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What to Post on LinkedIn: 11 Ideas for Brands and Creators

Discover what to post on LinkedIn with this guide on engaging posts and content ideas for brands and professionals alike.

Anda Radulescu
Anda Radulescu
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Struggling with what to post on LinkedIn?

Whether you're branding personally or powering up your business, this guide uncovers the key to magnetic LinkedIn content.

Explore expert strategies on everything from engaging LinkedIn posts to B2B LinkedIn content ideas.

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11 LinkedIn posts ideas for B2B and B2C

  1. Interactive and engaging content
  2. Success stories and testimonials
  3. Company culture and behind-the-scene highlights
  4. Industry insights and stats
  5. Educational content and tutorials
  6. Professional achievements and milestones
  7. Webinars, workshops, and event promotions
  8. Dos and donโ€™ts (instead of that, try this)
  9. Weekly industry news
  10. User-generated content (UGC)
  11. Expert tips

FAQs about what to post on LinkedIn

Industry insights and stats

When discussing what to post on LinkedIn as a business, sharing industry insights and stats is a strategic choice, particularly for brands aiming to showcase their expertise and influence industry conversations.

This approach is invaluable for B2B companies where informed, data-driven content can set a brand apart as a thought leader.

post industry stats on linkedin

Creating content that delves into market trends, performance benchmarks, or case studies not only enriches the knowledge of the audience but also boosts engagement by offering actionable insights that professionals can apply in their own fields.

It is one of the most effective post types, having the potential to significantly increase your LinkedIn metrics and performance.

Such content aligns perfectly with strategic content ideas for LinkedIn you can leverage, enhancing visibility and fostering meaningful professional interactions.

Interactive and engaging content

Interactive content for LinkedIn is a strategic move that can catapult your brand's visibility and engagement rates to new heights.

For businesses pondering over LinkedIn post ideas, engaging posts like polls are not just a suggestion; they're a strategic imperative.

In fact, polls are at the forefront of this interactive revolution.

Take, for instance, Canva.

Known for its creativity and innovation, Canva doesn't just use LinkedIn to announce product updates or company news.

They leverage the platform to engage their audience with polls and interactive post formats that ask for opinions on design trends, new software features, or digital marketing strategies.

canva linkedin post idea

This not only keeps their content at the top of their audience's feeds but also provides invaluable insights into customer preferences and industry standards.

Success stories and testimonials

Sharing success stories and testimonials is a powerful way to illustrate the real-world impact of your products or services. It's also essential for making your content relatable, thus increasing engagement.

Steven Bartlett is an excellent example of someone who effectively leverages success stories and testimonials posts on LinkedIn.

As an entrepreneur and speaker known for founding the social media marketing agency Social Chain, he shares valuable insights and narratives about his professional journey and the successes of his ventures.

share succes stories as a linkedin post

Through his LinkedIn content, Steven provides followers with a mix of great LinkedIn posts that are both educational and motivational.

He demonstrates how LinkedIn content creation can be both personal and powerful, often sharing stories that underline the growth and impact of his business decisions.

Company culture and behind-the-scene highlights

Showcasing company culture and behind-the-scenes glimpses on LinkedIn effectively humanizes your brand and attracts engagement.

For instance, Google excels at this by sharing snapshots of its vibrant workspace and community activities, which serve as inspirational LinkedIn posts that highlight its innovative culture.

This strategy not only attracts potential employees but also enhances their brand visibility.

company culture as a linkedin post from google

These kinds of posts serve as compelling ideas for LinkedIn posts, demonstrating how transparency and authenticity can enrich professional storytelling and foster deeper connections within the network.

Educational content and tutorials

Educational content and tutorials rank highly among the best practices for LinkedIn posts.

By sharing knowledge in an accessible format, brands and professionals can demonstrate their expertise and commitment to adding value to their community.

One effective way to deliver educational content on LinkedIn is through the use of carousels, which can break down complex information into digestible, easy-to-understand segments.

In fact, multi-image posts are LinkedIn's top performers in 2024, leading to the most likes and comments, especially for profiles with large followings.

Professional achievements and milestones

By posting about professional milestones, businesses and individuals create engaging LinkedIn posts that resonate with their network. These posts often serve as LinkedIn content ideas that others can follow.

Celebrating professional achievements and milestones on LinkedIn is not just about sharing success; it's about inspiring others and reinforcing your brand's position in the industry.

This approach goes beyond merely showcasing success stories; it focuses on personal or company-wide achievements that mark significant progress or accomplishments.

These could include anniversaries, awards, completed projects, promotions, or hitting major targets.

post professional milestones on linkedin

Webinars, workshops, and event promotions

Webinars and workshops are prime post ideas for LinkedIn, offering businesses a way to showcase expertise and engage with professionals actively seeking growth.

Take, for example, Adobe, which is promoting its #AdobeSummit event.

It invites the audience to engage, learn, and be part of a community at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

share events and workshops on LinkedIn

Such LinkedIn posts are not only informative but also encourage direct interaction, making them effective for brands looking to reinforce their role as industry thought leaders.

Dos and donโ€™ts (instead of that, try this)

In the realm of LinkedIn posting ideas, dos and don'ts posts are an impactful way to deliver engaging content that resonates with professionals seeking guidance.

These posts are a staple for what to post on LinkedIn to generate interest, especially for businesses looking to establish thought leadership.

By breaking down complex best practices into easily digestible advice, such content becomes a prime example of the types of LinkedIn posts that can educate and inspire a professional audience.

breaking down complex best practices as LinkedIn post idea

When executed well, dos and don'ts content is not only informative but also among the best LinkedIn posts in terms of engagement and shareability.

This is because they cut through the noise by offering straightforward insights that are immediately applicable.

They represent what makes a good LinkedIn post: clarity, relevance, and the capacity to prompt reflection and action among professionals.

Weekly industry news

Sharing weekly industry news is a great post idea for LinkedIn because it positions you as a curator of crucial information and a go-to resource for your network.

By doing that, you not only keep your audience informed but also facilitate a space where professionals can discuss and dissect current events that may impact their industries.

The regularity of a weekly news post creates anticipation among followers, which can establish a consistent engagement rhythmโ€”vital for maintaining a visible and authoritative presence on LinkedIn.

share weekly industry news on LinkedIn

By committing to this kind of content creation, you provide a consistent value that can elevate your LinkedIn strategy, transforming your feed into a hub of knowledge and engagement.

User-generated content (UGC)

Featuring user-generated content on LinkedIn is a strategic move for businesses looking to boost engagement and authenticity. It aligns perfectly with LinkedIn content ideas for B2B.

Moreover, UGC diversifies the types of content to post on LinkedIn.

This variety, from video testimonials to written reviews and user photos, keeps the content engaging and breaks the monotony of traditional corporate posts.

GoPro exemplifies a top brand using user-generated content (UGC) to craft some of the best LinkedIn posts.

They highlight customer experiences through exciting photos and videos captured with their cameras.

These engaging posts showcase both the high-quality capabilities of GoPro cameras and the adventurous spirits of their users.

By doing so, GoPro not only demonstrates product quality but also builds a strong community narrative around its brand, adhering to best practices for LinkedIn posts.

Here's a example from GoPro which incorporates UGC into a LinkedIn strategy

Incorporating UGC into a LinkedIn strategy taps into trust and communityโ€”key drivers of interaction on LinkedInโ€”and helps brands stand out in a competitive digital landscape, making it a top choice among LinkedIn business post ideas.

Expert tips

Sharing expert tips on LinkedIn is an effective strategy for businesses and marketers. It not only establishes your brand as a credible authority in your industry but also aligns with what makes a good LinkedIn post.

Expert tips are inherently useful to your audience, offering practical solutions and improvements that directly enhance engagement through likes, comments, and shares.

For instance, Dr. Daniel Amen, a well-regarded psychiatrist known for his contributions to brain health and ADHD management, exemplifies creative LinkedIn posts by sharing valuable advice on mental wellness.

His posts often include actionable recommendations on diet, exercise, and lifestyle, all aimed at boosting brain function.

These contributions serve as top LinkedIn posts in the realm of healthcare, illustrating how to create engaging content on LinkedIn that reflects the latest trends and insights from clinical practice and research.

share expert tips on LinkedIn posts

Final thoughts

Developing a robust strategy for what to post on LinkedIn needs long-term commitment.

Keeping your LinkedIn strategy fresh requires continuous updates to align with the latest trends and demands for new information.

As a social media manager or business owner, it's essential to share innovative and high-quality content that not only educates and engages but also helps seal business deals.

And remember: authenticity wins.

FAQs about what to post on LinkedIn

How frequently should I post on LinkedIn?

Aim to post 4 times per week to maintain visibility without overwhelming your network. Adjust the frequency based on engagement and content relevance.

How can I create engaging LinkedIn posts that stand out?

To create engaging LinkedIn posts, mix rich media such as videos and photos, ask thought-provoking questions to encourage comments, and include calls to action that invite further interaction.

What kind of content should I post on LinkedIn to attract a professional audience?

Focus on sharing content that establishes your expertise and relevance in your field. This includes industry analysis, professional tips, and success stories. Educational content, such as how-to guides or webinars, also works well to engage a professional audience.

What are some creative LinkedIn post formats that stand out in a professional feed?

Experimenting with different post formats, such as short videos, carousel posts, or infographics, can help you stand out. Personal stories tied to professional lessons and spotlight features on innovations or achievements within the company are also effective.

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