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Facebook analytics metrics and reports

Analyze and compare any Facebook page

Monitor top Facebook metrics such as engagement, reach, impressions, follower growth, post clicks, and more. Compare Facebook pages side by side to understand why your competitors are doing better.

Track Facebook analytics across different time periods to identify your top-performing content and create more targeted content based on audience insights.

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Facebook post analysis

Tag and group Facebook posts based on keywords or topics

Analyze Facebook content performance based on content pillars to understand which drives business value. Discover the best-performing content type for your brand and the posting patterns.

Get post-level analytics to create more targeted and engaging content based on audience insights.

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Socialinsider gives us insightful charts from social media KPIs to best performing content examples on all major platforms.

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Facebook competitive analysis

Look at how your competitors do it on Facebook

Compare your Facebook metrics against your competitors. Analyze your direct competitors of similar size and those pages you use as references.

Review your competitors' marketing strategy to identify their weakest and strongest points. Monitor your competitors' channel-specific metrics alongside cross-channel analytics to see the bigger picture and understand the competitive social media landscape.

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Facebook industry benchmarks

Power up your Facebook analytics reports with industry benchmarks

Put your Facebook page analytics into context by taking a look at industry benchmark data and identifying trends within your niche.

Monitor the industry engagement and posting patterns, and leverage the insights you get to level up your strategy. Compare your Facebook KPIs against the industry to create comprehensive analysis reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Facebook analytics?

Facebook analytics represents a measurement method for scaling a Facebook page’s performance. It consists of a series of metrics meant to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of their content’s effectiveness in engaging their targeted audiences and discover demographic data and patterns that can be used for strategy optimization.

Overseeing Facebook analytics allows marketers to understand what’s working and what’s not and optimize their content strategies quicker, therefore increasing their chances of achieving their business goals over an established timeframe. By conducting Facebook performance analysis, marketers can more easily spot industry trends and competitors’ strategies, gaining insights that can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.

Usually, when creating their Facebook analytics reports, marketers focus on the following metrics:

  • follower growth
  • engagement and engagement rate
  • reach
  • impressions
  • post clicks
  • video views
  • best-performing content
  • content formats
  • audience demographics

To track your Facebook business page analytics, you can either check the data available within Meta’s Creator Studio in the Insights section or use a third-party Facebook analytics tool, like Socialinsider. As far as analytics go, Facebook’s native platform offers insights at both page-level and post-level performance, including metrics like page visits, new followers, number of interactions, reach, clicks, demographics data, and more. Additionally, if you choose a third-party app as our analytics solution, you can gain access to an extended list of data, including competitor analysis and industry benchmarks.

Within the Facebook native analytics platform, there’s an exporting Facebook analytics feature that allows you to download your KPIs at a video, content, or page level over your selected timeframe. For Facebook analytics reports customization allowance, you can pick a third-party analytics tool. Socialinsider, for example, enables data download for multiple sets of metrics in numerous formats, including PPT, PDF, and CSV. Furthermore, it also allows insertions of branded elements, like colors and the company logo.

Socialinsider offers various metrics, including follower growth, engagement metrics, demographic data, reach, and impressions.On top of these, Socialinsider’s analytics tool provides:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Facebook audit features
  • The option to analyze posts based on keywords or topics
  • Exportable Facebook data
  • Integrations with Looker (Google Data Studio).

Gain strategic insights from any Facebook page data!

Perform Facebook audits, run competitor analysis, get more video views with a complete Facebook analytics tool.

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