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Top 11 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

Discover the hottest influencer marketing trends right now and learn what you need to do to put your brand on the radar.

Anda Radulescu
Anda Radulescu
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How can your brand stay ahead in the fiercely competitive world of influencer marketing?

By keeping a pulse on the latest influencer marketing trends and transformative shifts in influencer marketing campaigns.

From the innovative use of AI to influencers becoming brand moguls, we're diving into what's new, what's next, and why it's essential for maintaining a competitive social media strategy.

Join us as we explore how these emerging trends and campaigns are reshaping the influencer landscape and setting new standards for social media marketing.

  1. Brands; budgets for influencer marketing will increase
  2. Influencers are becoming one of the main brands' distribution channels
  3. Influencers will turn into business owners
  4. Authenticity will be the key to success
  5. Long-term relationships will be favored
  6. AI will take off
  7. TikTok will continue to become more popular
  8. Live shopping will increase in adoption
  9. More and more exclusive content will be produced
  10. Influencers will become more data-driven
  11. LinkedIn is set for growth

FAQs about influencer marketing trends

#1. Brand’s budgets for influencer marketing will increase

As we delve into the current influencer marketing trends, a standout development is the significant increase in budget allocations for influencer campaigns.

Brands are recognizing the robust return on investment that influencers can yield, particularly in driving direct sales.

In fact, recent statistics showing that 56% of consumers aged 18 to 44 have purchased a product after seeing it promoted by an influencer.

Moreover, influencer marketing continues to gain trust among brands, with its budget in Europe projected to grow by 32.5% to $12.9 billion in 2024.

Consequently, businesses are not only expanding their budgets but also refining their strategies to include a diverse mix of influencer partnerships across various platforms to maximize social media reach and engagement.

The rise in budget for influencer campaigns indicates a strategic shift towards more personalized, authentic marketing efforts that resonate with target audiences.

#2. Influencers are becoming one of the main brand’s distribution channels

In the rapidly evolving landscape, creators have evolved beyond mere endorsements to become essential influencer marketing channels in their own right.

Offering a mix of authenticity and extensive reach, influencers transcend traditional marketing methods that often fall short in terms of genuine engagement.

For brands aiming to distinguish themselves in a crowded market, harnessing these authentic voices represents a game-changing evolution in how they engage with consumers.

Brand influencers embody the voice of the corporation, adeptly transforming formal messages into content that strikes a chord across diverse audiences.

In this context, influencers are not just trendsetters but key partners in driving brand growth, making every collaborative effort crucial to crafting campaigns that resonate deeply and drive substantial market impact.

The unique connection between influencers and their followers harnesses deep-seated trust, allowing for a more seamless and natural integration of products and concepts into everyday conversation.

#3. Influencers will turn into business owners

The phenomenon of influencers evolving into entrepreneurs represents one of the latest influencer marketing trends, highlighting a significant shift in how influencers are leveraging their social media clout.

Not content with merely endorsing products, many influencers are now creating and promoting their own brands, thereby tapping into the many opportunities their platforms offer.

Gisou is a remarkable example.

Founded by Negin Mirsalehi, a well-known fashion and beauty influencer, Gisou leverages her family's background in beekeeping to produce a line of honey-infused hair care products.

This unique origin story not only adds authenticity to the brand but also capitalizes on Negin's personal connection to the product, enhancing consumer trust and interest.

Through Gisou, Negin has effectively transformed her influence and passion into a thriving business that resonates with her audience, exemplifying how influencers can extend their impact beyond social media into successful entrepreneurial ventures.

entrepreneurship as an influencer marketing trend

Essentially, this influencer marketing news shows that influencers are no longer just voices for hire; they are now key players in entrepreneurship.

By launching diverse business ventures, from beauty products to lifestyle brands, influencers-turned-entrepreneurs are redefining the very notion of influencer marketing, making them more integral to the consumer experience.

#4. Authenticity will be the key to success

In this ever-evolving industry, being authentic continues to stand out as one of the foremost influencer marketing best practices.

How so?—you may ask.

As audiences become more discerning, the authenticity of influencers—how genuine they appear and how truthfully they communicate their endorsements—significantly influences consumer trust and engagement.

Recognizing this shift, influencers are increasingly working with fewer brands. This strategic choice helps build trust with their followers and signals a deeper, more genuine endorsement of fewer, carefully selected products.

Additionally, up-and-coming influencers are leveraging voiceovers and speaking directly to their audience rather than relying solely on photos.

This trend toward authenticity not only guides influencers in creating more honest and relatable content but also advises brands on selecting partners who resonate deeply with their values and audience.

As such, prioritizing authenticity features among the key 2024 influencer marketing trends.

authenticity as in influencer marketing trend

#5. Long-term relationships will be favored

One of the latest trends in influencer marketing is favoring long-term partnerships between brands and influencers.

Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of developing deeper, longer-term collaborations with trending influencers who align with their brand's values and audience.

The move towards long-term collaborations is clearly visible with brands like Sephora and Glossier, who have shifted from traditional campaign-based approaches to establishing ongoing relationships with influencers.

For example, Sephora has launched a program where influencers become brand ambassadors for extended periods, participating in product launches, brand events, and other social media best practices that go beyond single posts.

partnerships as an influencer marketing trend

Glossier, meanwhile, has taken the approach of integrating influencers into almost every aspect of the branding process.

By doing so, these influencers, often referred to as Glossier Girls, consistently showcase products through their daily routines, making the endorsements appear more natural and less like traditional advertisements.

glossier influencer marketing campaign on instagram

Such partnerships allow for a more cohesive storytelling and brand messaging, which can evolve over time and resonate more deeply with audiences.

This shift not only enhances the authenticity perceived by followers but also provides influencers with a stable platform to grow their personal brand alongside the corporate brand, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

#6. AI will take off

Amidst considerable online buzz and the introduction of AI-driven technologies such as ARIA, AI has emerged as a crucial trend in the future of influencer marketing.

Its ability to turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights is revolutionizing the way brands connect with their audiences through influencers.

With AI, brands can deeply analyze audience behaviors and preferences, this enabling them to identify the most effective influencers whose followers align closely with their target demographics.

Additionally, AI marketing tools enhance content personalization and optimize campaign strategies in real time, ensuring that marketing efforts are not only more targeted but also more responsive to dynamic audience interactions.

This integration allows for greater precision and efficiency in influencer marketing campaigns, driving better engagement and higher social media ROI.

usage of AI as an influencer marketing trend

This year’s social media influencer trends must certainly account for TikTok's meteoric ascent, a platform that continues to redefine the digital marketing landscape.

TikTok's algorithm excels at discovering and promoting content trends that resonate deeply with users, making the platform become a goldmine for influencer collaborations.

TikTok's continued rise as a dominant platform in the influencer marketing sphere is significantly enhanced by its ability to promote authenticity and a less curated lifestyle, which is highly attractive to creative influencers and consumers alike.

As brands seek to tap into TikTok's dynamic and highly engaged user base, understanding and leveraging this platform becomes crucial in the evolving realm of influencer marketing.

In fact, TikTok's user base is expected to grow to 1.8 billion by the end of 2024​.

This expansive and highly engaged audience makes TikTok an essential platform for brands looking to capitalize on influencer marketing strategies that prioritize genuine and relatable content.

A notable example of this is seen with Chick-fil-A, where an employee posted videos on her personal TikTok account, tasting and reacting to different items on the menu.

Such content, not curated by Chick-fil-A's corporate account, offers a personal and relatable perspective that can captivate TikTok’s audience.

employee spotlight influencer marketing trend

#8. Live shopping will increase in adoption

Live shopping is becoming a cornerstone in how influencer marketing is changing.

Being one of the hottest social media trends, it capitalizes on the immediacy and interactivity of live streaming, allowing influencers to showcase products in real-time.

The dynamic nature of live shopping means that influencers advertising products can engage directly with their audience, answer questions, and even adjust their sales pitches based on viewer feedback and interaction.

This trend not only enhances the shopping experience by making it more personalized and engaging but also boosts transparency and trust between influencers and their followers.

As a result, live shopping is rapidly transforming the landscape of online retail and influencer trends, paving the way for a more interactive and authentic shopping environment.

live streaming as an influencer marketing trend

#9. More and more exclusive content will be produced

The boom of exclusive content is one of the hot marketing trends reshaping the landscape of influencer marketing right now.

As the digital world becomes more saturated with generic content, influencers are increasingly turning to exclusive offerings to distinguish themselves and deepen their connection with their audience.

This strategy not only positions influencers as premium content providers but also highlights how influencer marketing is changing, moving towards more curated and personalized experiences.

Marketers are recognizing the power of this approach, as it builds stronger brand loyalty and engagement, proving that the key to capturing consumer interest lies in offering something genuinely exclusive and tailored.

exclusive content influencer marketing trend

#10. Influencers will become more data-driven

The rise of data-savvy influencers represents one of the new trends in influencer marketing, revolutionizing the way brands connect with audiences.

These influencers are leveraging advanced social media analytics to shift from being content creators to becoming pivotal strategic partners for brands.

By employing detailed analyses of engagement patterns, content preferences, and conversion metrics, these influencers can craft campaigns that are not just creative but are also finely tuned to the dynamics of their audience.

They have mastered the art of using real-time data to optimize their posts and social media interactions, ensuring that every piece of content resonates and converts.

And as this trend continues to grow, it's clear that the future of influencer marketing will rely heavily on KOLs who can blend creativity with analytical prowess to deliver results that resonate deeply and drive engagement.

#11. LinkedIn is set for growth

Traditionally viewed as a hub for career networking and job postings, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a vital player in the influencer marketing arena.

One significant aspect of this trend is how companies using influencer marketing are leveraging LinkedIn to reach industry-specific audiences.

By partnering with key opinion leaders who are viewed as thought experts in their fields, companies can enhance their brand awareness and credibility among professional circles.

This strategy is particularly effective in B2B marketing, where buying decisions are often influenced by the expertise and reputation of individuals within the industry.

As these experts share insights, participate in discussions, and publish thought-provoking social media content, they naturally attract and influence other professionals, making LinkedIn a powerful platform for shaping the influencer marketing industry and decision-making processes.

using linkedin as an influencer marketing trend

Last thoughts

As brands and influencers continue to merge creativity with data-driven social media insights, the realm of influencer marketing is set to redefine the very essence of personalized consumer engagement.

These developments promise to set the stage for a new era in creative marketing trends, where authenticity and strategic partnerships converge to shape a dynamic market landscape.

Why is TikTok considered a critical platform for influencer marketing?

TikTok's unique algorithm promotes content that resonates with users, making it an invaluable platform for authentic influencer collaborations. Its highly engaged user base make it essential for brands seeking to leverage influencer marketing to reach a broad and diverse audience.

What are the challenges of maintaining authenticity while scaling influencer marketing efforts?

As influencer marketing scales, maintaining authenticity can become challenging due to the increased volume and frequency of partnerships. Brands must carefully select influencers whose values align with theirs and manage campaigns to preserve the personal touch that resonates with audiences.

How do brands deal with the fluctuating popularity of influencers?

Brands often mitigate risks associated with the fluctuating popularity of influencers by diversifying their influencer portfolios, engaging with a mix of established and emerging influencers across various platforms to maintain a steady presence and audience reach.

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