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18 Facebook Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Know in 2024

Top 18 Facebook analytics tools every marketer should know in 2024.

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In digital marketing, leveraging Facebook is crucial due to its vast user base and targeting capabilities.

Luckily, Facebook analytics offer insights into user behavior and campaign performance, helping marketers create more effective strategies.

This article explores Facebook Analytics tools, their integration into marketing strategies, and their impact on social media marketing. Whether used for performance evaluation or content inspiration, these tools will surely help you elevate your Facebook marketing strategy.

18 Facebook analytics tools that help marketers with all the needed metrics

What are Facebook analytics tools?
Best Facebook analytics tools in 2024
1. Native Facebook analytics tools
2. Socialinsider
3. AgoraPulse
4. Buffer
5. SproutSocial
6. SocialPilot
7. Quintly (by facelift)
8. Rival IQ (a Quid company)
9. Iconosquare
10. Sotrender
11. Keyhole
12. Hootsuite
13. Brand24
14. Mention
15. Oktopost
16. Emplifi
17. Whatagraph
18. Social Status
FAQs about Facebook analytics tools

1. What are Facebook analytics tools?

Facebook analytics tools are third-party platforms or programs that help individuals and businesses analyze and measure the performance of their Facebook pages.

These analytics tools provide valuable social media insights into the audience, content, and advertising performance metrics, which can help make data-driven decisions and optimize social media marketing strategies.

You can retrieve Facebook analytics data through the native platform or using third-party Facebook analytics apps.

Below, I have listed some of the best Facebook tracking and reporting tools available today, based on G2 reviews.

Best Facebook analytics tools in 2024

1. Native Facebook analytics tools

Itโ€™s no secret that social media managers need Facebook analytics data in order to understand how their content is performing, how audiences respond to different types of messages, and if they need to improve something.

If your search for Facebook reporting tools has led you to the native app, no worries, the platform will not let you high and dry.

Now, Facebook analytics data is available in the Meta Business Suite dashboard, which offers comprehensive insights both Facebook and Instagram. You can, of course, customize this dashboard to only show you data for your Facebook posts.

Facebook's Meta Business Suite dashboard

Pricing: This tool is available for free.

2. Socialinsider

Socialinsider's analytics tool is one of the best app on the market, offering you data such as: Facebook engagement, reach and impressions, followers' growth, top performing content on Facebook, clicks or content types.

Besides analytics, this tool can help you with:

  • benchmarking against industry or competitors
  • analyzing top performing content on Facebook
  • post level data and insights
  • competitor analysis on Facebook
  • group and categorize content by keywords or social media trends
  • history posts data on Facebook
  • boosted posts detection
  • cross-channel analysis
  • reporting on Facebook

Everything you need to design a better Facebook content strategy.

Facebook post level analytics data from Socialinsider
Facebook post level analytics from Socialinsider

When you add your business page in this Facebook analytics and reporting tool, you unlock a set of key Facebook metrics, such as:

All the social media metrics mentioned in this list can be downloaded as a report in multiple formats such as: PDF, PPT, CSV or you can integrate with Looker (Google Data Studio).

Socialinsider's Facebook analytics tools
Socialinsider's Facebook analytics tools

Once you connect the Facebook profile, you'll be greeted by the Summary, which includes the most important metrics you should track for this channel, giving you an overview of your brand performance on Facebook.

This social media dashboard is entirely customizable, which means you get to choose with metrics and charts are shown. That way, your workspace is not crowded with data you're not interested in.

From here, you can navigate to any of the sections shown in the left sidebar, to unlock valuable insights about your engagement, audience, video posts performance and much more.

The "Compare" and "Industry" sections offer an opportunity to compare your profile with another, or with the industry standard, respectively.

For a more in-depth view of your performance compared to that of your competitors, you can go into the Benchmarks section, select Facebook and take a look at competitive insights.

Facebook benchmarks for the Fast-Food industry
Facebook benchmarks for the Fast-Food industry

Pricing: Socialinsider's price starts from $99/month for analytics & reports for 20 social media profiles.

This social media analytics app saves a lot of time. If you would have to go to each social profile and track the performance you'd looking for, it would take hours! Socialinsider is very user-friendly. Adding competitor profiles only involves entering a link to the page you'd like to track performance and there are so many options for reporting. - Helen, G2 Crowd.

3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse has an Facebook analytics tool that offers publishing, monitoring and social media reporting.

The data it offers is similar to what youโ€™ll find in Facebook Insights, but itโ€™s easier to work with and provides additional social media reports you wonโ€™t find in native apps, such as post recommendations or average fan profiling.

With AgoraPulse, you can see what type of content performs better on Facebook. You can also detect major Facebook trends and post insights.

Facebook metrics such as organic reach, paid reach, total reach, clicks, and number of engaged users for the business pages you manage are available in this dashboard.

AgoraPulse's facebook analytics tools

Pricing: starts at $69 per month, and they also have a free trial.

The interface is very clean, most of the social media analytics tools are easily accessible for all available functions, and furthermore, the very elegant and friendly design really improves the user experience, makes it more enjoyable. - Andrea, G2 Crowd

4. Buffer

Buffer offers a social media analytics tool for Facebook that helps you measure your performance, create reports for your clients, and grow your reach, engagement, and sales.

You can see all the data in one intuitive analytics dashboard. It is simple to use and a great tool to improve your social media strategy.

The product is divided into 3 products: publishing, analytics, and engagement.

If youโ€™re looking for the right tool to do the trick of offering you Facebook analytics data, Buffer will provide you in-depth insights to grow your brand on Facebook.

Buffer's analytics dashboard

Pricing: between $6 and $12 per channel per months for analytics, as well as a customizable Enterprise plan.

They also offer a free plan, that allows you to connect 3 channels and includes planning, publishing Landing page building features, as well as an AI assistant.

I have been using Buffer for the last year or so to schedule posts on our social media accounts. It's simple to use and helps us understand how our content is doing through their great analytics tool. - Ameer, G2 Crowd

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers a full suite for analytics and reporting, supporting all major social media platforms, including Facebook.

Sprout's Facebook analytics dashboard allows you to compare your Facebook performance with competitors, benchmark your social media KPIs and get social media reports.

This tool helps you discover effective social media campaigns in real-time, allowing you to adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Measure multiple Facebook pages, plan content, engage audience, and analyze results from a single platform with this Facebook analytics tool.

Sprout Social analytics apps

Pricing: Sprout starts from $249 per month, plus free trial.

The platform is easy to learn and easy to use. It fulfills what we were looking for the most in easy content scheduling and management, visual and accurate Facebook analytics and a team equipped to advise and operate on an agency level.โ€ - Agency in Marketing and Advertising, G2 Crowd

6. SocialPilot

With SocialPilot, you can monitor all your Facebook marketing activities and stay ahead of your competitors.

SocialPilot offers an easy-to-use Facebook analytics dashboard to see metrics like followers' growth, number of posts or engagement on your posts, and audience data.

You can track your Facebook performance and download detailed analytics reports in PDF format.

Along with analyzing, SocialPilot helps you customize, schedule, and discover new content for your Facebook page.

Analyze which Facebook campaigns resulted in decreased engagement. Use this tool to discover top influencers for increased engagement.

SocialPilot's Facebook analytics app

Pricing: between $30 and $200 monthly, with free trials available for each package.

We joined SocialPilot about a year ago. Over time there have been a few problems, usually Facebook's doing, but every one has been resolved. The best thing about it is the speed of response plus the fact they keep going until things are sorted out even when we don't fully grasp it all. - Andrew, G2 Crowd

7. Quintly (by facelift)

quintly's Facebook analytics tools offer a wide range of metrics, including essential KPIs such as follower growth, engagement metrics, content performance, and social media interactions.

quintly provides personalized Facebook dashboards that precisely match your social media goals.

You have the option of automating your analysis into recurring reports or exporting social media data in multiple formats, including CSV, XLS, JPG, or PDF.

quintly provides Facebook ad analytics to create a sustainable and valid social media analysis that boosts your paid and overall strategy.

quintly's facebook benchmarks tools

Pricing: starts at $345 per month for 5 social media profiles, no access to a free trial.

When I arrived in my agency in 2018, I needed to create fast reports without extra employees or spending more time. I found Quintly and I liked the tool. It is simple and gave us a lot of social media data about the brands - not only from my profiles, but from competitors too. - Morgana, G2 Crowd

8. Rival IQ (a Quid company)

Rival IQ offers a Facebook analytics software that can help you track and analyze the Facebook KPIs that matter to your business.

You can get a Facebook performance at a glance: comments, likes, shares, total engagement, demographics data, video insights, and much more.

If you're looking to track your Facebook followers' engagement, this analytics tool will help you measure the impact of your posts and see when you gain new followers.

Not only will this tool allow you to you measure your Facebook performance at a glance, but you will also enable and simplify effective competitive analysis on Facebook.

By closely monitoring your performance, you can create better Facebook ads and campaigns.

Rival IQ competitor analysis tool

Pricing: Rival IQ price starts from $239/ month, with a 14-day free trial.

We use Rival IQ to organize and monitor our competitive landscape. For each indirect or direct competitor we know about or discover, they are added into Rival IQ, tagged and then we receive email alerts and can build reports based on activity. I really like how the analysis is relative to your own company. - ย Kelly, G2 Crowd

9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare now offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including Facebook analytics, scheduling, listening, reporting, and collaboration.

With Iconosquare, you can automate your Facebook reporting processes.

If youโ€™re looking for advanced Facebook page analytics, Iconosquare offers engagement insights, community analytics, exportable social media data, custom dashboards, and many social media metrics.

Iconosquare's Facebook monitoring tools

Iconosquare also provides a free feature called Instant Facebook Audit. All you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account, enter your email address, and they will send you a free performance review report.

Pricing: starts from $49/month for 5 social media profiles.

Iconosquare is a great management tool - from scheduling social media posts to providing data and metrics. The analytics are particularly helpful when it comes to interpreting the performance of social media posts and adjusting strategy. - Administrator in Environmental Services, G2 Crowd

10. Sotrender

Sotrender is a Facebook analytics and reporting tool that cuts down the time you need for preparing monthly reports, scout your competitorsโ€™ strategy, and answer to Facebook comments and messages with Sotrenderโ€™s Social Inbox.

With this Facebook analytics tool, youโ€™ll get a full picture of your social performance, discover insights, and analyze what content works best.

Stay on top of your competition by learning more about your competitors' audience and what content they engage with. Create charts displaying a variety of analyses and comparisons to stay up-to-date with your competition.

Sotrender's Facebook tracking tool

Pricing: between $69 and $389 per month, with a free trial.

Sotrender is a tool both for agencies & brands and for freelancers. It contains helpful data-driven tips and interactive data visualizations. The tool covers main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the customer service is really friendly & easy to reach out to. - Ewa, G2 Crow

11. Keyhole

As a Facebook analytics tool, Keyhole can help you monitor any public Facebook page, track hashtags, and perform an in-depth social media competitor analysis.

Keyhole is a must-try Facebook analytics tool for those interested in getting social sentiment analysis data, as it enables such information. You can track any Facebook page and get performance and comparison insights.

Keyhole's Facebook analytics dashboard

Pricing: Keyhole's price starts from $79/month for 3 social media profiles.

Keyhole is really easy to use, a very complete platform that gives a really good listening insight. also is really helpful when downloading the Facebook analysis. - Fabiola A. - Marketing Manager.

12. Hootsuite

Hootsuite provides Facebook analytics tools that can be very helpful to social media strategists in a lot of ways. Having multiple features enabled, from scheduling to analytics, Hootsuite offers access to a bunch of KPIs and social media data.

Its dedicated Facebook features allows users to optimize for better results and discover what's their social media ROI.

With this Facebook page analytics tool you can set performance benchmarks and monitor improvements over time, get customizable reports, and many more.

Its customizable dashboard is one of the platform's greatest benefits.

Hootsuite analytics

Pricing: Hootsuite price starts from $99/month for 10 social accounts.

Being able to see and coordinate our efforts across our myriad of platforms and better understand how to tailor our engagement for each social media has been a huge help as we continue to learn about social media and develop our marketing plans. - Administrator in Defense & Space, G2 Crowd

13. Brand24

Brand24 is one of the most popular social listening tools that helps you improve your brand health across all major platforms. It offers features such as discussion volume charts, sentiment analyses, influence scores, and alerts for different social media campaigns.

You can use Brand24's Facebook page analytics tools to track conversations around your brand ,doubling as a social listening tool.

It also shows you the influence of individual users regarding your brand's mentions. This way, you'll be able to see how popular your Facebook campaigns become.

However, it also tracks Facebook metrics, helping you monitor your brand's performance.

Brand24's Facebook listening

Pricing: Brand24's price starts from $99/month for 3 keywords.

Brand24's user-friendly interface stands out as one of its major strengths. Navigating through the platform is intuitive, making it easy for users to set up and customize their monitoring preferences. The real-time tracking feature is impressive, providing up-to-the-minute insights into social media mentions and discussions.The sentiment analysis feature is another highlight. ย - Pooja J., Marketing & Business Associate.

14. Mention

Mention allows real-time monitoring of all social media conversations, including Facebook. Keep track of everything said about your company, products, competitors, and customers.

Manage your brand on Facebook, analyze data, and identify trends on the pages you monitor.

Engage with your community using Mention and take care of tracking, measurement, and publishing in one place with Buffer integration.

Mention's listening features

Pricing: The pricing for this tool starts at $49/ month.

Mention allows us to create alerts and allow us to perform searches with our filters. We can easily monitor the profiles of our brand. With the searched keywords we can easily review and digest the email list. Their social media dashboards and is very simple to use and we do not have to learn many skills to use their dashboards. - Agatka J. - Marketing Specialist.

15. Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management suite offering Facebook analysis tools for your brands.

You can optimize your Facebook campaigns by tracking meaningful metrics, building customized dashboards, and analyzing engagement metrics like clicks, reactions, comments, and shares.

Oktopost provides a comprehensive tool to track follower growth, demographics, and brand mentions. You can leverage this tool to discover the full potential of employee advocacy program and obtain in-depth insights into content performance and employee engagement.

Oktopost provides post-level data, cross-channel insights, and seamless integration with various business tools.

Simplify your Facebook reporting with this tool, get presentation-ready PDF, PPT or CSV reports.

Oktopost's Facebook analytics

Pricing: For Oktopost, the pricing is custom, depending on your needs.

Oktopost gathers and presents social media data like no other tool I've used before. I'm a data nerd, but the folks at Oktopost take it to a whole other level with the amount of insights I can gather and share with key stakeholders. - Verified user on G2.com

16. Emplifi

Emplifi helps you create, research, schedule and publish content across all major social media channels at scale.

Emplifi provides analytics for Facebook pages with a wide range of metrics such as consumer sentiment, competitive benchmarks, conversations, trends, and brand reputation.

You also get insights about paid and organic content to learn exactly what type of content you should focus more on Facebook.

Using Emplifi, you'll know everything about post-performance, helping you adjust your strategy according to your audienceโ€™s needs.

Emplifi's social media analytics tools

Pricing: For Emplifi, the pricing is custom, depending on your needs.

Emplifi has helped me to professionalize Social Media for three big companies. The publisher tool helps maintain and maintain and secure accounts and allows a lot, especially when managing different profiles. It is fantastic, primarily when other teams work on different accounts. It centralizes it and gives you a better social media performance overview. - Laura L. - Social Media Corporate Manager.

17. Whatagraph

Whatagraph offers social media audit tools for in-house marketers and marketing agencies to report on Facebook.

By using this analytics app, you can easily build your monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

Whatagraph is a reporting platform designed for social media, offering over 95 templates covering social media performance, SEO, and SEM tools.

Whatagraph's Facebook reporting tools

Pricing: The starting price is $30/ month for 10 social media accounts.

I love the automation and efficiency of Whatagraph - the sales team are also really helpful. The platform is very easy to use and to implement into our client service updates and social media reporting. - Zeenat S. - Enterprise Client.

18. Social Status

Social Status offers Facebook insights tools to track your paid and organic Facebook performance.

You can automate your social media reporting with SocialStatus's templates. Similar to Whatagraph, you can export social media data in multiple formats including CSV, Excel, PDF, PPT or Google Slides.

Social Status also provides a competitive analysis, allowing you to compare your Facebook performance to your competitors.

Moreover, you also get data about your paid content, being able to compare it to your organic performance.

Social Status's social media analytics dashboard

Pricing: For Social Status, the starting price is $9/ month.

The charts of social media metrics on Social Status are designed elegantly and are also very comprehensive. Social Status provides a lot of Facebook data on profile analysis, ads, analysis, and even competitor analysis. I use it every month for digital reports for my clients. - Lei Lenny L. - Co-owner and Manager.

Final Thoughts

There are far more than 18 Facebook analytics tools on the market, but these are the ones you must try at least once.

But before anything, remember this. ๐Ÿ‘‡

When you purchase a Facebook analytics tool, make sure:

  • The Facebook metrics you get are helping you grow your strategy.
  • The Facebook insights tool is easy to use and understand.
  • There is someone on the support team helping you when you have questions.
  • It fits your budget.

Almost all Facebook analytics tools that I've mentioned in this article offer a free trial, so go and try them out before deciding which is the perfect match for you and your brand.

Want to discover the whole social media analytics market! Here you can take a look and compare 29 Social Media Analytics Tools!

FAQs about Facebook analytics tools

#1. Why use Facebook analytics tools?

Marketers should use Facebook analytics tools to track the pages they manage and how they perform over time. Whether you opt for the native analytics or a third-party Facebook analytics tool, having a way to check your progress and report on it is essential.

Choose to use a third-party analytics dashboard to:

  • Analyze your Facebook performance
  • Understand whatโ€™s working and whatโ€™s not for your competitors
  • Get trending content
  • See how people interact with your social media messages: shares, comments, or saves
  • Understand how your audience perceives your messages
  • Track both paid and organic results.

#2. How to get Facebook analytics tools?

If you want to find the right Facebook analytics tool for your needs, you can access G2, the world's largest hub of verified reviews for software, including social media analytics tools.

Browsing through the top rated apps in this category, you'll find Socialinsider, which offers a unique mix of data and insights for Facebook, paired with a powerful benchmarking feature.

Connect any Facebook page to Socialinsider and collect data on posts, audience, competitors, and campaigns to find Facebook success patterns.

#3. What are the best Facebook analytics tools?

The best Facebook analytics tools are:

  1. Socialinsider
  2. AgoraPulse
  3. Buffer
  4. Sprout Social
  5. SocialPilot
  6. Quintly (by facelift)
  7. Rival IQ (a Quid company)
  8. Iconosquare
  9. Sotrender
  10. Keyhole
  11. Hootsuite
  12. Brand24
  13. Mention
  14. Oktopost
  15. Emplifi
  16. Whatagraph
  17. Social Status

#4. What are the best Facebook reporting tools for a small business?

The best Facebook reporting tools for a small business are:

  1. Socialinsider
  2. Whatagraph
  3. Social Status

#5. How can I export Facebook post data?

You can export Facebook post data using Socialinsider which gives you as much history post data as you need.

You can easily add any Facebook page to Socialinsider. Once added, you can access the Posts section and export Facebook post data in CSV or EXCEL format, along with a variety of metrics. You also have the option to export Facebook data using the API or connect to Looker (Google Data Studio) and Microsoft PowerBI.

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