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The Rise of TikTok Marketing: Strategies, Examples, and Tools

Did you know that an average TikTok user spends more than 1.5 hours per day on TikTok? Yep, TikTok is the most engaging social media platform. However, social media benchmarks show that the platform’s engagement rates started to decrease since last year, with 35% by followers and 20%

Alexandra Papp
Alexandra Papp
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Did you know that an average TikTok user spends more than 1.5 hours per day on TikTok? Yep, TikTok is the most engaging social media platform. However, social media benchmarks show that the platform’s engagement rates started to decrease since last year, with 35% by followers and 20% by views.

This means that businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to capture the attention of a highly engaged audience. With creative content and interactive campaigns, businesses can use TikTok marketing to raise brand awareness and produce measurable outcomes.

In this article, I will explore the subtleties of TikTok marketing through the platform's distinct culture and algorithm, addressing the benefits, strategies, TikTok marketing tips, brand examples, and the best TikTok marketing tools.

TikTok marketing guide for business growth

What is TikTok marketing
Why use TikTok for marketing
How to create a TikTok business account
5 TikTok marketing strategies
3 TikTok marketing brand examples to use
3 TikTok marketing tools

What is TikTok marketing

TikTok marketing is a marketing practice that allows businesses to engage with a diverse and expansive audience through the creation and distribution of short-form video content.

Marketing on TikTok enables brands to boost their visibility and authentically connect with consumers while leveraging the virality characteristic of TikTok's algorithm.

The emphasis on creativity and user engagement allows companies to showcase their products, services, and brand personality in a manner that is both original and relatable.

TikTok for marketing - business profile

Using TikTok for marketing is pretty much like throwing a party where your brand is the host, and you're inviting TikTok's billions of users to come and hang out.

But instead of cocktails and canapés, you're serving up bite-sized, super engaging videos that could be anything from a behind-the-scenes look at your product, a hilarious skit, or even a trendy dance challenge that subtly features your brand.

Why use TikTok for marketing

Why dive into TikTok for marketing, you ask?

Well, picture this: TikTok isn't just a platform; it's a bustling marketplace of ideas, trends, and engagement. It’s where creativity meets strategy, and where your brand can truly get in on the action.

For starters, TikTok's sheer volume of active users and the time they spend on the platform is a goldmine for any business. It’s like having an always-on focus group, constantly signaling what they like, share, and engage with. This isn't just about eyeballs on your content; it's about forging genuine connections through relatable, creative video posts that speak their language.

Why use TikTok for marketing

So here are 5 particular reasons to use TikTok for marketing:

#1. Accessibility and reach on TikTok

From a business standpoint, TikTok offers a level of accessibility and reach that's hard to match. You don't need a blockbuster budget to make waves; you need content that resonates.

Whether it's a sneak peek behind the curtain, a challenge that showcases your product in action, or just something that gets people talking, it's the relevance and relatability that count.

#2. The democratic nature of TikTok's algorithm

TikTok's algorithm loves to give everyone a fair shot at going viral. It doesn't matter if you're a startup or a seasoned player.

If your content clicks, you're in the game. This democratized visibility is a game-changer, offering a unique chance to level up your brand's digital presence and connect with audiences in a way that's both meaningful and measurable.

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#3. The blend of creativity and strategy in TikTok marketing

Merging the conversational with the business, TikTok digital marketing is about blending authenticity with analytics data, and creativity with strategy.

It’s where you can let your brand's personality shine and tap into a community eager to explore new content. In the world of TikTok, it’s all about creating moments that matter, driving engagement, and, ultimately, building a brand presence that resonates well, beyond the app.

#4. TikTok's unique appeal to B2B marketers

For B2B marketers, TikTok offers a unique channel to humanize their brand, demonstrate thought leadership, and even drive lead generation through content that educates, entertains, and engages a professional audience.

If your brand is just starting out its TikTok business strategy, know that the platform’s user interface is optimized for discovery and prioritizes good content over all else. Also, TikTok is the short-form video platform with the highest engagement rate.

TikTok vs reels vs shorts engagement rates study

#5. Leveraging TikTok for B2B marketing success

Incorporating TikTok into a B2B marketing strategy involves leveraging trending hashtags, participating in challenges, and producing content that aligns with the interests and needs of industry-specific audiences.

A successful TikTok marketing strategy is defined by creativity, understanding the platform's culture, and consistently delivering value in a format that encourages sharing and interaction.

Are you ready to use TikTok as a marketing tool? Let’s get you started!

How to create a TikTok business account

Creating a TikTok business account is a straightforward process that opens the door to a vast audience. Here's how to get started in just a few steps:

1. Download and install the TikTok app: Go to your mobile device's app store, search for TikTok, and download and install it.

2. Sign up for an account: Open the TikTok app and sign up for a new account. You can use an email, or phone number, or sign in with a third-party platform like Google or Facebook.

3. Switch to a business account: Once your account is set up, go to your profile page and tap the three lines in the top right corner to access the settings and privacy menu. Here, you’ll find an option to manage your account. Tap it, and then choose "Switch to Business Account."

How to switch to TikTok Business account

4. Choose your business category: TikTok will prompt you to select a category that best represents your business. This helps TikTok show your content to relevant users.

5. Set up your Profile: Add a business profile photo, write a captivating bio, and include a link to your website or online store if you have one. This is your chance to make a good first impression, so be clear and engaging.

6. Start Creating Content: Now that your business account is set up, it’s time to start creating and posting content. Think about what makes your brand unique and how you can convey that through original and creative videos.

7. Engage With Your Audience: TikTok isn’t just about posting videos. It's also about engaging with your audience. Respond to comments, participate in trends and challenges, and be active on the platform.

8. Analyze and Adjust: Use TikTok's built-in analytics (available for business accounts) to track the performance of your posts. Look at what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Remember, success on TikTok comes from authenticity, creativity, and engagement. Keep experimenting with different types of content to see what resonates best with your audience.

SemRush TikTok post

5 TikTok marketing strategies

The cool part about TikTok marketing is that you don't need to be a big-shot company or have a massive budget to get noticed. If your content clicks with people, it can go viral overnight. It's all about hitting that sweet spot of creativity, relatability, and fun.

Plus, TikTok's algorithm does a great job of getting your videos in front of the right eyes. It doesn't care if you're a startup from a small town or a global brand; if your content resonates with users, it'll push it to the top.

TikTok for marketing success stories

So if you are wondering how to be successful on TikTok, here are 5 marketing strategies:

#1. Leverage TikTok analytics

Get down with the numbers. TikTok’s built-in analytics tool is good enough to understand how your content is performing. Check out your Tiktok metrics such as video views, follower growth, shares, and engagement rates to see which types of content are making waves. Additionally, you can use a dedicated benchmark and analytics tool to see the engagement evolution.

Socialinsider engagement evolution of Capcut on TikTok

Take for example this Socialinsider analysis of Capcut’s engagement evolution over the last 6 months.

The app creates an overview of likes, comments, shares, saves, and best engagement times, helping the social media team build informed TikTok strategies.

It’s like having a map in a treasure hunt: follow where the numbers lead!

TikTok thrives on trends, from dance challenges to meme formats. Catching a trend early and putting your unique spin on it can catapult your content to viral status. It's like riding a wave; you just need to know how to stand out while doing it.

Here’s another TikTok strategy example of how Capcut is not only jumping on trends but creating trends with its templates. Clever, innit?

Capcut creating trends with templates
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#3. Timing is key for going viral

Wanna know how long it takes to hit viral status? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but the key is consistency. Some videos go viral overnight, while others might simmer for a bit.

Based on Socialinsider's data, we found that the average number of days to hit virality on TikTok is 14.

How long does it take to go viral on TikTok

But don’t take my word for it. Keep an eye on trends and post when your audience is most active. Remember, it's all about being at the right place at the right time.

#4. Engage with your community

One of the most underrated TikTok marketing strategies out there - is to just be present.

TikTok isn't just about posting videos; it's about building relationships. Respond to comments, collaborate with other creators, interact, share, and participate in challenges. Like on many other social media platforms, engagement boosts your visibility and helps create a loyal follower base.

Example of Monzo TikTok account engaging with the community

#5. Use hashtags wisely

TikTok hashtags are the signposts that help users discover your content.

Use a mix of trending, niche, and branded hashtags to increase your reach. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs across the app for users to find their way to your content.

Now that I’ve shown you all the steps you need to take to start off your next TikTok marketing campaign, let’s check out some examples of TikTok digital marketing.

Remember, it's about blending creativity, strategic thinking, and a touch of fun. Keep your content authentic and engaging, and watch as your TikTok presence grows.

3 TikTok marketing brand examples to use:

#1. Empire State Building - TikTok marketing brand example

The Empire State Building TikTok account

Who knew a building could have so many engaging followers on TikTok? 1.2 million followers.


Well, first of all, it’s a talking head building, and second, because the Empire State Building TikTok marketing strategy consists of influencer marketing, employee branding, trend-following, and viral audio content. Yep, they play with all types of content, and it works!

In fact, it is living proof that content trumps length. Check out the analytics I uncovered using Sociainsider’s TikTok analytics tool behind this 9-second viral video.

The Empire State Building viral Connie baby post analyzed with Sociainsider

#2. Washington Post - TikTok marketing brand example

The Washington Post TikTok account

The famous news outlet Washington Post not only trumps news channels but also kills it with their TikTok advertising strategy. From political and environmental skits to news acted out as parodies and brand shoutouts, The Washington Post is one of the best TikTok brand strategy example.

In fact, their Wendy’s sketch is their best-performing post in the last 6 months.

The Washington Post TikTok account analyzed with Sociainsider

#3. Walmart - TikTok marketing brand example

Walmart TikTok account

The multinational retail company, Walmart’s TikTok strategy is pretty straightforward - user-generated content and creator-generated content meets product presentation.

With an average video length of 1m7s, Walmart’s top 3 posts sum up a whopping 8 million views, in the last 6 months.

Walmart TikTok account analyzed with Sociainsider

Although TikTok’s built-in analytics are good enough to measure any basic TikTok growth strategy, you still need the help of some professional tools if you want to bring your TikTok content strategy to the pro level.

3 TikTok marketing tools to grow your social media presence

So you already have an idea of how to use TikTok for marketing, now you need to make sure you are creating valuable, quality content, that your audience not only resonates with but finds entertaining.

So here are 3 must-use TikTok marketing tools I recommend:

#1. Socialinsider - the best TikTok analytics tool to improve your content strategy

Analytics, benchmarks, campaign overviews, competitor analysis, and more. Socialinsider is an essential tool to enhance your TikTok growth strategy.

No more guess-posting or laborious competitive analysis. Using Socialinsider makes analyzing your growth, video performance, and profile-level data scouting so much easier.

You just add your brand’s or competitor’s social media handles, and gain access to historical posts and analytics for TikTok to spot trends in views and engagement.

I promise it’s simple. You can give it a try.

Socialinsder TikTok marketing analysis features

#2. Adobe Premiere Pro - great tool for quality content

If you want to convert, you need quality content!

Remember, we live in the era of short attention spans, where you need to grab the viewer’s attention in the first 3 seconds. So poor visual content will not only not please your viewers, but most probably the algorithm will push it to the bottom of the for you page, also. This is why, Adobe Premier is the perfect tool to have granular control over your video and audio content.

As of 2024, Adobe Premiere Pro offers new templates, and sequence presets that let you quickly set up projects for publishing to TikTok or other popular social media and video-sharing sites.

Capcut is the next-best thing when it comes to video editing for TikTok. It is a powerful app that can be used regardless of your TikTok social media strategies.

The best part about it, besides its affordability compared to Premiere Pro, is its accessibility. CapCut comes in both desktop and mobile versions, transforming your TikTok marketing plans into spontaneous ventures.

Capcut desktop as an app

Final thoughts

In the last years, TikTok has emerged not just as a platform for entertainment, but as a powerful marketing tool that brands cannot afford to ignore.

Its unique algorithm favors engaging content over follower count and has leveled the playing field for creators and brands alike, offering unprecedented opportunities to reach global audiences.

In a nutshell, TikTok marketing is your chance to let your brand's personality shine, connect with users in a genuine way, and become part of the daily digital diet of millions. And the best part? It feels less like traditional advertising and more like joining in on a global conversation.

Alexandra Papp

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