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30 Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Engagement on Social Media

30 video marketing ideas and strategies to boost your brand’s social presence, increase awareness, and ensure data-powered performance.

Sabina Varga
Sabina Varga
Table of Contents

Think video marketing is not for you? Or have you run out of ideas? Don’t give up just yet.

Leveraging the power of video on social media can set you apart in a crowded B2B market, helping you engage with your audience in a more dynamic and impactful way.

However, creating successful video content isn't just about pressing record — it's a blend of creativity and analytical insight that drives results.

Read on to discover innovative video marketing ideas designed to give your brand a boost on social media. From behind-the-scenes glimpses to educational tutorials, the social video content examples will spark your creativity.

Plus, we'll provide expert tips on producing engaging video marketing strategy, ensuring your efforts translate into real growth and success.

Below are 30 ideas guaranteed to keep you busy for a while. Ready? Action!

Table of Contents
1. Authentic, relatable videos
2. Company newsletter video
3. Job opportunity videos
4. Customer testimonials and case study videos
5. Customer video contest
6. Videos with your CEO
7. Videos with your brand mascot
8. Short videos with valuable tips and tricks
9. Long-form educational videos
10. Thought-leadership videos
11. Research highlights video
12. Interviews with people from your company
13. Answer questions from clients
14. Interviews with people outside your company
15. Weekly video series
16. Behind-the-scenes videos
17. Company culture videos
18. Videos highlighting employees as brand personalities
19. Company events videos
20. Meme videos
21. Product tour videos
22. Animated videos
23. Product updates
24. Instructional videos
25. Live streaming videos
26. AR-enhanced video
27. Subject Matter Experts (SME) videos
28. Podcast videos
29. Webinar videos
30. Compilation videos

Bonus: 8 Tips for creating engaging video marketing content

1. Authentic, relatable videos

Focus on storytelling and showcase real experiences to create authentic videos that resonate with your audience.

After all, 86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support, according to Social Media Today.

Identify your brand’s unique stories and find ways to tell them candidly. Use language and scenarios that your audience can easily relate to, avoiding jargon and technical explanations.

Instead of overly scripted or polished videos, aim for a more natural approach. Use employees, customers, and actual events to convey your message.

Here's a video example from the European Parliament, which brings to life in a fun way an important message that is usually conveyed in a more formal and rigid manner.

marketing video idea from the European Parliament

How could you do the same for your Facebook video marketing?

2. Company newsletter video

Who said newsletters should only be sent in written form?

That's how it's typically done, but why not switch from text to video to create a video company newsletter that will help you reach a wider audience?

You can create a monthly 3-5 minute video featuring segments like company updates, employee spotlights, and upcoming events.

Start with a friendly introduction to set a personal tone. Highlight major news and product updates — like Zapier does in this video newsletter, include behind-the-scenes footage to give viewers a glimpse of the company culture, and organize short Q&A sessions with the leadership to promote transparency.

Publish these videos consistently on social media platforms to increase brand awareness, strengthen your employer's brand, and improve cross-channel promotion.

video newsletter idea from zapier

3. Job opportunity videos

Job opportunity videos are an excellent way to attract top talent while showcasing your company's culture and values.

According to CareerBuilder, job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than those without video, and employers who add a video to their job postings receive a 34% greater application rate.

Highlight current openings, provide insights into the roles, and share testimonials from current employees. Incorporate segments that give potential candidates a real feel for the work environment. Details about the company's mission, values, and any unique benefits can make the video more appealing.

Don't forget to end with a friendly call to action, telling people how they can apply to be part of your team.

Share job opportunity videos on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram to strengthen your HR strategy and attract top talent.

4. Customer testimonials and case study videos

Create compelling testimonials and case study videos that showcase the real-world impact of your products or services through genuine client experiences.

Introduce your customer and their initial challenges. Paint a picture of their struggles and frustrations and then introduce your offering as a way to overcome obstacles.

Leverage the power of the hero's journey, a classic storytelling structure that has kept audiences engaged for centuries.

Also, show, don't tell. Include as many practical details as possible, demonstrating how your products work rather than just talking about it.

When possible, feature the clients in the videos, as Airtable did with Vimeo.

End with a clear call to action, inviting viewers to learn more and potentially replicate the success story.

customer testimonials video idea from airtable

5. Customer video contest

A customer content contest is a win-win video marketing strategy: your brand gets popularity points, and clients get rewards for participating.

Challenge your audience to create awesome user-generated content (UGC) that puts your brand in the spotlight.

Video content ideas include unboxing sessions, clients trying out your products, testimonials, or other creative posts.

Outline specific rules about video length and necessary content elements like product placements. Depending on your audience, instructions might be necessary, like how to stitch on TikTok.

Also, create a dedicated hashtag to increase discoverability.

Choose winners based on creativity and relevance and offer a valuable reward to incentivize participation.

6. Videos with your CEO

Videos featuring your CEO can significantly enhance your brand's leadership visibility and can attract top latent and valuable partners.

Ditch the overly-produced videos. Remember that social media audiences appreciate authenticity, not suite-and-tie announcements.

Here's an example from Plot Workspace of an informal short-form video presenting the challenges of entrepreneurs just starting out. The clip is relatable, aligned with the platform's style, and shareable.

ceo video idea from Plot

Other types of CEO videos can include insights on industry trends, company announcements, speeches or interview fragments, a glimpse into leadership meetings, or Q&A with the team.

Regularly incorporating your CEO in video content for social media or in YouTube marketing can strengthen credibility and humanize your corporate image.

7. Videos with your brand mascot

Video marketing ideas are sometimes right in front of you, like your friendly brand mascot.

Incorporating your brand mascot into video content helps you enhance brand recognition and add a fun element to your social media marketing.

Use your mascot to showcase products, tell your brand’s stories, embody its values, or attract talent.

Creatively using mascots in videos, like in this example from Duolingo, can significantly differentiate your brand.

Don’t have a brand mascot yet? Till you come up with one, we have plenty more video content ideas.

brand mascot videos like duolingo

8. Short videos with valuable tips and tricks

As the data below shows, people don’t only look for entertainment on social media.

In fact, tutorial and how-to videos are among the most popular video types.

Most popular video content type worldwide in Q4 2023

Showcase your brand’s expertise by sharing quick tips and tricks that people can apply to solve daily challenges.

HubSpot does this right in this short video about email marketing, which is informal and not overly polished but quickly delivers value to viewers.

You can do the same no matter your industry. Identify customer pain points and burning questions and answer them in a weekly video series on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

9. Long-form educational videos

Educational videos are a strategic asset that all B2B marketing strategies should include. They're designed to inform audiences seeking in-depth knowledge about your industry, trends, technologies, and products.

Valuable content positions you as an expert and educates potential clients, nurturing them in the buyer's journey.

While educational videos can also be short, a deep dive into a topic typically requires more than a few seconds or a couple of minutes. Consider combining shorter social video content with longer educational videos that build trust and credibility.

For example, Shopify offers educational content for businesses on TikTok but also has longer videos on YouTube on similar themes that go into more depth.

long form video idea from Shopify

10. Thought-leadership videos

Thought-leadership videos are a powerful medium for B2B companies to demonstrate expertise and position their people as the best in class. They are also a great way to share innovative ideas and unique perspectives that make the brand a desirable partner.

These videos often feature key company leaders and experts discussing trends and forecasts and offering deep insights.

Take a look at how Cisco offers in-depth tech guides that clearly show its people are at the forefront of the industry or how Neil Patel uses data to position himself as an expert in TikTok marketing.

Thought-leadership video idea from Cisco

11. Research highlights video

One particular type of thought-leadership video that deserves special attention is video content that highlights research results.

People love data, and companies that produce their own research to inform clients and partners about industry trends and benchmarks position themselves as strong, trusted, and credible brands.

Whether you have your own data and curate industry statistics, create informative videos that highlight key findings, like in this example from Gartner.

Research highlights video idea from Gartner

12. Interviews with people from your company

Grab a microphone and a camera and do some rounds around your company. Whether impromptu — like this fun example from Supermetrics — or in more organized setups, employee interviews can make your brand more relatable and trustworthy.

video interviews with people from your company

Remember that raw, unedited videos are more likely to spark engagement, as people react more to authentic content than to overly-produced branded videos. More polished interview videos can showcase professionalism and expertise and can be used further down the marketing funnel.

Find a good match for your brand, and don't be afraid to play around with creative video ideas.

13. Answer questions from clients

Instead of you or your team asking the question, gather inquiries from clients and have experts from your company create videos in which they answer them.

By addressing real and specific concerns, these videos provide tailored advice and solutions, demonstrating your commitment to customer service and engagement.

Additionally, “ask me anything” type of videos often prove shareable and can boost your brand's visibility when viewers find the responses genuinely helpful and informative.

Post the videos as part of you social media strategy and also use them in client communication to showcase your team's expertise and responsiveness.

Answer questions from clients

14. Interviews with people outside your company

Remember those fun segments they did on TV where they asked random people on the street questions? Why not do that with your brand, too?

For B2B brands, interviewing people on the streets might not be ideal, but the strategy can work at events and conferences.

Take this example from Slack, where they dared people at an event to play “true or false” with them on topics relevant to the industry.

It’s a video marketing idea that’s easy to put into practice and has high engagement potential.

video interviews with people outside your company

15. Weekly video series

There's a reason the TV format of weekly episodes has survived for so long, and some streaming services are perpetuating it. Weekly series have the power to keep viewers hooked and coming back for more.

Social media video content series can be as powerful to engage your audience, create a loyal fan base, and build a buzzing community around your brand. Check out this series from Grammarly aimed to provide value in an engaging way.

You’re next! Find a theme for the series, create a video content plan detailing how each episode adds to the story, and decide on the length and other formatting details for the clips.

Don't forget to use dedicated hashtags and to tease what's next at the end of each video.

weekly video series

16. Behind-the-scenes videos

Brands often seem like abstract establishments with their own identity and persona. While that's desirable for brand awareness and recognition, giving people a glimpse behind the scenes into the inner workings of your business will create a deeper connection.

Behind-the-scenes videos can cover everything from your company's daily operations and how your products are made to the culture and people behind the brand.

Videos like this one that we created at Socialinsider humanize the company, making the brand more relatable and trustworthy.

Let customers see the real human effort that goes into your services or products, and you’ll get more customer loyalty and attract new clients who value transparency and authenticity.

Behind-the-scenes video idea from Socialinsider

17. Company culture videos

A specific type of behind-the-scenes video idea that should be part of every brand's marketing strategy is company culture videos.

These are effective tools for showcasing your organization's values and work environment. By providing a transparent view of your company's day-to-day life, they can significantly influence recruitment and brand perception.

Well-crafted culture videos put employees front and centr, like in this example that the Socialinsider team created to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Include culture videos on your list of ideas for video marketing to attract potential employees who align with your company's values and engage customers by demonstrating your brand's human side.

company culture videos from Socialinsider

18. Videos highlighting employees as brand personalities

Videos highlighting employees as brand personalities are a dynamic way to offer a genuine look into the company's culture and work environment.

Video content like this entertaining clip from the Morning Brew not only humanizes the brand but also builds a stronger emotional connection with the audience.

So, take a look around. Who on your team would be a great brand ambassador, adding that extra dimension of authenticity to your social media videos?

Videos highlighting employees as brand personalities

19. Company events videos

Company events are a strategic marketing tool in the B2B sector, providing an excellent way to highlight a brand's industry presence and networking capabilities.

These events are also great opportunities to produce captivating videos. Capture key moments from corporate gatherings, including seminars, product launches, and industry conferences, to show your audience the company's active role and engagement within its field.

Videos like this dynamic one shared by Canva help reinforce the company's brand values and serve as compelling content for enhancing brand awareness and driving engagement.

company event video from Canva

20. Meme videos

Meme videos use trending video templates to create humorous, relatable content that is highly discoverable. This can significantly enhance brand visibility and engagement on social media.

Keep an eye on current internet humour and trends to create fun videos that are particularly effective in reaching a younger audience.

Brands like Notion leverage meme videos to show a lighter, more approachable side of their personality, making their social media feeds more engaging and shareable.

meme videos

21. Product tour videos

We're having fun and all, but, at the end of the day, businesses need to sell. Product tour videos to the rescue!

Product videos are essential for showcasing a product's features and benefits in a dynamic and engaging way, helping businesses convert leads into customers.

They guide potential customers through the functionalities and value propositions of a product and effectively communicate complex information in an easily digestible format.

By visually demonstrating how Socialinsider works, for example, we address common questions and highlight key features that set our platform apart from competitors.

product tour videos

22. Animated videos

Animated videos are versatile and engaging ways to convey messages in a visually appealing manner.

Videos like this one from Adobe use vibrant graphics to capture the audience's attention. By combining elements of art, sound, and motion, animated videos enhance viewer retention and make your message more memorable.

Animated videos can also help explain complex concepts and enhance data visualization, as seen in this Zoom video.

While video animations may be more complex to produce, they are powerful storytelling and persuasive tools, so they are worth the investment.

animated videos from zoom

23. Product updates

Does the thought of product updates make you yawn? That’s because they typically are a bit technical and dry.

Let’s forget the list of features for a second and cook an egg — bear with us. As Intercom showcases in this video example, product updates can be delivered in a fun and engaging way while also delivering important information.

Winning video ideas don’t have to be revolutionary. Sometimes all it takes is adding some spices to an otherwise bland recipe.

product update video idea from intercom

24. Instructional videos

Instructional videos are a practical method for teaching or demonstrating specific techniques or processes.

By visually and audibly explaining each step, instructional videos help to clarify complex tasks, making learning more accessible and engaging.

Brands can leverage instructional videos to provide customer support or show people how to use a product in order to improve user experience and new feature adoption.

Instructional videos can be long or short, like this one from Atlassian, which gives useful instructions in just a few seconds.

instructional videos from atlassian

25. Live streaming videos

Live streaming videos allow for immediate and direct communication with the audience, making them ideal for Q&A sessions, product launches, tutorials, events, and more.

Live streaming videos typically boost viewer engagement by creating a sense of urgency. Viewers can comment and interact during the stream, which increases their interaction with the video content.

For example, a tech company can use live streaming to launch a major software update and allow the audience to ask questions. Or a digital marketing agency can host live-streamed educational workshops to attract leads.

In addition to the value of the real-time brand interaction, live stream content can be repurposed into other marketing materials or saved for viewers to access later, extending the life and reach of the original broadcast.

live streaming videos

26. AR-enhanced video

AR-enhanced video content integrates augmented reality technology to create immersive and interactive experiences.

By integrating AR into your videos, you can showcase products in a highly interactive way.

For example, Ikea leveraged AR-enhanced videos to show how different furniture pieces would look in a customer's home.

Such AR video content not only enriches the viewer experience but also boosts engagement and retention by providing a more hands-on shopping environment.

Or you can simply have fun with it.

AR video ideas from Ikea

27. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) videos

Partnering with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is a great way for brands to enhance their reach and tap into the power of building trust and credibility by being endorsed by top industry minds.

SME videos feature experts — typically external to the company — who explain specific topics, providing detailed insights and practical advice. These can range from technical tutorials and deep dives to expert panels discussing challenges and solutions.

For example, McKinsey partners with experts in a video series called Author Talks to maintain its reputation as a top consulting firm in multiple industries.

videos with SMEs

28. Podcast videos

Podcast videos, also known as vodcasts, combine the engaging format of traditional podcasts with the visual element of video, enhancing the storytelling experience.

This format allows brands to connect with their audience on a more personal level, as viewers can see the hosts and guests and feel more involved in the conversation.

For instance, Omniconvers produces video podcasts featuring interviews with industry leaders meant to inform and educate but also to add a human touch to the brand.

Podcasts are particularly effective on platforms like YouTube, where they can attract a larger audience, but they can also be shared on social media, especially as teasers or short vertical videos with captivating quotes.

podcast video idea

29. Webinar videos

Webinar videos are powerful tools for B2B and educational and lead generation purposes.

Live or recorded presentations, training sessions, or discussions help brands demonstrate expertise and promote products and services.

By requiring registration for webinars, businesses collect valuable contact information, enabling follow-up marketing efforts and conversions. Also, a live webinar can be easily repurposed and reposted on various channels, either in its integrity or as short clips.

webinar video idea
Check out our webinars

30. Compilation videos

Just like radio stations create end-of-the-year top 100s or TV shows create somewhat lazy episodes in which they show clips from previous ones, why not take a creative break from time to time and do an easy video compilation?

Use compilation videos to demonstrate the evolution of products, showcase multiple client reactions or testimonials, compile the best user-generated content, or make several industry recommendations.

You can also simply curate evergreen content, as Mailchip did for International Podcast Day.

Any of the 29 ideas above can be repurposed in video compilations at certain time intervals.

Compilations should be easier to produce because they leverage existing material but generate high engagement because of their dynamic nature and (sometimes) nostalgia factor.

compilation video idea from mailchimp

8 tips for creating engaging video marketing content

Now that you’re equipped with plenty of ideas to fill up your video marketing calendar, let’s go through some social media best practices to ensure that video content is not only entertaining but efficient.

#1. Analyze content themes to pick winners for your brand

We’ve gone through a lot of examples of what you can create to promote your brand, but it’s essential to understand what works best for your industry and business.

Luckily, data is hear to paint a clear picture.

Here’s a 5-steps process that can help you leverage Socialinsider to quickly find the social media content themes that work for your brand.

  • Easily add your social media profiles to the Socialinsider dashboard after you create an account. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial to play around with the features and gather valuable insights.
  • Filter posts by video (or video type), to only access data about your social media video content.
Here's how to filter social media posts
Here's how to filter social media posts
  • Use the search field to identify popular content themes, keywords or hashtags.
Here's how to tag and group social media posts by keywords
Here's how to tag and group social media posts by keywords
  • Once you identify a keyword, tag and organize posts around that specific keyword, as shown below.
Here's how to automate post tagging with Socialinsider
Here's how to automate post tagging with Socialinsider
  • Access engagement metrics, such as comments, shares, and likes generated, to understand the performance of different content themes. This information helps you prioritize content creation efforts and allocate resources to the video content ideas that yield the best results.
Get content pillars with Socialinsider
Get content pillars with Socialinsider

#2. Maintain an authentic tone of voice

Gone are the days of product marketing videos that look so shiny that they’ve just come out of a box. Sure, you can still invest a lot in producing them, but take a scroll around major platforms and you’ll see audiences prefer something different.

Users are now looking for authenticity — yes, even from B2B brands. So strive to remain authentic by putting stories and people in the spotlight.

#3. Make the most of nostalgia

Whether through popular memes, video compilations, or telling origin stories, nostalgia is a great hook for audiences. Take them on your own Eras Tour every once in a while to turn the loyalty volume to the max.

#4. Show, don’t tell

Video marketing is visual storytelling, so leverage all its power.

Instead of people explaining why a product is the best, show it in action. Get clients to use it in UGC videos. Record testimonials, use powerful graphics, and animations to describe complex or abstract information.

#5. Tell real stories

No need to make up beautiful stories about your brand and products. People appreciate vulnerability and authenticity, so be honest about challenges and hardships, but also about lessons learned and successes.

Encourage your team and clients to join you in your efforts to tell these stories, to the extent that they feel comfortable.

#6. Use smart humour

Humour is a great engagement tool so strive to include it in your video ideas. Templates and memes are an easy way to join trends in a humorous way, but also try to find your own way of entertaining audiences.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Ryanair's social media strategy is a good start.

Be smart about using humour. Don’t overdoit or force it, or it might have the opposite effect.

#7. Think cross-channel

There’s no perfect channel for video marketing.

So instead of thinking in terms of TikTok vs Reels vs Shorts, plan you strategy in a cross-channel manner, repurposing and adjusting videos to reach wider audiences with less effort.

#8. Plan and organize video content in series

Ideas for video marketing should not live in isolation. Instead, think of video series ideas that can keep you busy for a while — without the need to constantly come up with something new — and that can hook audiences and make them come back to your channels for the next episode.

Final thoughts

Video marketing can be a lot of fun to produce for your team and can add a lot of value to your audience. Include a mix of video ideas in your calendar aligned to your most successful content themes and always think long-term.

Leverage social media analytics to understand video performance on different channels, get actionable insights, and constantly tweak and improve your content strategy. With creativity and data at hand, you’re on the shortest route to becoming a video star.

Sabina Varga

Sabina Varga

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