16 Of The Best YouTube Analytics Tools Of 2024
YouTube Analytics Social Media Tools

16 Of The Best YouTube Analytics Tools Of 2024

YouTube analytics tools offer you key insights regarding the performance of your videos. Using the best YouTube analytics tools will really change the way you plan your next marketing campaign.

Adina Jipa
Adina Jipa
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YouTube has become an essential platform for engaging with a global audience, but real success comes from understanding your content’s impact.

YouTube analytics data offer crucial insights by integrating KPIs like views, watch time, and audience demographics. These YouTube metrics help creators and marketers track performance, identify trends, and optimize their YouTube marketing strategies.

Also offering competitive insights, YouTube analytics tools transform data into actionable strategies for achieving success on the platform. Let's quickly go over the best-performing ones on the market!

13 Best YouTube Analytics Tools to try out in 2024

1. YouTube analytics - native app
2. Socialinsider
3. ChannelMeter
4. Vidooly
5. Unbox Social
6. Tubular Labs
7. VidIQ
8. Vidyard
9. Klipfolio
10. TubeBuddy
11. ViralStat
12. Quintly
13. SocialBlade

1. YouTube analytics - native app

YouTube offers the best analytics tool for tracking the video performance for your channel.

When checking your video marketing performance, you'll first want to head to YouTube Studio to review the insights in the platform's native analytics tool.

And that’s surely a great instinct for 3 reasons.

YouTube native analytics app is:

  • free
  • it’s just 2 clicks away when you’re in the app
  • it provides you with in-depth insights about your content performance and audience metrics

To view your YouTube metrics, you can access YouTube Studio. You can get data about:

1.1. overview KPIs

1.2. content metrics

1.2. audience metrics

1.3. research

We’ll take it one by one.

1.1. Overview KPIs

In the Overview section of YouTube’s native analytics app you get to see main KPIs such as views, watch time, subscribers and top content in the time frame selected for your analysis.

Use YouTube Studio to get analytics for your channel

By seeing which is your top-performing content, you will be able to spot some patterns in your videos that ranked the highest engagement.

This way, you will know how to better craft your next YouTube content plan to increase your performance even more.

1.2. Video content metrics

In the Content section, you get to see a split between types of content on YouTube: videos, Shorts, Live, and additional - playlist and podcast.

  • Videos analytics

For your videos, you will see YouTube metrics like views, impressions, impressions click-through rate, average view duration, and top videos.

Here's what data you can get for your channel using YouTube native analytics
  • Shorts analytics

For Shorts analytics, in the YouTube native app you get to see analytics data like views, impressions, impressions click-through rate, average view duration, top shorts, and how many choose to view your Shorts.

By selecting how many chose to view your Shorts, you'll get even more in-depth details on how your viewers see your Shorts.

You'll get a downloadable chart with all your Shorts under this chart that feature individual key metrics.

Shorts analytics using the native app
  • Lives analytics

For Lives, you get to see social media metrics like views, impressions, impressions click-through rate, average view duration, top live streams, and how many choose to view your live streams.

YouTube live analytics using the native dashboard

Observing how your audience watches your live streams can provide valuable insights into the topics they are interested in.

You can use these social media insights to create better content in the future.

The key to success on YouTube is utilizing these actionable insights to craft content that resonates with your audience.

1.3. Audience metrics

With the data you get about your audience with the YouTube native app, you will be able to craft targeted videos, shorts and lives to suit your audience persona’s taste.

Audience analytics using native app

You will not only address their needs and curiosities with your YouTube videos, but you will also get to build a loyal community around your brand.

Here you get to see key metrics like returning viewers, unique viewers, subscribers.

And the list of complex audience metrics includes watch time for your subscribers, top geographies, videos growing your audience, age and gender, and top subtitles.

All these YouTube audience metrics will help you develop the channel for your audience persona and then craft as much quality content as possible targeted for them.

1.4. Research

You can use the native dashboard to research trending topics on YouTube.

By exploring the Research tab in YouTube Analytics, you can discover what your audience and other viewers are searching for. This data can help you come up with video ideas that your viewers are interested in.

How to get trending topics using YouTube native app

2. Socialinsider

What YouTube analytics data you get using Socialinsider

Socialinsider is one of the best YouTube analytics tools available to use.

Using this tool, you can analyze any YouTube channel, getting the key metrics like engagement rate, subscribers’ growth, or top videos to discover how successful the current YouTube marketing strategy is and identify the most effective video content pillars from the competition.

Generate social media reports in multiple formats: PDF, PPT, CSV, EXCEL, or connect Socialinsider with Looker to create custom social media dashboards.

Benchmark your YouTube strategy against top social media competitors and analyze their content to gain a competitive advantage.

Some other Socialinsider’s YouTube analytics and reporting features include:

  • Analyze your best-performing video content that engages your audience the most
  • Group and categorize video content by keywords or trends
  • Get engagement metrics, impressions, video views, channel views, subscribers’ growth and much more data
  • See how your shorts are performing
  • Compare head-to-head YouTube channels
  • Schedule YouTube performance reports

Price: The Socialinsider price starts from $99/ month, including analytics of multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube.

3. ChannelMeter


Looking for a tool to measure influencer content analytics on YouTube?

ChannelMeter is a great platform that offers influencer management and online video analytics.

ChannelMeter is one of the best YouTube analytics tools for monitoring influencers. It helps you cultivate and strengthen brand and influencer relationships.

In addition, this YouTube analytics tool provides software for discovery, payments, accounting, enrolment, and tools for a fruitful online video network.

ChannelMeter offers heavy lifting for agencies which allows them to manage influencers and win over customers by utilizing effective tools that drive successful campaigns.

This tool also offers effective and insightful analytics from top social video platforms such as YouTube.

Price: This YouTube analytics app does not display the price on its website. It is possible that the pricing is custom, based on the client’s needs.

4. Vidooly (The Good Creator)

youtube analytics tools vidooly screenshot

Get free insights of any channel with Vidooly!

Vidooly is a video AI powered marketing tool with powerful insights. With this YouTube analytics tool, you will get valuable digital video insights which help your business create and run successful campaigns on YouTube.

You can use Vidooly to know audience insights such as the kind of videos that your audience are watching digitally across various demographics and categories, including unlocking the audience that is likely to engage with your business.

In addition to audience insights, you can use this YouTube analytics tool for content strategy.

For example, you can use Vidooly to identify and partner with the best content creators and influencers for sponsored content which resembles your brand.

Price: For Vidooly, the starting price for a basic plan is $9/ month.

5. Unbox Social

Unbox social

Unbox Social is one of the best YouTube analytics tools that will help you improve your social media strategy when it comes to video content.

This tool is not only in charge of YouTube analytics, but it also focuses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

When it comes to YouTube metrics, Unbox Social offers you insights about subscribers, audience demographics, red views, card impressions, card clicks, video shares, interactions, video watch time insights and many more.

This YouTube analytics tool also tells you when it’s the right time to post your videos, displaying metrics like best posting time. Through this analytics app you will also be able to see what’s your competitors’ evolution.

Price: Unbox Social has several plans for marketers and the basic one costs only $9/ month.

6. Tubular Labs

youtube analytics tools tubular screenshot

Tubular Labs is one of the best YouTube analytics tools through which you can perform a competitive analysis.

You can analyze several YouTube metrics and custom your content strategy to fulfill your audience’s needs.

This YouTube analytics tool looks at videos across several industries, offering you data about what marketing strategies work better for your brand.

Tubular Labs also offers audience analytics insights, finding out more about their age, gender and location.

7. VidIQ

youtube analytics tools vidiq screenshot

VidIQ is an analytics app for YouTube that features a Chrome extension which provides automatic reports on your daily YouTube performance.

How cool is that? If you want to know everything about your video content right on spot, this app can help you.

Through this social media analytics tool you are bound to learn about the most interesting topics for video content to attract subscribers.

Price: The starting price for the basic plan on VidIQ is $7.50/ month.

8. Vidyard

Vidyard, another YouTube analytics tool, is a video management platform.

If you decide to use this tool, you will be able to rely on it for video hosting, video creation, video personalization, video marketing, and many more.

Price: Besides the free trial, Vidyard offers the Pro package at only $19/ month.

9. Klipfolio

youtube analytics tools klipfolio screenshot

Another useful YouTube analytics tool is Klipfolio. This app provides analytics for more social media platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn.

With this analytics tool you can easily monitor metrics and KPIs. What is different about this tool is that it comes with TV Dashboards and you can also build customized charts.

The YouTube channel subscriber’s chart displays the total number of views your video content got in the last 30 days.

Klipfolio is one of the best YouTube analytics tools, helping you get data about a lot of metrics.

Price: The starting price for the basic plan at Klipfolio is $99 per month.

10. TubeBuddy

youtube analytics tools tubebuddy screensot

Let’s face it! YouTube analytics is not really a piece of cake. When you try to get into the depth of it, things can get complicated.

However, a social media analytics app like TubeBuddy can help you understand the YouTube metrics you need to look at.

This YouTube analytics tool will help you develop better content for your YouTube channel. This way, you will surprise your audience with fresh video ideas, getting even more subscribers.

On this app you search for more video topics appropriate for every niche and industry.

Price: For this YouTube analytics tool, the starting price is $3/month.

11. ViralStat

youtube analytics tools viralstat screenshot

Unlike other social media analytics tools, ViralStat will not only allow you to look at the metrics, but it also helps you oversee how your competitors are doing.

Through this analytics app you will find out more about other brands’ evolution in your industry. Also ViralStat provides data about the videos with the highest engagement.

The in-depth reports are keen to help you build a solid video content strategy. After learning the technical part, all you have to do is to let your inspiration drive you.

Price:  The basic plan for ViralStat costs $29 per month.

12. Quintly

youtube analytics tools quintly

Quintly is yet another social media analytics tool that also offers insights to measure YouTube performance. This app also supports other social media platforms’ analytics like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

With Quintly you can easily manage your YouTube channels. Use this tool to look at video analytics and get content optimization tips to improve your YouTube strategy.

Price: For this app, the monthly access starts at $315.

16. SocialBlade


SocialBlade is a free YouTube analytics tool that not only analyzes your channel’s performance, but also your competitors’.

This analytics app offers you data like subscriber count, the number of uploads, channel type, video views, and many more.

SocialBlade ranks every channel based on its performance according to its niche. You can check subscriber count and video views on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the time span you want to choose.

Final thoughts

We think the learning part about YouTube analytics is worth it. By looking at your campaign’s performance metric by metric, you will understand what are the crucial insights that can help you adjust your strategy for the better.

You can test all these YouTube analytics tools and choose the one that provides you with the most useful data and reporting.

FAQs about YouTube analytics tools

1.Why use a third-party YouTube analytics tool instead of the native app?

Even if the YouTube native app offers in-depth data for your own YouTube channel, with a third-party YouTube analytics tool you can also get competitive social media benchmarks. By comparing your YouTube channel with your rival, you can better improve your YouTube strategy.

2.How can I automate reporting with a YouTube analytics tool?

When it comes to reporting, with the native you can only download reports for each set of metrics, one at a time. You have to click “view more” on metrics and a new window will pop up with in-depth data and the option to export it.

By using a third-party YouTube analytics tool, you can get a complete report with all the analytics data you need, all split by content, audience, engagement and posts. Moreover, you can also download a complete YouTube competitive benchmark report so you can compare your performance with the ones of your competition.

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