Measure engagement by tapping into detailed X (formerly Twitter) analytics

Measure what matters with Socialinsider’s X (formerly Twitter) analytics tool. Keep an eye on your X data analytics to get performance insights that will help you create improved X posts.


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Get the X data you need

Track and view key metrics to discover the effectiveness of your X marketing strategy. Access an extensive X (formerly Twitter) analytics dashboard with insightful X KPIs such as engagement, impressions, retweets, and more.

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X posts analysis

Optimize your X posts

Leverage with posts analysis data to increase your X engagement. Monitor your X post analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. Look at your engagement analytics to discover what’s your successful content format.

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We've started using Socialinsider to create comprehensive competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis

Get insights into your competitors’ X strategies

Understand your competitors’ content strategy, and get insights into crafting engaging posts. Study the performance of any brands’ campaigns, including the engagement over time and average engagement score.

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X (formerly Twitter) analytics reports

Automate your Twitter reporting process

Export X analytics data in presentation-ready reports and save time on your reporting. Download PDF, PPT, Excel, or CSV reports on any brand’s X performance for any time period from a week to the last seven years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Why choose a third-party X analytics tool?

Compared to the native analytics platform, a third-party tool like Socialinsider offers more in-depth, strategic data, such as competitive or industry insights.

Socialinsider offers access to comprehensive metrics that are not available within the native analytics platform, such as engagement insights, follower growth, top posts, best time to post by engagement, and many more.

With a larger range of KPIs, digital marketers can better understand their X performance and identify optimization opportunities.

The number of X pages you can add to Socialinsider is determined by the purchased package. Within our 14-day free trial, we offer a 20-profile limit. To learn more about our pricing options, check out our pricing page here!

Want to understand how your X profile is performing?

Perform X audits, run competitor analysis, identify top tweets, and get top X metrics in seconds.

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