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24 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (Free And Paid)

Instagram Analytics


24 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (Free And Paid)

Although Instagram is a leading social platform and we all know that, marketers are still looking to get clear data for their accounts.

Getting better results on Instagram means a good understanding of the processes that lead to them.

You may get your lucky strike one time, but for consistency, you have to build a strong presence.

This is where Instagram analytics tools come into the picture. 🤩

Good Instagram analytics tools will not only help you track and asses your past performance, but will also help create tailored content designed to perform and to shape a sound Instagram strategy.

We’ve gathered the best Instagram analytics tools out there to help you decide which one suits your needs.

Let’s dive in!

Top 24 FREE and PAID Instagram analytics tools

A. FREE Instagram analytics tools:
1. Instagram Insights - Native App
2. Pixlee

B. Top PAID Instagram analytics tools:
3. Smartmetrics
4. Later
5. Snoopreport
6. Iconosquare
7. Sociality.io
8. Minter.io
9. NapoleonCat
10. Socialinsider
11. HypeAuditor
12. Crowdbabble
13. Sotrender
14. Sprout Social
15. Fanpage Karma
16. Union Metrics
17. Socialbakers
18. Quintly
19. Talkwalker
20. Keyhole
21. Locowise
22. Brandwatch Analytics
23. Squarelovin
24. Rival IQ

FREE Instagram analytics tools

1. Instagram Insights - Native App

Once you've set up your account to a business profile, you'll get access to free Instagram analytics through the Instagram app.

The native Instagram business analytics tool offers basic insights for gender, age range or location, which posts and stories your audience sees and engages with the most, impressions, reach, profile visits, and website clicks.

To view insights from your business account:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap the bar graph icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap Insights.
  4. Play around with the insights provided.

How to access Instagram Analytics from the app


With Pixlee it’s all about authentic marketing experience. This Instagram analytics free tool allows you to monitor your top-performing content and find new content ideas and influencers.

This Instagram analytics app also has a powerful reporting feature that provides in-depths performance reports.

Instagram Analytics with Pixlee

PAID Instagram analytics tools

3. Smartmetrics

This Instagram analytics app and tool takes you on an in-depth journey on identifying, categorizing, and understanding your followers. It also gives you insights about your Instagram metrics and a comprehensive hashtag analysis.

Smartmetrics’ main benefits are:

  • it works via the official Facebook API
  • hourly data updates
  • competitor analytics feature
  • no app required - it works online

In-depth analysis with Smartmetrics

4. Later

Later’s Instagram analytics can help you optimize your content, increase your engagement rates, and drive traffic to your profile.

This Instagram reporting tool gives you two options: you can choose the free plan, and access a basic summary of your account and top 5 performing posts (in the past 30 days).

Or you can select one of the paid plans and switch between four different tabs, including Overview, Audience, Post Performance, and Story Performance.

See your Instagram insights with Later

5. Snoopreport

With Snoopreport, you get to monitor the activity of your competitors’ followers so that you get to know what they are commenting on, who they follow, and what they like and do not like.

This Instagram analytics tool shows the most popular posts and you get to know the strategy that is working and the one that is not working.

Acces your Instagram Analytics with Snoopreport

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics and social media management tool which offers a broad range of insights. It starts with a free audit of your activity from the last 7 days up to the previous month and helps you improve your Instagram account in no time.

What you can easily get using Iconosquare:

  • distribution, density, tag, and filter usage and geolocation
  • growth history, the source of engagement, and the most popular media
  • an analysis of your followers and followings

Working with Iconosquare, you can take snapshots of the reports. This Instagram analytics app also allows you to create a cover photo of your latest 50 photos.

How to get Instagram analytics with Iconosquare

7. Sociality.io

Sociality is a social media reporting tool that helps you manage all your accounts, publish with ease, and get detailed competitor insights so you can make the best decisions in real-time.

These main app benefits are:

  • extensive reports of your and your competitor's posts
  • detailed insights about your content strategy
  • keyword monitoring on many social platforms, including Instagram

sociality's home page

8. Minter.io

Minter.io is an Instagram analytics tool which gives you the gender of the people who view your posts. You will also get to know the geographical location of your followers.

You can also use this Instagram analytics tool to track the popularity of your competitors’ hashtags. Any Instagram metric data is easily transferrable to Excel so that you can interpret the information you get from the app.

Minter.io gets the Instagram analytics

9. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is an all-in-one social media solution. This reporting tool lets you analyze, publish, and keep track of your content, but also benchmark other competitors.

It comes with a friendly mobile version, and it understands the importance of personalization and automation in digital marketing.

How NapoleonCat helps you keep track of your content

10. Socialinsider

Socialinisder is an all-in-one platform for social media analytics, benchmarking, and reporting.

Socialinsider offers comprehensive Instagram analytics and Stories insights. With this analytics tool, you can track and measure the Instagram KPIs that matter to your business. With one if the best Instagram analytics tools like this one, you can monitor reach, impressions, Stories analytics, hashtag analysis, engagement rate per post, and the best time to post on Instagram.

By using Socialinsider, you'll be able to:

  • run an Instagram audit
  • monitor Stories metrics
  • increase your reach and impressions by creating performing Stories
  • understand the use of branded hashtags
  • perform a influencers research
  • get an Instagram competitors analysis
  • compare side-by-side Instagram profiles
  • create Instagram reports.

Get a clear look at your Instagram analytics with Socialinsider

32,213 brands and agencies have already generated 35,929 social media competitive reports with Socialinsider.

Want to give it a try? Start your free trial here.

11. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is all about growing your Instagram organically. It offers you insights to have a successful long term strategy.

This Instagram analytics tool also helps you target the right audience by gender, country, and city and even filter influencers by quality.

Grow organically with HypeAuditor

12. Crowdbabble

Crowdbabble is an Instagram analytics tool which allows you to monitor your competition and see the dynamic of their campaigns. It also lets you identify relevant  and influential people who might be interested in your product or service.

With Crowdbabble you’ll be able to:

  • track the growth of key metrics
  • learn which content works best for your audience
  • drill into the details of your reports

Track everything with Crowdbabble

13. Sotrender

Sotrender is an Instagram monitoring tool that measures the efficiency of your Instagram posts. It shows how your content is performing in the market and how people are receiving it.

After analyzing the data, Sotrender can present this information in a very simplified way, and you can transfer this information through e-mail.

Using Sotrender, you can:

  • discover insights beyond those provided by Instagram
  • get a full picture of which content performs best
  • make tailor-made reports
  • benchmark your competitors by tracking their performance activity
  • get tips to make data-driven decisions

Measure the efficieny of your Instagram posts with Sotrender

14. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an Instagram analytics tool that helps you track the performance of your posts on Instagram and also shows you the hashtag that is doing well in the market.

With Sprout Social, you get to know if your posts, photos, and videos are creating the customer engagement you desire. Plus you can track your Instagram performance against top competitors.

Track your performance on Instagram with Sprout Social

15. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a social media analytics app which helps you optimize your posts, track your Instagram marketing campaigns, analyze your followers, and measure your brand performance against top competitors.

Optimize your posts on Instagram with Fanpage Karma

16. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is an Instagram analytics tool that lets you discover the proper hashtag to mount your engagement rate and build your audience.

It also helps you track competitor performance and your share of voice in the industry you’re in.

The key benefit is the research tool - it combines powerful queries and historical data to uncover audiences, find relevant content, and plan campaigns.

Build your audience with Union Metrics

17. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is a hub for all your social media accounts. By using it, you seize a full picture of your audience behavior. This is the go-to place for competitive content insights, inspiration, and good team collaboration.

This Instagram analytics tool's main benefits are:

  • persona mapping
  • engagement monitoring
  • comprehensive reports
  • connecting to your Google analytics

Track everything with Socialbakers

18. Quintly

Quintly is an analytical tool that looks like a customizable dashboard. It has all the widgets you need to help you keep track of the metrics that matter most.

The main advantage of this analytic tool is that it is straightforward to set up and does not require much technical know-how.

This platform provides Instagram analytics for followers, both of your profile and that of your competitors, with detailed follower statistics.

You can analyze your Instagram content, the interactions generated from your photos and videos, plus details on filter usage.

Analyze your Instagram content with Quintly

19. Talkwalker

Talkwalker dives you into your brand customization on Instagram and gives you real-time analytics and reports to let you have an idea of how your post is performing.

With Talkwaker you can:

  • have access to historical data dating up to 2 years
  • lets you notice patterns and helps improve your posts
  • access reports that are generated by the analytic tool - they are available in multiple formats

See how your post performs on Instagram with the help of Talkwalker

20. Keyhole

Keyhole’s Instagram analytics platform is armed with a suite of optimization data, examining how to create top posts, and when to share them.

By using Keyhole, you can optimize your content strategy, see your competitors' strategies, and automate your reports.

Optimize your content strategy with Keyhole tool

21. Locowise

Locowise gives you both quantitative and qualitative data so you can measure the performance of your campaign and those of your competitors.

Select the profiles of the competitors you want to check out, and the Instagram analytics tool will give you their posts’ statics of how much traffic they are attracting.

Through Locowise, you can determine the rate of growth of your competitors, Instagram profiles, and posts.

Measure the performance of your campaign with Locowise

22. Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch Analytics is a social listening product that can be turned into a powerful Instagram analytics tool.

It collects, monitors, and analyzes billions of data from all social media platforms, including Instagram, giving meaningful insights about your brand presence online.

It recently added a powerful feature - an AI technology called “Iris” that helps you discover faster and smarter insights from social platforms.

Analyze your Instagram data with Brandwatch Analytics

23. Squarelovin

With Squarelovin, you’ll have access to in-depth Instagram insights on your posts and growth broken down into months, days, or even hours.

This Instagram analytics tool makes you focus on your engagement and gives you a glimpse on how to interact with your active users.

It also helps optimize your content strategy by telling when to share images, which hashtags to use, and when you can get the most interaction.

Get in-depth insights with Squarelovin

24. Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a social media marketing analytics tool that helps you track your social media success, strengthen your social strategy, and keep an eye on everything your competitors are up to.

This analytics tool brings your Instagram post and Story data with tons of information about your followers (like demographics, adds and removes, and follower online times).

Track your social media success with Rival IQ

Final thought

A good data control gives you the ability to make better decisions and to ace your Instagram strategy. These Instagram analytics tools make it easier and more efficient to be in the right place at the right moment and to act accordingly.

What other useful Instagram analytics tools do you know? 🤔

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