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17 Instagram Analytics Tools for Measuring Brand Performance

Instagram analytics tools are apps that provide performance data, which help marketers optimize their content. Discover the best ones on the market down below!

Kseniia Volodina
Kseniia Volodina
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, Instagram stands out as a powerful platform for brands and influencers to connect with their audience.

Success on this visually-driven platform hinges not only on creative content but also on strategic insights. This is where Instagram analytics come into play, offering invaluable data that can elevate your social media strategy.

By utilizing top-notch Instagram analytics tools, marketers can delve into detailed metrics, understand audience engagement, and optimize their Instagram marketing efforts.

This article explores the most effective Instagram analytics tools available today, demonstrating how they can enhance your social media marketing tactics and drive significant growth in your online presence.

Table of contents

What is an Instagram analytics tool?
Why use Instagram tracking tools?
Top 17 Instagram analytics tools to use in 2024
FAQs about Instagram social media analytics tools

What is an Instagram analytics tool?

An Instagram analytics tool is a platform or app that provides KPIs and data that help social media managers evaluate their strategy's effectiveness and that offers insights into content optimization opportunities. ย 

Why use Instagram tracking tools?

Top 16 Instagram analytics tools to use in 2024

1. Socialinsider

Socialinsider is one of the best Instagram analytics tools for gathering engagement metrics, tracking hashtag performance, and offering social media benchmarks against your industry or competitors.

instagram analytics dashboard from socialinsider's inatagram analytics tool

In addition to the must-have set of Instagram metrics like reach and impressions, follower growth, engagement data, and stories analytics, Socialinsider offers competitor analysis. This data helps you understand whether your content is working, set more realistic KPIs within your niche, and identify content gaps in your strategy.

So, with Socialinsider, you can:

  • Gain insights on your posts, reels, and stories.
  • Run a competitor analysis and compare Instagram profiles side by side
  • Get unlimited historical data on Instagram posts.
  • Compare past performance
  • Benchmark against your industry or brands you admire
  • Tag and group Instagram posts based on keywords or hashtags
  • In-depth post-level analytics, including Reels analytics
  • Instagram Stories analytics metrics such as stories impressions, average peak reach each day, taps forward rate, exit rate, and completion rate.
  • Understand the content patterns for any Instagram account
  • Track Instagram hashtags, uncovering data like post evolution, demographics of hashtag users, and general sentiment.
  • Compare social media metrics across your channels
#superbowl instagram data from socialinsider's instagram analytics tools

Socialinsider's reporting tools for Instagram can provide social media reports in multiple formats like PDF, PPT, and CSV.

Who uses Socialinsider: small to medium brands and agencies looking for the best Instagram reporting tools and competitor analysis.

Pricing: Socialinsider has three paid plans starting at $99/month for analytics and reporting.

The data is presented with the needs of agencies and clients in mind. The Instagram tracking tool is comprehensive and relatively easy to use, with documents being easy to download in whichever format you prefer (.ppt, .xls, .csv) - Data Analyst, Mid-market, G2 Crowd.

2. Instagram Insights - native app

Instagram has its own native analytics for detailed insights into account performance. Although a little tangled, the Instagram Insights tool provides detailed breakdowns of post engagement rate, audience demographics, and the effectiveness of different content types.

You can track engagement metrics for all your content, including posts, carousels, stories, and reels.

Who uses Instagram Insights: everyone, if they need to cross-check the data once in a while. As a stand-alone solution, this Instagram analytics platform suits small teams managing one Instagram account, as it doesn't provide reporting options vital for agencies or bigger teams.

Pricing: The native app for Instagram analytics is free of charge!

Discover our free Instagram engagement calculator and get top-level engagement data!

3. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is an Instagram analytics tracker tailored for sourcing user-generated content and fostering relations with brand creators and influencers. Users can manage the entire creatorโ€™s workflow from one social media dashboard.

Squarelovin instagram analytics tool

As an Instagram reporting tool, it covers the basics: you can track content performance metrics, create customizable reports, and leverage the platform's action tips, like the best time to publish.

Who uses Squarelovin: small to medium brands that work with UGC and influencer marketing.

Pricing: Squarelovin's Instagram insights app has a free plan and two paid plans starting at โ‚ฌ9.90/month/user. UGC and Creator Manager toolkits are paid separately after the demo.

4. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is the best Instagram analytics app for you if you're working with influencers and creators. It's a platform for monitoring Instagram influencers and managing campaigns, including sending proposals and tracking the results. With this platform, you can easily perform an Instagram audit of your potential partners' accounts.

HypeAuditor instagram analytics tool

Using HypeAuditor, you can research the influencers and creators that suit your social media goals, budget, and region. This Instagram account tracker provides insights into their performance so your team knows what to expect from each campaign KPI-wise.

Who uses HypeAuditor: medium to big businesses and marketing agencies who prioritize influence marketing campaigns.

Pricing: HypeAuditor has a free trial period. This Instagram account analyzer doesn't offer pricing data, but according to TrustRadar, the paid plans start at $299/month.

HypeAuditor helps you to track performances once you create a campaign and launch it on Instagram or other platforms. This helps me quickly generate a post-campaign review report. - Mid-market user, G2 Crowd.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole's Instagram analysis app focuses on hashtag tracking, influencer marketing, and campaign monitoring, helping brands to be more aware of how their efforts in generating brand awareness are going.

Keyhole instagram analytics tool

You can use this Instagram analysis tool to measure the impact of your content, track brand mentions, and analyze campaign performance. Within its Instagram analytics dashboard you will also get the chance to perform a competitive analysis โ€” a helpful feature for marketing agencies.

Who uses Keyhole: marketers, agencies, and brands looking to track and analyze real-time social media performance and influencer campaigns.

Pricing: Keyhole has six paid plans, starting at $89/month.

I appreciate Keyhole's ability to measure engagement for our Instagram, Twitter, and FB accounts and get a quick glance at our follower growth. - Mid-market user, G2 Crowd.

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a social media management software that offers scheduling and analytics tools for Instagram and other platforms. Among classic engagement metrics like likes, reposts, views, reach, and others, this app for Instagram analytics offers in-depth demographic insights into the audience, enabling a detailed brand audit.

Iconosquare instagram analytics tool

Besides a customizable dashboard where you can combine several accounts, Iconosquare has one of the best Instagram reporting features. Clear and straightforward, itโ€™s a good option for agencies who need to provide reports on performance to their clients.

Who uses Iconosquare: marketing agencies and freelancers who prioritize a data-driven approach to Instagram and manage multiple clients.

Pricing: Iconosquare has three paid plans, starting at 59โ‚ฌ/month.

I love how detailed the analytics are. It makes it so easy to find all of the information we need to keep track of how our page is performing. - Media Coordinator, Small Business, G2 Crowd.

7. Later

Later used to be an Instagram-only scheduling tool. Now, it can schedule posts for other platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest but remains Instagram-oriented in terms of analytics.

Later instagram analytics tool

Laterโ€™s Instagram analyze includes data such as engagement metrics for posts, stories, and Instagram Reels, and two special features like your personal best time to publish and custom hashtag recommendations.

Who uses Later: freelance social media strategists and small businesses concentrating on Instagram.

Pricing: Later has a free plan and three paid plans with different features. The cheapest paid plan starts at $25/month.

The layout is clean, making the platform enjoyable and easy to use. I love how clearly it presents Instagram data analytics. It's much better than native analytics for Instagram. - Social Media Manager of small business team, G2 Crowd.

8. Sked Social

Sked Social is an AI-powered social media tool offering a suite of Instagram analytics tools to optimize social media strategies through data. It is an Instagram analysis tool that tracks performance metrics, audience engagement, and campaign effectiveness.

Sked Social instagram analytics tool

The platform offers Instagram hashtag analytics tools that help you track the performance of particular hashtags and activate social listening, which is a key component of social media best practices nowadays. ย It also uncovers some unusual metrics like performance by story type.

Who uses Sked Social: small businesses and individual creators usually opt for Sked Social. Its built-in approval workflows also make it a nice choice for agencies.

Pricing: Sked Social has four paid plans, starting at $30/month.

9. Social Status

Social Status is an app tailored to offer in-depth Instagram social media analytics and reporting. It provides detailed Instagram account analytics for business profiles, demographic reports to understand better who your followers are, and Meta ads analytics to track your Instagram ads performance.

Among its interesting features, Social Status highlights Influencer statistics and competitor analysis to benchmark your performance.

Who uses Social Status: small businesses and individual contributors who need more in-depth Instagram analytics and reporting.

Pricing: Social Status has a free plan and five paid plans, starting at $9/month.

Social Status has been great for gathering Instagram page analytics. I especially like the benchmarks for each social channel and the overview tab for insights for a quick look at performance. - Small Business user, G2 Crowd.

10. Inflact

Inflact's profile analyzer is a free Instagram analytics tool designed to provide social media insights into any public Instagram profileโ€™s metrics, facilitating social media performance analysis.

Inflact instagram analytics tool

To access the data, users simply need to enter the Instagram handle into the search bar. This Instagram analytics software provides information on the account's engagement, most used hashtags, top caption words, potential user interests, and the most commented posts.

Who uses Inflact's Profile Analyzer: anyone who needs to get a glance at a public Instagram profile's analytics. The data provided is relatively shallow but enough for a quick check and first impression.

Pricing: unlike some other Instagram engagement tools like this, Inflict's Profile Analyzer is free and unlimited.

11. Rival IQ

Rival IQ delivers an advanced Instagram page analysis for digital marketers to track engagement, benchmark against competitors, and deep dive into hashtag performance.

Rival IQ instagram analytics tool

Rival IQ pays a lot of attention to Stories, tracking interesting metrics like peak reach rate, exit rate, retention, and navigation. These stats are uncommon in other Instagram reporting tools but are very helpful in analyzing stories' performance and leveraging their potential.

Who uses Rival IQ: mid-to-enterprise companies that need a powerful reporting and analytical tool to monitor every aspect of Instagram performance.

Pricing: Rival IQ has a free trial and three paid plans starting at $239/month.

Rival IQ helped us standardize Instagram reporting with our leadership. It has really helped our team make a strong case for more resources for social media. - Manager of Communications and Social Media, Enterprise, G2 Crowd.

12. Quintly

Quintly is a sophisticated Instagram analytics tool that provides comprehensive insights into social media performance. It offers customizable dashboards, competitor analysis, and automated reporting to cater to bigger teams who need to report to their higher-ups or clients to prove their social media ROI.

Quintly instagram analytics tool

Among its deep insights, Quintly shows the daily reach breakdown. These stats are vital to identifying peak visibility time and adjusting your posting strategy for increased social media reach.

Who uses Quintly: mid-to-big companies and marketing agencies that need detailed analytics on each platform and have enough budget for serious gear.

Pricing: Quintly bills based on the number of tracked profiles and users. The cheapest plan with three profiles and one user costs $315/month.

Our agency has been using Quintly for over five years now. The various analysis options and the customizability of the dashboards are a great help in our daily work. - Consultant & Performance Expert, Mid Market, G2 Crowd.

13. Brand24

Brand24 is a digital tool that provides real-time insights into brand mentions across social media, including Instagram. Its Instagram analytics tool helps teams monitor their online presence and jump into relevant conversations on Instagram, even if your brand is not tagged directly.

Brand24 Instagram analytics tool

With Brand24, you can analyze brand sentiment across Instagram by tracking your brand's name, particular phrases, and hashtags.

Who uses Brand24: brands prioritizing social listening across platforms, including Instagram.

Pricing: Brand24 has four paid plans starting at $99/month.

Affordable entry point to social listening tools. Easy to use reporting and regular auto-reports. - Small business user, G2 Crowd.

14. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a multi-layered tool for social media marketing, enabling analytics and reporting, scheduling, monitoring, and more.

What is great about this Instagram engagement tracker is that it allows marketers to monitor performance in great detail, offering a wide array of metrics for multiple content formats.

iconosquare instagram analytics tool

Through its app for Instagram analytics, social media strategists can set up custom dashboards for attention-grabbing presentations and automate reporting with just a few clicks.

Who uses Iconosqaure: small digital agencies and brands that want to be hands-on when it comes to creating an optimized, more effective Instagram strategy based on insights about users' behavioral patterns.

Pricing: Iconosqaure's pricing plans depend on the number of users and desired data retention timeframe, starting at $49/month.

The insights available made monthly reporting a breeze at our agency. The format of everything was super intuitive and it not only saved our team time but gave deeper insights than most platforms allow. - Social Media Director, Small Business, G2 Crowd

15. Buffer

Being one of the best Instagram analytics tools on the market, Buffer offers digital marketers a series of features for reporting and beyond, aiming to simplify their loaded work schedules.

By using this Instagram account analyzer, social media managers can gain access to a great variety of data to measure performance, from best posting frequency and post type, boosted posts, and audience insights to more in-depth posts and Stories analytics.

buffer instagram analytics tool

Who uses Buffer: small to medium brands and agencies interested in doing in-depth social media reporting.

Pricing: Buffer charges users at a profile level, and it starts from $5/month for one profile. It has three pricing plans available.

Buffer allows to schedule social media posts in advance and focus on creating better content. It provides analytics of the various social media posts and also suggests the adjustments required as per the analysis. Content Writer, Small Business, G2 Crowd


Sociality is a complex digital marketing tool that enables social media analytics, listening, and scheduling.

By using this comprehensive Instagram analytics software, digital marketing specialists can get valuable paid posts' engagement insights, run a competitive analysis, and get presentation-ready performance reports, easily optimizing their tasks.

sociality instagram analytics tool

Who uses Sociality: small to medium agencies and in-house marketing strategists that need an all-in-one social media solution for brand management.

Pricing: Sociality offers three plans, starting at $99/month.

Our customers can easily understand and read the reports thanks to the explanations on headings instead of complex metrics, and this saves us a ton of time. Digital Data & Insights Strategist, Mid Market, G2 Crowd

#17. Social Pilot

Facilitating Instagram analysis and scheduling, Social Pilot is a tool that helps marketers monitor key Instagram metrics identify their top-performing content, and easily generate social media reports for their clients or the executive team.

Providing Instagram audience analytics, together with KPIs such as reach, engagement, views, follower growth, and so on, it is a valuable resource for data-based strategy optimization.

Offering both page-level and post-level insights and also historical data, Social Pilot is one of the top Instagram tracking tools when it comes to simplifying the busy life of social media managers.

social pilot instagram analytics tool

Who uses Social Pilot: small to middle agencies that want to make more data-driven decisions and optimize social media content creation strategies.

Pricing: This tool offers four plans starting at $25/month.

I love being able to schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts and batch content. The analytics are good too. We can have way more accounts vs. some of the other sites out there. I also love that I can set groups and select multiple accounts with one click. There is an option to export reports with your company logo on them to look very professional. Account Executive, Small Business, G2 Crowd

Final thoughts

Tracking Instagram analytics is crucial for any team, and trustful Instagram tracking tools can significantly ease your everyday work. Choosing the most useful Instagram reporting tools might take some time since there are many options on the market catering to different requirements.

When making a final decision, always think of the core needs of your team. Whether you concentrate on tracking engagement or competitor analysis will define your perfect feature set.

And don't swing the free trial period! This helps you see the deal-breakers before committing.

FAQs about Instagram social media analytics tools

1. Are there any free Instagram analytics tools?

Yes, you can get Instagram analytics data for free by checking the native analytics dashboard. It provides enough basic data on content performance to identify successful formats and topics. However, it lacks in-depth, actionable tips.

2. What is the best analytics tool for Instagram?

Socialinsider is the best Instagram tracker

for teams looking for in-depth Instagram analytics and comprehensive competitor analysis.

Using Socialinsider's data and hashtag social listening tool, you can identify content gaps and resonating topics and utilize the experience of your competitors to boost your positions.

3. How can I track Instagram analytics?

You can track your Instagram performance through native Instagram analytics tools called โ€œInstagram insightsโ€ or a third-party Instagram analytics platform, like Socialinsider.

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