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TikTok Trends That Can Help Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

Miruna Vocheci
Elena Cucu
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In the highly captivating world of TikTok, things move fast. Being the birthplace of viral content nowadays, TikTok is the place to check when you want to discover ideas on how to get in front of your target audience.

As a marketer, you can easily get overwhelmed by the great amount of TikTok trends that are born all of a sudden, we know. So, to simplify your research process we've curated a list of the hottest TikTok trends that you can integrate into your strategy to boost your brand awareness. Let's dive in!

Popular TikTok trends in 2024

Viral TikTok trends to try

How can you find TikTok trends?

Viral TikTok trends to try

Businesses leveraging TikTok marketing could spice up their strategy with the following trends to capitalize on the hype around a trend, increase brand visibility, and diversify the content created in terms of themes and concepts.  

You wouldn't last an hour...

Since Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department, this line from "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" became a massive trend on TikTok.

A carousel post on this line: "You wouldn't last an hour in the asylum where they raised me" and drop the most unhinged place or experience from your life. Some users used their high school photo or a Tumblr screen page. Haha, what a time!

You can apply this viral TikTok trend to any type of brand. Be as creative and funny as possible and make your users feel seen.

viral TikTok trend in April

When I...

This TikTok trend is that type of trend that has to be personalized. It's not something random; it's actually very specific. Plus, it has a bit of everything at once: fun, reflection, pure feelings.

So, handle it with care because it has to be matchy vibes with your audience.

Tik Tok trends in April

Burning love transitions

The perfect transition: from bland to grand. You can use this TikTok trend to showcase your brand in so many ways, from projecting a new product to making it a reality.

Or how about making the audience an insider and taking it with your team nights out – "from office meeting to party with us"? Don't mind me, just give you some ideas, but be as unique as you want. In love and TikTok's virality, no rules are applied.

TikTok trend in April

You and me, where?

Where are my buddies from the travel industry? Hear me out: you must use this viral sound for TikTok to impress your target audience. You and me – anywhere and show the best destinations from that place.

You can get many interactions, especially now that the median interactions on TikTok have taken a slight dip of 8% in the past three months. Plus, the song will be stuck in their heads the same way it is stuck in mine.

You and me tiktok trend in April

Fight dance trend

In this viral TikTok trend, which started at the beginning of April and went huge, you have to find a different POV and start "fighting" on the beats.  

Make it real and fun, don't be afraid of awakeness.

Fight dance trend on TikTok in April

"All in my eyes, I can't see" transition trend

Oh, the urge to try this viral trend on TikTok. Obsessed.

Look here, learn the moves, and get some inspo for your transition. The song has been used in 190.6K videos and counting. It's time for you to be bold in making this trending TikTok video.

TikTok transition trend in April

TikTok trends in March 2024

Someday, I'll get it

I'm sobbing over this TikTok trend, so you don't have to do it. It's impressive how this trend became viral in just a few days. It's a new, innovative way of storytelling, mixing pictures and text in a carousel post. Users are using this trend as a 1st person perspective of narrative, kind of like looking from the outside in.

This is proof that it's not only about funny and entertaining content; it's also about having a bit of heart, especially for businesses trying to connect with their customers.

So, share your brand's story or challenges while using this sound and let your audience vibe with you.

TikTok Trend someday i'll get it March

Gaming Console Nostalgia

Game console nostalgia is a trending concept on TikTok, where users use an AI filter to see how they look in a GTA game on PS2 from back in the day. With TikTok's obsession with AI filters, it's no surprise that this trend has taken off.

The most used TikTok hashtag for this trend is #ps2, with 190 M views.
Users also share their memories and excitement about the console, creating a nostalgic and engaging experience for viewers.

I have an idea for this trend to share with you. Check this out: How does your company or your team look as a GTA character? Find out and unlock a bunch of likes along the way.

AI filter TikTok Trend Ps2

Austin Dance

What would TikTok be without the most wanted dance challenges? You don't have to be a dance pro to join in—just let loose, have fun, and watch your video land on everyone's #fyp.

Right now, this TikTok trending sound is used by 458.4K users and counting. It's a golden opportunity for your brand or company to shine because the dance is at its peak now.

Not only will you showcase your brand in an exciting way, but you'll also bond with your team and create unforgettable memories in the process. You can see the tutorial here.

TikTok Trend Austin Dance


The Oscars just happened, and we all saw the gorgeous celebrities' glambots. The most creative TikTok users just started a trend, realizing we can have glambots at home. Now, everyone is a celebrity.

Why not embrace this trend and bring some Hollywood magic to your workplace? Transform your office into a dazzling red carpet, and showcase your co-workers or employees in the most imaginative ways. This viral TikTok trend can boost your presence on the platform.

Tiktok Trend March Glambots

It's gonna be ok twist

This viral TikTok sound was used by 128,6K users. The essence of this trend is that things can turn out pretty good even after a drama queen moment. And creators are showing this by presenting relatable moments that can bring a smile to your face.

From common mistakes to amusing twists of fate, this trend shows that laughter and happiness are somewhere around the corner. So why not spread some of that positivity in your content?

Tiktok Trend March it's gonna be ok

All this work and what did it get me

This TikTok trend has become the go-to for capturing funny or relatable moments when your efforts don't quite give the outcomes you want. But, hey, isn't that simply how life works sometimes?

"All that work and what did it get me" was all over the fyp in March as a trending sound and it's simple to create. Just pick a situation that will resonate with your audience by presenting real events, can be whether job-related issues, unexpected outcomes, or everyday events.

Plus, using it can be a fun and effective way to engage with your audience and increase your brand's visibility.

Tiktok Trend March what did it get me

TikTok trends in February 2024

Sad hamster meme

This meme trend is pure chaos and hilarity, fitting into every situation effortlessly. The "sad hamster" has become a go-to for users and brands, perfectly capturing relatable moments in people's lives. And it's soooo cute.

The original sound, also named "sad hamster meme" has used in more than 26.4K videos. Once again, TikTok proves its ability to unite people through humor.

TikTok trend Sad hamster meme

Silent review

There's a new trend where people share reviews without using words or music. Instead, they rely on facial expressions and gestures to convey their opinions. It's like ASMR, but viewers have to interpret the reviewer's feelings.

This trend has recently shown up in many TikTok ads; advertisers must have understood the assignment and the virality of this trend fast enough.

Silent review TikTok trend

"You should know this too" sound

A sound with the voice of Pedro Pascal is now trending on TikTok in the most funny circumstances.

There are numerous ways users are remake this sound, but one stands out, especially now that Gen Z are adults. They can finally "spill the tea" with their parents or even reverse roles, without being awkward.

This trend can work very well in the workplace, to showcase funny moments at meetings or to promote a product using the "you should know this too" sound while presenting it.

TikTok trend You should know this too sound

"That wasn't my best friend that night" sound

This funny sound is used in a carousel post, first photo meant to be "normal", and the second one being like the "devil". Users were very creative regarding this trend and used it for animals, friends, stuffed animals, and everything that could lead to comic interpretations.

The original sound was used in 112K videos. You can definitely integrate this trend into your TikTok strategy to raise some laughs and boost engagement.

TikTok trend wasn't my best friend sound

Card gets declined at therapy

I must say that I haven't figured out from the start what is the meaning of this TikTok trend. After some digging, I have your answer:  "card declines at therapy" implies that if you can't pay, the therapist would bring what caused your trauma instead of helping you resolve it.

The outcome is that this trend allows users to express their deeper or darker thoughts, and a lot of people are engaged in this form of sharing.

Now, it's also a filter updated for this TikTok trend, and it started to have also a funny twist since more creators and brands came with creative and relatable ways for engaging in it.

TikTok trend card declines at therapy

TikTok trends in January 2024

Mirror challenge

A new challenge aims to surprise the guys. For this TikTok trend, people have to turn back, stare at their friends, and then watch their reactions. The hashtag #mirrorchallenge has 2.6B views.

I have to admit, it's amusing to see their confused or even scared faces, but in the end, it turns into a burst of laughter. And every challenge is a must to add to your marketing strategy to boost engagement. You can also duet some of the videos already made.

Mirror challenge TikTok trend

Don’t provoke me to anger meme

So funny and relatable in every situation, this meme trend quicky became one of the most viral TikTok trends in January.

Users hopped on the trend by sharing what triggers their anger, turning moments of frustration into hilarious videos. Honestly, every TikTok user had this audio in their mind lately.

Don't provoke me to anger TikTok trend

Fireball dance challenge

One thing exciting about TikTok is that a dance challenge is always on trend. This dance with Pitbull's trending song “Fireball” took over FYP.

This is a great idea to engage everyone: your family, friends, or co-workers, to have fun and go viral.

Fireball dance challenge TikTok trend

Back to the 30s

The AI filter is coming back on trend and in time. People used this filter to see how they would look back in the 1930s.

It's used by 36.2 M users and everyone seems to love the vibe with a glitch of elegance and mystery. By incorporating this filter into your brand's content strategy, you can add a touch of nostalgia and allure while tapping into the trend's popularity.

AI filter TikTok trend

How can you find TikTok trends?

Trends may come and go, but it's essential to consistently seek out new ones to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Leveraging TikTok trends effectively can significantly boost your visibility and audience engagement over time.

Instead of being chronically online, which can be challenging, there are simpler methods to discover new TikTok trends.

  • TikTok Creative Center

The Trend Discovery feature within TikTok's Creative Center is a helpful tool for identifying trends and staying updated.

First, you have to select the location. By selecting your target country, you can view a curated list of the platform's newest and most popular trends. Then, you can start searching through popular hashtags, viral audio and videos, and top creators' content.

TikTok Creative center dashboard

For more inspiration, you can engage with the AI-powered Creative Assistant by simply pressing the “Show me what’s trending on TikTok” button.

  • Browsing the “Explore” Page on TikTok

On the “Explore” page, you’ll find the most trending videos of the moment. You can select different categories, such as “Fashion,” “Beauty,” and “Food & Drink.” Click on each category to see the trends that are currently making waves in that industry.

As you look through the page, you'll notice certain styles or themes that keep showing up. These are trends you can use in your own videos.

Explore page on TikTok

While you are searching for new TikTok trends, don’t forget to have fun, be creative, and always try new things.

Final thoughts

Now that you’re caught up with the current trends on TikTok, all you have to do is put your inspiration and imagination to work.

Test the platform, implement some of the latest TikTok trends into your strategy for your new campaign, and monitor the changes you notice.

All these tips & tricks will help you adjust, adapt, and overcome any challenge that comes your way when it comes to your brand's TikTok campaign.

Miruna Vocheci

Miruna Vocheci

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