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4 Of The Best YouTube Analytics Tools Of 2022

YouTube Analytics


4 Of The Best YouTube Analytics Tools Of 2022

If you are a business owner and have started uploading videos to YouTube then congratulations.

You have taken one big step in expanding the reach of your business.

In case you did not know, using YouTube as a video marketing platform has the potential to expand your reach to billions of viewers.

For this you’ll want to understanding your audience, which is where YouTube analytics comes in.

It is not easy for businesses to tell who exactly is watching their YouTube videos.

However, with YouTube Analytics, users can know who is watching their videos, traffic sources, views per unique viewers and more.

If you don’t know where to start, let us tell you there are plenty of YouTube analytics tools out there that can give you a hand. Just like Socialinsider.

This is a graphic presenting demographic Youtube analytics from Statista.

In this article, I'm going to look at the best YouTube analytics tools and how they can help your business achieve its bottom line.

4 Best YouTube Analytics Tools

1. Understand your best and worst performing video with your own YouTube analytics
2. Compare your channel's performance against your close competitors with Socialinsider
3. Monitor influencers with ChannelMeter
4. Run successful campaigns on YouTube with Vidooly

1. Understand your best and worst performing video with your own YouTube Analytics.

Here's a preview of data you can get using the native app:

  • Overview of watch time, average view duration, top 10 videos and more - watch time is a key Youtube metric which refers to the number of minutes your viewers have spent watching your YouTube videos. Videos with higher watch time usually appear higher in search results.

YouTube analytics has watch time report which shows the total amount spent watching your videos.

Average view duration, on the other hand, is the average duration viewers spent watching a video. This Youtube metric measures how your videos are capable of holding the viewer's attention.

Another metric is the top 10 videos, which helps you know the best performing videos.

  • Best and worst performing video - this metric helps you know your best and worst performing videos in terms of viewership.

  • Where your viewers are located throughout the world, how old they are - ever wanted to know where your viewers are located? YouTube Analytics has a metric that shows you where your viewers are located throughout the world, including their real age. This Youtube metric segments viewers by age, gender and geography.

  • Subscriber views - it goes without saying that subscribers are your ardent fans. They will appear on your homepage and watch your videos frequently. YouTube's subscriber's report shows you the videos with the highest subscriber views.

  • What platforms your videos are viewed on - you may have uploaded your YouTube videos in different platforms, like your website or social media channels. This metric helps you know what platforms your YouTube videos are viewed on.

  • Number of subscribers gained and lost - want to know if you have gained or lost subscribers? YouTube's subscriber's report lets you know when you gained and lost subscribers.

  • How many of your videos were added or removed from a playlist - YouTube's playlist report not only shows you average time and views per playlist but also shows you the videos that were added or removed from a playlist.

  • How many comments, share, likes, and dislikes for your video - want to know how viewers are reacting to your videos? This Youtube metric helps you know how many comments, likes, share, and dislikes your videos are getting.

If you want to access your own data, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account and on the right top corner click on your icon/logo
  2. Select YouTube Studio
  3. From the sidebar you can choose to see:
  • a preview of your account by selecting Dashboard
  • content
  • playlists
  • analytics
  • comments
  • other features

This is how youtube analytics appear for Socialinsider's account.

2. Compare your channel's performance against your close competitors with Socialinsider

We launched YouTube analytics to complete our platforms.

Most businesses are using YouTube as a platform to engage with their customers and promote their products.

This leads to a competition between companies fighting for the same audience.

That's why we've launched YouTube competitors analysis tool, while also handling analytics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Using this analytics dashboard, you can track your rivals' digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

If you want to know how your competitors' videos are performing, this Youtube analytics tool lets you examine their content performance.

You can see how their video content is performing in terms of comments, likes, and dislikes.

This picture shows how youtube analytics are incorporated into Socialinsider's dashboard.

3. Monitor influencers with ChannelMeter

Looking for a tool to measure influencer content analytics on YouTube?

ChannelMeter is a great platform that offers influencer management and online video analytics.

ChannelMeter is one of the best YouTube analytics tools for monitoring influencers. it helps you cultivate and strengthen brand and influencer relationships.

In addition, ChannelMeter provides software for discovery, payments, accounting, enrolment, and tools for a fruitful online video network.

ChannelMeter offers heavy lifting for agencies which allows them to manage influencers and win over customers by utilizing effective tools that drive successful campaigns.

This tool also offers effective and insightful analytics from top social video platforms such as YouTube.

Measure influencer content analytics on YouTube with ChannelMeter

4. Run successful campaigns on YouTube with Vidooly

Get free insights of any channel with Vidooly!

Vidooly is a video marketing tool with AI-powered insights. With this tool, you will get valuable digital video insights which help your business create and run successful campaigns on YouTube.

You can use Vidooly to know audience insights such as the kind of videos that your audience are watching digitally across various demographics and categories, including unlocking the audience that is likely to engage with your business.

In addition to audience insights, you can use Vidooly for content strategy.

For example, you can use Vidooly to identify and partner with the best content creators and influencers for sponsored content which resembles your brand.

This image presents a summary of what youtube analitics you can get with Vidooly.

Final thought

Whether you're a brand expanding your exposure on YouTube, an agency or a content video creator, using one of these tools saves time, energy and effort while tracking and measuring your YouTube statistics and data.

Note! Make sure you don't forget the Youtube thumbnail - also an important element in your Youtube strategy.

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