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Historical Tweeter Data

Historical tweet data

Get access to your competitors' tweets

Don’t know what campaigns you should start this summer?

Discover what your competitors are up to on Twitter and what past campaigns they have rolled out since the day the profile was created with Socialinsinsider.

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Content Performance

Take your Twitter content to the next level

Getting it right requires inspiration - look at what works for your competitors and get ahead.

Socialinsider shows you what type of content your competitors publish on Twitter, when they post and what engages the most on their profiles.

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Tweeter Engagement Reports

Engagement Reports

See how engagement evolves for any Twitter profile

Uncover the activity of your competitors on Twitter

Understand when and what they post (video, image, text), and how their engagement rates evolve each day.

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Download Twitter stats as PPT, PDF and CSV

Save time and energy on reporting

Impress your managers or clients with customized reports about their competitors’ actions on Twitter.

Download Twitter stats as a .ppt, .pdf or .csv file, with profile evolution, post performances, the best time to tweet, engagement performance and much more.

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