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Historical video data and channel evolution

Record competitor past social media efforts

Want to see the past videos for a Youtube channel? Socialinsider gathers data for the channel from the day it was created. Find out what reactions the videos got and how they relate to the brand values.

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What makes a video viral? What's the correlation between views and channel growth? We know how hard is for you to stand out from the rest.
Track your competitors' digital strategies and campaigns with Socialinsider.

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Content performance

Get an look inside your competitors’ videos

What makes a Youtube video stand out? Comments are best, but likes and dislikes sometimes will do just fine. Watch, interpret and understand your competitors' actions with Socialinsider.

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Multi-channel comparison (coming soon)

Keep an eye on their digital performance

Tired of apps that limit your activity by number of fans or data storage? There are no limits with Socialinsider. Measure and benchmark unlimited Youtube channels starting today!

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Download data as .csv (.ppt & .pdf coming soon)

Save time and energy on reporting

Save countless hours on reporting. Download Youtube data as .ppt or .pdf file displaying follower growth, content performance and engagement evolution.
Impress your clients and managers with beautiful reports, remove unnecessary stats or add notes and comments.

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