Highlight your Facebook performance with competitive social media analytics

Facebook analytics and competitors’ tracking for digital agencies

Get strategic insights from Facebook data

Get strategic insights from Facebook data

Know everything about your Facebook page

Optimize your Facebook strategy by tracking the most important KPIs such as engagement rate per post, followers’ growth, content metrics, posting frequency or video marketing metrics.

Track your community growth, get demographics data for your page and measure the impressions and reach.

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Compare performance with competitors

Record competitors' Facebook efforts

Create benchmarks for your clients based on industry, influencers or trends. Measure your competitors’ actions on Facebook and make sure you’re on the right track.

Validate your social media efforts and share the performance with clients or your team.

Compare performance
Compare performance with competitors on Facebook
Improve your content strategy

Improve your content strategy

Identify your best posts

Increase your engagement by digging into Facebook insights data. Understand the content behavior for any page, see how the video posts perform and how often you can go live on Facebook.

Understand what’s the optimal video length for your industry, and what’s the engagement for native videos and uploaded videos on Facebook.

Analyze the content

Create a head-to-head Facebook comparison

Compare your engagement with an industry top leader

Group Facebook pages in projects and create a head-to-head snapshot. See what you’re really doing on Facebook and compare your activity, fans’ growth, engagement, the most performing posts and more.

Share this report with your team or clients.

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Discover boosted content on Facebook

Uncover your competitors’ boosted content

Get an inside look into your competitors’ boosted content

Understand what posts are highly likely to be boosted, the engagement evolution of each post, how many comments, interactions and shares the posts received and for how long the posts were boosted.

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Share your Facebook performance with clients

Download Facebook data as .pdf, .ppt or .csv file

Create benchmarks and share the performance with your clients. Create branded reports in seconds for any Facebook page.

Add your logo and a brand color to give them a more personal touch. Set up monthly or quarterly reports which land directly in your inbox or clients' inbox.

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