand variety of insights, from competitive public data to private data.

One disadvantage would be the process of accessing all these data: the time you think you’re saving for not doing the manual work, you are actually spending it on trying to find the insights you’re looking for.


Social Profiles

Socialinsider offers you the freedom to add whatever social profile you want, just by using a keyword (the name) or by adding the URL.

Also, you can easily access the insights for the profiles that you manage.


With such impressive insights on board, the freedom to manage them would be just as impressive.

Rival IQ doesn’t provide this type of freedom, making it hard to keep track of the profiles you want to analyze.

Being restricted to a number of companies means that you have to perform within those limits: 5 companies, each with the available social profiles.


Custom your features

Flexibility can mean a lot of things. But most importantly, flexibility means listening to our customers.

Being able to customize the product that you use is a real win.

You can choose to customize a lot of features: from the freshness of post history to the number of social profiles.

  • Data freshness: 12 hours - custom
  • Post history: 6 months - custom
  • Profile swaps: 10 - custom

By bringing a personal touch to the social media analytics tool you use, will make the work a lot more comfortable for you.

And having flexible features means having flexible pricing.

Limited features

Even if Rival IQ has a lot to put on the table, a flexible plan is not one of them.

The rigid approach to their product makes the customer’s work a little harder. The limitations are not available only for the social profiles added but also for other essential features like data freshness, post history, and more.

  • Data freshness: 12 hours - 3 hours
  • Post history: 6 months - 24 months
  • Profile swaps: proportional to the number of profiles added

This analytics platform might be one of the best on the market, but not being able to customize it in any way will make clients feel captive in a dashboard that they can’t get enough insights from.


TikTok analytics

Socialinsider loves to keep up with everything that’s new in social media.

This is exactly the reason why TikTok was one of our priorities. Adding this platform was a double-win situation: happy clients happy us.

Basic social media platforms

Not having TikTok analytics as part of your plan in 2021 is not the end of the world, but it is definitely something that could attract more attention and, ultimately, more clients.

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Still looking for Rival IQ alternatives?

Since we all want to be the best on social, now is the perfect time to start your trial here. Socialinsider is the only social media analytics, benchmarking and reporting tool able to offer you premium features at a simple price.

The best friend you never knew you needed is here to be your partner in this fantastic journey through social media.

Save time, money, and energy with our tool.

“For more than a year, we were using Socialbakers and Socialinsider simultaneously and completely switched to Socialinsider because of the high quality of service with more economical pricing.

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