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25 TikTok Ideas For Your Business Account

Explore 25 creative TikTok content ideas for businesses to boost your brand's presence, engage diverse audiences, and possibly go viral.

Kseniia Volodina
Kseniia Volodina
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TikTok is blooming.

TikTok is a powerful platform where brands can go viral overnight and boost their online presence across major demographic groups.

And even though virality is not the sole sign of absolute success, it is indeed nice to wake up to your brand awareness metrics banging pans and pots.

Gymshark, Stanley, Duolingo, Elfโ€”all those brands rode the TikTok wave straight to the hearts of their customers.

But the short viral video format poses the question: what are the things to post on TikTok for brands?

Buckle up: I've prepared 25 TikTok content ideas to help your brand shine, connect with diverse audiences, and optimize your Tiktok marketing strategy.

Let's get the camera rolling!

25 TikTok content ideas for brands

Why brands should post on TikTok
Product TikTok video ideas for brands
Team TikTok video ideas for brands
Funny ideas to go viral on TikTok for brands and creators
Educational TikTok video ideas for brands and creators

FAQs about TikTok ideas

Why brands should post on TikTok

Simple โ€” because TikTok is huge, effective, and wildly active.

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, TikTok is the fifth biggest social media on the market, especially for Gen Z and Millenials.

Check out TikTok statistics
Check out TikTok statistics

But it's not only huge.

It's engaging.

TikTok users are very active, spending almost 24 hours on the app each month โ€” itโ€™s a whole day of TikToking!

Combined with a non-precedential 2.65% engagement rate, TikTok is a vital platform for brands aiming for rapid exposure and viral potential. Going viral surely became easier.

How long it takes to go viral on TikTok
How long it takes to go viral on TikTok

Moreover, TikTok has become a crucial discovery point for new products. According to GWI's report, around 57% of users name social media as their core brand and product discovery source. How many do TikTok users buy?

Over 71% of TikTok shop users bought something simply because they saw it in their feed.

Wow. Justโ€ฆ wow.

This trend is supported by TikTok's design and algorithm, which favor entertaining, engaging content that can quickly gain widespread traction.

To sum up a whole bunch of numbers and stats, TikTok is massive and highly engaging. It helps brands put themselves on the map within days and reach out to a willing-to-convert target audience.

Brands are done sleeping on the platform, so the only logical question is โ€” what to post on TikTok TODAY?

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Product TikTok video ideas for brands

TikTok is among the social media platforms that bloom with marketing. However, you have to know how to wrap your product offers to make them look native and genuine.

Here are some TikTok ideas for brands who want to say "Our product gets you and helps you" rather than "BUY BUY BUY."

#1. Behind-the-scenes peeks

Behind-the-scenes is probably the most popular TikTok idea for brands, and it works. Regardless of the industry, it's fascinating to see the product creation process.

Show the raw materials, craftsmanship, and people behind your product or service. Transparency fosters trust and showcases the quality and effort that go into your offerings.

behind the scenes tiktok idea
Check out this behind the scenes Tiktok idea

Pro tip: Whether it's just narrating over the footage or presenting a full-scale case study, make it personal. Explain why you decided to do A instead of B, what challenges you faced, and maybe even show how things went south.

#2. Packaging (or un-packaging) orders

Videos of packaging orders have their own niche on TikTok. Showcase the care and personal touch that goes into packaging orders, perhaps highlighting special notes or packaging for repeat customers.

Those videos not only humanize your brand but also make great recreational content, which means they can reach people outside your customer pool.

Packaging (or un-packaging) orders idea to post on tiktok
Packaging (or un-packaging) orders idea to post on TikTok

Pro tip: This approach is particularly effective for small brands that pack orders by hand. Record the process and overlay it with a narrativeโ€”anything from a curious customer story to the evolution of your brand's identity.

#3. User-generated content

Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) is a powerful TikTok tip for brands. It's the ultimate social proof that gives authentic insights into how real customers use and enjoy your products.

Encourage your followers to create and share their own videos using your products, whether through reviews, unboxing, or creative showcases. This enhances credibility and amplifies reach, as followers share content within their own networks.

Socialinsider's reports and studies are a great tool for UGC
Socialinsider's reports and studies are a great tool for UGC

Pro tip: Hashtags are your mighty helpers here. Offer your customers a hashtag to accompany their UGC. It'll help you track the content and create a community-like feeling.

#4. Product comparison

Transparency wins on social media, and what's more transparent than a direct product comparison?

Take your product and place it side by side with the hyped items.

Highlight differences in quality, price, and features in a fun, engaging way. Remember โ€” it's not about putting others down but about showcasing what makes your product stand out.

product comparison idea
Here's how Xtiles compares against Notion on TikTok

Pro tip: This might be a little tricky for a brand to do alone. If you're not sure whether a direct comparison would fit your tone of voice, opt for a UGC piece.

#5. Creative use cases for products

What if your product can be used in multiple ways, and no one knows about it?

Take Notion, for example. Typically known as a productivity tool for notes and tasks, Notion likes to highlight multiple ways you can use it โ€” ย from a CRM to manage customer interactions and sales pipelines to an intranet portal for internal communications and resource sharing.

Here's how Notion likes to highlight multiple ways you can use it
Here's how Notion likes to highlight multiple ways you can use it

Pro tip: Invest in your future UGC โ€” encourage followers to share their unique uses.

#6. Testimonials and reviews

Social proof is everything.

Hearing directly from satisfied customers can significantly influence your followers and give them a particular boost of certainty โ€” your product is no miss.

Ask your customers for a review
Ask your customers for a review

Pro tip: Don't hesitate to ask your customers for a review. Adding visual proof or before/after results can make testimonials even more convincing.

#7. Product launches

Announce your latest product with a bang!

Use creative visuals, trending music, and concise but powerful messaging to showcase the features and benefits of the new product.

Build some anticipation beforehand by teasing the audience. Maybe even add a countdown โ€” you want that buzz buzzing!

Here's how Benefit Cosmetics launches their products using TikTok
Here's how Benefit Cosmetics launches their products using TikTok

Pro tip: Opt for a personal introduction of the product rather than a general advertising video. Include real people like your colleagues, customers, or CEO so followers would feel the personal touch.

#8. Flash sales and exclusive offers

TikTok users don't really like being sold things directly. However, you can still leverage the network for announcing sales or unique offers, as long as you make it sound native.

Hooks like "Run, don't walk to get XYZ" can help you create urgency and encourage your followers to feel the frenzy.

Flash sales ideas for TikTok

Pro tip: Monitor your TikTok metrics to ensure you're moving in the right direction and don't alienate your audience with too much sales content.

#9. Celebration of milestones

Milestones are always good TikTok video ideas. Celebrate your brand's victories in a way that thanks and involves your followers, perhaps through giveaways or special messages.

Sharing your success makes your community feel like they're part of the journey.

Milestones are always good TikTok video ideas

Team TikTok video ideas for brands

The best TikTok video ideas for brands often feature a team โ€” because it's the team that makes the brand human.

Here are some video ideas to try with your teammates:

#10. Day-in-the-life

Follow a team member through their day, highlighting the different aspects of their job and how they contribute to the brand's success. This can give followers an insider view and build a personal connection.

Another great TikTok idea is a takeover, which occurs when one team member takes control of the TikTok account for a day.

Follow a team member through their day and post content on TikTok
Follow a team member through their day and post content on TikTok

Pro tip: Don't be scared of humor. Play the authenticity and the human touch card for more engagement.

#11. Office tour

An office tour is a great idea for a video without showing your face. Give your followers a tour around your building! Use humor or interesting facts about your workspace to engage viewers.

You could even narrate some pieces โ€” you know, "Office" style.

If you don't have a physical office, give your followers a glimpse into your Zoom meeting or your teammates' remote workplaces.

Here's how Harvard is using TikTok to promote their campus
Here's how Harvard is using TikTok to promote their campus

Pro tip: Combine authenticity and a personal touch for better engagement.

#12. Meet the team

Introduce your team members through either candid interviews or humorous skits. Showing the faces behind the brand can build a stronger feeling of community among your followers.

Just remember to keep it concise.

Use this TikTok idea to introduce your team members
Use this TikTok idea to introduce your team members

Pro tip: Mix your team introduction with a trending sound or a template โ€” for instance, the "Choose your character" or "No roots" templates.

#13. Team's takes on industry

Share your team's expert opinions on industry trends, favorite tools, personal icks, or pet peeves.

This showcases your team's expertise and humanizes your brand by sharing personal preferences and opinions.

Here's how Kubbco uses this TikTok idea
Here's how Kubbco (social media agency) uses this TikTok idea

Pro tip: You can make it look like a professional interview or a casual survey โ€” whatever best suits your tone of voice.

#14. Brand storytelling

Delve into your brand's origins and what you stand for.

Explain your mission โ€” why you chose to do what you do and your brand's personality. A compelling narrative can forge a deep connection with your audience.

Here's a TikTok post from Nike

Pro tip: This works exceptionally well for small brands and startups that aim to build brand awareness and trust. Enterprises might find it hard to appear genuine and authentic.

#15. Inspirational stories

We all go through some turbulence. Share the challenges your brand and employees have overcome.

Highlighting the resilience and true, unpolished side of running a business or being a creator can inspire your followers and give you a little extra credit in trust.

Here's how TikTok's CEO shares special messages about the challenges they face
Here's how TikTok's CEO shares special messages about the challenges they face

Pro tip: Don't be too poetic. Real, personal stories add depth and relatability.

Funny ideas to go viral on TikTok for brands and creators

Viral ideas are rarely product-specific โ€” they're aimed at a mass audience and mostly serve your reach rather than conversions. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't act on them!

You can always find new ideas for TikTok videos based on the platform's trending content. Jump on the bandwagon of trending video templates, dances, or sounds, and get your slice of the hype.

If you're not a fan of showing your face in the frame or your colleagues are not into starring on TikTok, meme templates for CapCut can give you multiple ideas for videos with no face in the frame. They're easy to use and work for practically any business or creator.

Use trending video templates from CapCut
Use trending video templates from CapCut

Pro tip: Add sounds and text natively in the TikTok app. This will increase your visibility on the platform and contribute to your content's SEO score.

#17. Relatable sketches

Think of your audience's pet peeves and turn them into content ideas for TikTok. Humor, popular stereotypes, misconceptions, and inside jokes can elevate your TikTok account.

Act on things that make your followers scream 'RELATABLE' when watching your video content.

Here's what Semrush is posting on TikTok
Here's what Semrush is posting on TikTok

Pro tip: Semrush is among the brands that do this kind of TikTok content very well. I like to browse their page for fun TikTok ideas and relatable marketing memes.

#18. Seasonal content

Evergreen TikTok content ideas come from major holidays and events. And when I say "seasonal," I don't only mean Christmas, the 4th of July, and Halloween.

Leverage all sorts of relevant cultural events that often generate a lot of buzz, like the Oscar, Met Gala, Super Bowl, Coachella, or Barbie movie premiere. The event itself might not be your cup of tea, but memes from it just might.

Here's how Morning Brew publishes event-based content
Here's how Morning Brew publishes event-based content

Pro tip: If you lack creative ideas for seasonal content, use Socialinsider's competitor analysis tool to see what your competitors are doing.

#19. Expectations vs. reality

Too real? Too bad! Followers want to see relatable content โ€” this is how they know your brand gets them. Expectations vs. reality can be an excellent option for that.

Make it about your product, industry, or even marketing your product in the industry! A little self-irony might be the secret sauce.

Expectations vs. reality posts from Duke University
Expectations vs. reality posts from Duke University

Pro tip: Ensure the "reality" part is exaggeratedly humorous but not discouraging to keep the content light and engaging.

Educational TikTok video ideas for brands and creators

Valuable content generates the most saves and shares. Help your customers realize that you are here to ease their pains, explain the unexplainable, and guide them through โ€” not just sell them stuff.

Educational ideas to post on TikTok, here we go.

Followers are looking for valuable content. Since you know your stuff inside out, why not share your knowledge with the group?

Highlight your industry's latest trends and insights, helping your audience stay informed.

Positioning your brand as a source of knowledge can build authority and provide a solid trust foundation, especially if you offer services.

Use trends & insights ideas to post on TikTok
Use trends & insights ideas to post on TikTok

Pro tip: Use the 'talking head' format with some data in the background, and make sure to add subtitles for accessibility and SEO.

#21. De-influencing

In the same way people online influence others to buy things or try services, you can de-influence them on some points.

As a brand, you can also jump on the de-influencing train. A good hook for a brand account can be "The only thing you really need is Y" or "Busting X with Y"โ€”just add your product or service instead of Y and prepare some grounding supporting your claim.

Pro tip: In general, de-influencing is about buying and consuming less. As a brand trying to push its products, stay cautious when writing your script.

#22. Tutorial and How-to videos

Detailed tutorials are very handy for both simple and complex products. Show your followers how to use your product effectively or give them guidelines to follow.

For instance, if you're a skincare brand, show how to build a skincare routine featuring your products. Or, if you're a social media marketing tool, unveil a cool hack or a hotkey to generate social reports faster.

Video tutorial post from MIT on TikTok
Video tutorial post from MIT on TikTok

#23. Q&A sessions

Social media is all about dialogue. Be approachable and give your followers a platform to voice their questions and concerns.

Run a live Q&A session using TikTok's streaming. If you don't feel like going live, announce a Q&A in a TikTok video and ask your followers to leave their questions in the comment section.

You can then answer questions from the comment section through video reply. Great FAQ series for your future customers!

Q&A session as a TikTok post from Pretty Little Marketer
Q&A session as a TikTok post from Pretty Little Marketer

Pro tip: Your comment section is an excellent source of video ideas for TikTok. Say, if your followers keep asking about a specific product feature, consider making a separate video with a detailed breakdown.

#24. Tips and tricks

Offer action tips related to your product, service, or industry. You work with your product or service every day, so you definitely have some insider knowledge.

From optimizing product performance to innovative industry practices, your insights can be useful and valuable to your audience, setting your brand apart as a go-to resource.

(After all, how many times have we all said, "I read this thing," meaning we saw a TikTok on the matterโ€ฆ)

Tips & tricks ideas for TikTok business profiles
Tips & tricks ideas for TikTok business profiles

#25. Tools for success

Gatekeeping is out, transparency is in. You don't have to share all your inner kitchen with your followers, but letting them in on a cool tool you're using daily might help you play the honesty card.

For instance, if you're using Socialinsider's competitor analysis tool for searching TikTok post ideas, don't hesitate to share it with your flock ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pro tip: If a tool or service you're using has an account on TikTok, mention them. UGC and testimonials tend to come around.

FAQs about TikTok ideas

How to come up with TikTok ideas?

Finding ideas for video content can be daunting. Most TikTok account ideas come from trends, so monitor the "For You" tab closely to spot emerging trends and capitalize on them before they explode.

But trends are not the only content you should work on โ€” trends are a wrapper for your core content rather than its essence. Align your marketing goals with TikTok's audience and format to see how your content pillars correlate with what TikTok offers.

You can also use Socialinsider to extract the best-performing content pillars from your competitors and use them as inspiration for things to post on TikTok.

Add the profiles of your competitors to the tool, tag their posts according to content pillars, keywords, or hashtags, and analyze the engagement of each content pillar to see what drives the most engagement.

Use our detailed guide on analyzing engagement by content pillar.

What are good TikTok ideas?

Good things to post in TikTok are fun, authentic, and engaging without being too salesy. Popular options include behind-the-scenes clips, challenges, and how-to guides.

People see TikTok as an entertaining platform that happens to offer some cool stuff from brands occasionally. Always aim to entertain or add value, keeping your content true to your brand's personality to build genuine connections with your audience.

To sum it up, here you can find 25 TikTok ideas that you can use for your business:
1. Behind-the-scenes peeks
2. Packaging (or un-packaging) orders
3. User-Generated Content
4. Product comparison
5. Creative use cases for products
6. Testimonials and reviews
7. Product launches
8. Flash sales and exclusive offers
9. Celebration of milestones
10. Day-in-the-life
11. Office tour
12. Meet the team
13. Team's takes on industry
14. Brand storytelling
15. Inspirational stories
16. Trending meme
17. Relatable sketches
18. Seasonal content
19. Expectations vs. Reality
20. Trends and insights
21. De-influencing
22. Tutorial and How-to videos
23. Q&A sessions
24. Tips and tricks
25. Tools for success
Kseniia Volodina

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