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TikTok Trends That Improve Your Strategy In 2024

Laura Dascau
Laura Dascau
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A lot of people say that money makes the world go round. For me, it’s information. Huge hoards of gigabytes transport data from one point to every point. And I find that fascinating.

In the TikTokverse, trends change with the same pace users swipe through videos. Keeping up with all the viral videos can be challenging and overwhelming.

TikTok trends make the online world go round. You are likely to find out about a funny meme, a new study, or your daily horoscope before the rest of the people around you.

This article’s focus is listing some of the most popular macro TikTok trends and how to create trending videos.

Buckle up! We’re going on an adventure.

TikTok trends for 2024

  1. Why you need to follow TikTok trends

  2. How to find TikTok videos that are trending

  3. How to create trending TikTok videos - A step-by-step guide

  4. What's trending on TikTok in the first months of this year

    4.1. TikTok trends in February 2024
    4.2. TikTok trends in January 2024
    4.3. TikTok trends in December 2023
    4.4. TikTok trends in November 2023
    4.5. TikTok trends in October 2023

  5. How to find trending TikToks with Socialinsider

1. Why you need to follow TikTok trends

TikTok trends are videos that have become popular which are widely replicated by users and shared.

By following current TikTok trends, you manage to increase the virality of your brand.

A TikTok video can become a trend due to its songs, hashtags, or the actual content, like dances or challenges.

The reason why you need to follow TikTok trends is that you have greater chances to increase brand awareness and build a community around your brand.

If you’re wondering why TikTok is one of the most successful social media platforms, you should know that this happens due to its algorithm.

This fuels the platform with new updates all the time that come in favour of all creators, supporting users’ interests.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to follow TikTok trends:

  • Generate buzz around your brand
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Emphasize your uniqueness by following a trend
  • Maintain relevance for your content
  • Develop a community around your brand

2. How to find TikTok videos that are trending

Staying up to date is crucial for a brand that is present on TikTok. That is why you should find all the ways to be up to date when it comes to trending videos on TikTok.

Here is where you can find TikTok trends:

Use the “For You” section - TikTok will recommend other videos for you based on your searches and viewing history. This way, you will discover viral trends on TikTok.

Use the “Discover” feature - Here is the place to find the most inspiring TikTok videos. You can explore a whole bunch of different categories and also search by hashtag.

Follow influencers and popular creators - Most of the time, they are the users who start a new trend. You will also get fresh content ideas from them.

Interact with your community - When you accept your community challenges and engage with them in the comment section, you manage to find new ways to create trending videos.

3. How to create trending tiktok videos - A step-by-step guide

By learning how to create trending TikToks you manage to let more people find out about your brand.

You will definitely reach a larger audience and increase engagement. However, it’s not all about metrics.

Your TikTok videos should be telling stories with which followers can easily relate. Those stories need to be in line with your brand’s values.

This is how you build brand loyalty and capture Gen Z’s attention. If you follow these tips and tricks, your TikTok stats will skyrocket.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create trending TikTok videos:

  • Follow famous TikTok accounts to get inspired

Inspiration is everywhere as long as you keep your eyes wide open. The gist here is to follow the right people on TikTok to quickly find out about the latest trends.

  • Find the right influencers for your brand

You can ask influencers with a high follower count to collaborate with you. This is how you’ll increase your community and reach.

Find the influencers who are interested in your niche and industry and resonate with your brand’s viewpoint.

Otherwise, your content may not reach the right audience that could also convert into customers.

  • Publish unique content

I know this is about following TikTok trends, but you do not have to copy-paste ideas. Your brand should have its own identity on TikTok.

Make sure your content proves your brand’s uniqueness through your products, services and the way you market them.

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags help you separate all TikTok videos into clusters, making them easier to find by users.

However, it’s not enough to add as many hashtags as possible to your post if they do not match your topic or industry.

Pay attention to the hashtags used with those specific trends you’re following.

  • Maintain consistency

To be able to keep up with the trends, you have to always be looking for new ones. Searching and searching restlessly will help you continue to attract followers and increase reach, views and brand awareness.

  • Follow trends

This can take a lot of time as you need to be scrolling through TikTok and find out what’s new.

However, it is useful since you’ll discover the hottest trends that you can later apply to your brand.

4. What's trending on TikTok in the first months of the year

TikTok trends in February 2024

Card declines at Therapy

I must say that I didn't figured out from the start what is the meaning of this trend. After some digging, I have your answer:  "card declines at therapy" implies that if you can't pay, the therapist would bring the person or thing that caused your trauma instead of helping you resolve it.

The outcome is that this trend allows users to express their deeper or darker thoughts and a lot of people are engaged in this form of community.

TikTok trend card declines at therapy

It wasn't my best friend that night

This funny sound is used in a carousel post, first photo meant to be "normal", and the second one being like the "devil". Users were very creative regarding this trend and use it for animals, friends, stuffed animals, everything that can lead to comic interpretations.

The original sound was used in 112K videos.

TikTok trend that wasn't my best friend

"You should know this too" Pedro Pascal sound

A sound with the voice of Pedro Pascal is now trending on TikTok in the most funny circumstances.

There are numerous ways users are remake this sound, but one stands out, especially now that Gen Z are adults. They can finally "spill the tea" with their parents or even reverse roles, without being awkward.

TikTok trend Pedro Pascal sound

Silent review

There's a new trend where people share reviews without using words or music. Instead, they rely on facial expressions and gestures to convey their opinions. It's like ASMR, but viewers have to interpret the reviewer's feelings.

This trend has recently shown up in many TikTok ads; advertisers must have understood the assignment and the virality of this trend fast enough.

TikTok trend silent review

Sad hamster meme

This meme trend is pure chaos and hilarity, fitting into every situation effortlessly. The "sad hamster" has become a go-to for users and brands, perfectly capturing relatable moments in people's life. And it's soooo cute.

The original sound, also named "sad hamster meme" has used in more than 26.4K videos. Once again, TikTok proves its ability to unite people through humor.

TikTok Trend sad hamster meme

Bad word challenge

The drill is: parents are giving their kids a few minutes alone to freely say any bad words they want, without judgment.

This challenge serves as both a fun exercise for kids to release pent-up feelings and unspoken words, and a wake-up call for parents to realise the extent of negative language their children are exposed to daily.

TikTok trend bad word challenge

TikTok trends in January 2024

Mirror challenge

A new challenge aims to surprise the guys. For this trend, people have to turn back, stare at their friends and then watch their reactions. The hashtag #mirrorchallenge has 2.6B views.

I have to admit, it's amusing to see their confused or even scared faces, but in the end, it turns into a burst of laughter.

Tiktok trend mirror challenge

The lambada

This adorable trend is used by pet owners in the most creative ways. And they definitely steal the spotlight.

The original audio has already been used more than 163 K and still counting. It’s safe to say that trends with our beloved animals are an absolute must!

Tiktok trend with the lambada sound

Don’t provoke me to anger meme

So funny and relatable in every situation, this meme trend was heavily used this month.

Users hopped on the trend by sharing what triggers their anger, turning moments of frustration into hilarious videos. Honestly, every TikTok user had this audio in their mind lately.

Tiktok trend don't provoke me meme

Anyone but you

Love is in the air as rom-coms make a comeback, and the girlies absolutely enjoy it.

This trend is simple: take your friends, watch “Anyone but You”, and post-movie, spill your thoughts — or better yet, the madly in love dance moves.

TikTok trend anyone but you

Fireball dance challenge

One thing exciting about TikTok is that a dance challenge is always on trend. This dance with Pitbull's trending song “Fireball” took over FYP.

This is a great idea to engage everyone: your family, friends, or co-workers, to have fun and go viral.

Tiktok trend fireball dance challenge

Back to the 30s

The AI filter is coming back on trend and in time. People used this filter to see how they would look back in the 1930s.

It's used by 36.2 M users and everyone seems to love the vibe with a glitch of elegance and mystery.

TikTok trend Ai filter 30'

Family picture

This TikTok trend went viral and is the cutest one of this month. Families around the world, no matter how big or small, gather around for this family picture.

Isn't just about making a trending video, but about capturing moments with loved ones and keeping them forever.

TikTok trend family picture

TikTok trends in December 2023

The art of noticing

This trend on TikTok hits close to home since the art of noticing is only for those who really try to see the beauty in everything.

People used this trend in videos in which they underlined the importance of little moments and how all these little moments make up for everything.

TikTok trends The art of noticing

"Watch me growing old" filter

This popular filter on TikTok is going viral. You can use it to see how you're going to age as years pass by. I know for sure that some may be really curious about it.

Some TikTok users use this filter to see if they will resemble their parents or grandparents when they will be older. And I think the videos are really emotional.

TikTok trends old filter

January me

This new TikTok trend is meant to show the repercussions of your own deeds during 2023.

The popular video shows how your future self reacts when it sees what you've been doing this whole year. And they are definitely shocked.

TikTok trends January

Expand your photo AI filter

This new AI filter is insane and it got people thinking about the power of AI again. TikTok users managed to make some real videos with it. But, we have to admit, that's also a bit creepy.

The hashtag #expandyourphoto has been used in over 2.6B TikTok videos.

TikTok trends Ai filter

Things I failed this year

This trend is mainly used on TikTok by users who make up videos using a bunch of photos.

The trend is meant to show how people are coping with the things they did not manage to do in 2023 or they failed at. Failure is also part of the growing process.

TikTok trends Things i failed this year

90's yearbook

Maybe this AI filter also looks creepy, but the pictures look really creative. TikTokers have been using the "90's yearbook" AI filter to test how they would have looked like if they'd lived back then.

Seeing all those movies with teenage drama in high schools from the 90s is really tempting, I have to reckon.

Tiktok trends 90' yearbook

Underneath the tree dance challenge

This Christmassy song surely makes you dance. That's what TikTokers also thought about. This is how this Christmas dance challenge appeared.

The hashtag #underneaththetree has been used in more than 71M TikTok videos.

TikTok trends dance

TikTok trends in November 2023

99 problems, 1 solution

This trending audio is making you see the glass as half-full. The audio has been used in 912.3K TikToks so far.

People use it with the trend "99 problems, 1 solution", trying to show the good in the bad. There is one cute video that caught my eye, with a golden retriever and it's sooo heart-melting.

TikTok trends carousel one solution

Ha ha ha...yes

This audio on TikTok is so darn cute. Most users jumped on this trend to use it in a video that shows the expectations someone had about you.

The trending audio has already been used more than 23.4K and still counting. The truth is that this cute little girl is hilarious.

Tiktok trends meme

Invisible string theory

This trending audio might be a little scary, but hey, TikTok is not all about being funny. The audio has been used in more than 53.3K TikToks.

The main idea behind the trend is an invisible string theory, like photos and memories about old relatives who passed while finding a unique and strange connection to them.

TikTok trends invisible string theory

Name a woman challenge

This is not an audio trend, but a challenge that has been taking over TikTok lately. The "name a woman challenge" is actually made by women to test their boyfriends or husbands.

The result is not always the wanted one and sometimes this challenge led to breakups. Or so it's been told. Some think this is a great relationship test. Maybe you should try it.

Tiktok trends name a women challenge

2023 season end

This trending audio is used for all those who are making wrapping up videos about their 2023. The audio has already been used by more than 155K TikTokers.

Moreover, this audio is also popular on Instagram Reels. This is your sign that you have to try it in your TikTok videos if you want them to get viral.

TikTok trends 2023 recap

Talking cats meme

If these two were my cats, I'd be freaking out. The trending meme with these two cats that seem to talk to each other is crazy.

TikTok users have been used the meme to showcase their relationship with their parteners or with their friends. The results are pretty funny.

TikTok trends cats meme

Tape your phone bird-eye trend

The "tape your phone" to the ceiling trend has taken over TikTok and it's insane. Even doctors had used this trend in their O.R.. The audio has been used by TikTokers in more than 505.6K videos. That's wow.

Basically, to follow this trend, all you have to do is tape your phone to the ceiling, press record and start doing a silly dance with your friends.

TikTok trends dance

Crazy dance Benjamins Deli

Benjamins Deli's audio has been used in 1.1M TikTok videos. I guess that's a huge success.

When the rythm of the song goes crazy, the dance is supposed to go even wilder. And TikTokers really know their dances.

TikTok trends dance

TikTok trends in October 2023

My boyfriend has 2 girlfriends

This new TikTok trend has taken over TikTok. The main idea here is to show the two faces of every woman, the crazy, child-like one and the elegant, feminine one.

And teh results are hilarious. This audio has been used in over 368K videos.

Tiktok trends two girlfriends


The delulu trend has started a while ago and it's still going strong. The hashtag #delulu on TikTok has been used in 4.2 billion posts.

Most people use the trend to illustrate their delusional scenarios and overthinking in different situations. The funniest ones are those related to relationships.

Tiktok Trend delulu

WFH employee at 08:59 a.m.

This trend regarding work-from-home employees is hilarious. It's bound to illustrate the level of laziness and how everyone wants to sleep for a few more minutes in the morning before starting that important Zoom meeting.

Tiktok trend

It girl

This trending audio on TikTok is definitely really popular when it comes to underlying the feminine beauty. A lot of girls have used it to showcase their makeup transition and this is how they made their video viral.

The audio has been used in over 155 K TikTok videos.

It girl trend

Suprise suprise

The TikTok trend "Surprise, surprise" has emerged when people started using this GIF with Cilla who sings this original song. TikTok users generally use it to illustrate something they did not expect to happen or to find.

Some of these videos are really funny, like this one, when you see your grandma's cookie box and you know that's a sewing kit, but it's actually cookies. The trending audio that made a lot of TikTok videos viral has been used in 14.9 K TikToks.

TikTok trend Surprise surprise

Me? Obsessed with you?

This hilarious audio has made a lot of TikTokers to use it in videos about their loved ones, their pets or even their favourite drinks.

The trending audio has been used in over 178 K videos.

Tiktok trends obsessed with you sound

5. How to find trending TikToks with Socialinsider

When trying to upgrade your TikTok strategy, following trends is the safe way to obtain fast results.

Finding trending TikToks can be done either manually, by scrolling through influencers’ content, or you could use a third-party tool to get ahead of your competitors.

Socialinsider is more than just an analytics tool, helping you benchmark against your competitors, against the whole industry, assessing your campaigns performance, reporting and discovering trends for all social media platforms.

  • Seasonal trend

Let me show how to use Socialinsider to get TikTok trends and see how this works for you.

I first created a project called “beauty” where I added the social media platforms for Rare Beauty and Haus Labs.

However, I’m just gonna use Rare Beauty’s social  media posts for now.

Then, I went to Posts to look at all the posts published in the selected timeframe. I chose to look at data for the last 6 months.

Socialinsider dashboard Rare Beauty

Next, I decided to tag a campaign using the keyword or hashtag “lip oil”, knowing that Rare Beauty uses this keyword in their campaign.

There are 187 posts published in the last 6 months on TikTok. The results show that there are 29 posts featuring “lip oil” as the main keyword.

Socialinsider dashboard Rare Beauty

To make sure you gather all the posts using the specific keyword from the campaign you’re looking for, you can also use the Auto Tag function.

As expected, I got the same results when it comes to the number of posts.

Socialinsider dashboard Rare number of posts benchmarks

So by making these searches by keyword in TikTok posts you can see which are the latest posts in the campaign, indicating that it’s still trending.

Moreover, you can also see individual metrics for every post, like engagement, number of likes, number of comments, shares, plays, and hashtags used.

Next, I wanted to compare the two beauty brands, Rare Beauty and Haus Labs, by using the same keyword “lip oil”, knowing they both have campaigns for their products destined for lip makeup.

To see the comparison, I used the Benchmarks feature and I selected TikTok from the menu at the top.

To look at the metrics for the particular campaign “lip oil”, I went to the right cornet, to Campaign, near Download.

There I selected the campaign by its name et voila. Here are the key metrics that reflect the performance of these two campaigns for the two brands, on the same topic.

Socialinsider dashboard Rare Beauty competitors benchmarks

Here you can also see top 3 posts on TikTok for both beauty brands, average posts per day, average engagement rate per video, changes in followers, distribution of engagement, and total followers growth.

If you’re wondering how this is helping you find TikTok trends, I got you. First, you get the chance to see how different brands’ campaigns perform on a common topic that’s trending for both, like “lip oil”.

Second, you get to see individual metrics for posts in this campaign, looking at the number of plays and how popular the topic has grown to be among the brand’s followers.

Another useful lesson here is that the influencers they work with follow the same patterns in their videos, displaying the brands’ products in a funny situation.

  • Trending sounds

What I also noticed, by looking at Rare Beauty’s TikTok videos is that the influencers who use a particular product, like their liquid blush, also use the same trending audio.

This is a great trick to learn for when you want to apply it for your own TikTok strategy to make your videos viral.

When searching for this campaign with Socialinsider, I noticed there are 13 posts out of 187 that feature the keyword or hashtag “liquid blush”.

Socialinsider dashboard Rare Beauty mentions

Another type of content creators develop with Rare Beauty’s liquid blush are videos in which they overdo their makeup.

The instructions say that you only have to apply one dot of the liquid blush, but some women love it so much that they add more dots.

These hilarious TikTok videos have become viral.

There’s no wonder their products sell so fast, and they’re quickly out of stock. But more about that in our brand analysis article on Rare Beauty’s marketing strategy.

Final thoughts

Now that you’re all caught up with the latest TikTok trends, all you have to do is put your inspiration and imagination to work.

Test the platform and implement some of the most recent TikTok trends into your strategy for your new campaign and keep an eye on the changes you notice.

All these tips & tricks will help you adjust, adapt, and overcome any challenge that comes your way when it comes to your brand TikTok campaign.

Laura Dascau

Laura Dascau

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