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Examine the power of your tweets

Measure your Twitter performance

Learn how you can use Twitter analytics. Get insights on growth, followers, tweet engagement, and hashtag analytics. Track your Twitter performance and access your mentions in one dashboard.

Measure your performance
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Monitor mentions on Twitter

Analytics and mentions in one dashboard

Monitor your company’s mentions on Twitter. Find out the relevant topics that interest your current followers. Discover new followers interested in your company and include them in your Twitter marketing strategy.

Monitor mentions
top 3 tweets
Twitter Content Performance

Captivate your followers with engaging tweets

Get a greater engagement rate per tweet

Captivate your followers by posting tweets they will love. Gain inspiration by learning your competitors’ Twitter engagement and who their followers are. Track key engagement metrics, measure individual tweets, and discover the people who share your content.

Boost engagement

Get a bird’s-eye view of your competitors’ performance

See where you stand against top competitors

Watch your competitors’ Twitter performance. Learn which photos and videos got your competitors the highest engagement. Find out what hashtags your competitors used and how many retweets their posts received.

See where you stand
Tweeter competitor analysis
Download Twitter Reports

Download high-quality reports on the fly

Share your Twitter performance

Easily create customized reports with your brand logo and colors. Download presentation-ready reports in multiple languages such as English, French, German, and Italian.

Export Twitter analytics data

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Perfect fit for digital agencies

A powerful feature mix for handling multiple brands and clients. Perfect fit for digital agencies!

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It shows you data you haven’t seen before

Socialinsider gives our clients a leg up with content strategy by looking into own and competitors data.

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Easy to use, clean UI

Great stats, amazing support, low price! Good tool to have in your arsenal.

Dennis Yu Writer at Adweek
Charles Cameron

Really cool tool :)

Amazing! This is awesome as it is.

Charles Cameron PR and Social Manager at Equator

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