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Ask The Instagram Experts: How Brands Could Level Up Their Instagram Presence In 2018?

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Ask The Instagram Experts: How Brands Could Level Up Their Instagram Presence In 2018?

Wondering how to level up your Instagram presence and build an active community around your brand?

We’ve talked with nine Instagram experts to share their 'hacks’ and give us ideas on what to concentrate on this year.

#1. Brian G. Peters - Digital Marketing Strategist @ Buffer

Brian Peters from Buffer about Instagram marketing

'I think the biggest thing that brands and marketers need to focus on to level up their game in 2018 is creating consistently quality content.

That may sound easy, but when you look at a lot of brand profiles, there's no theme or purpose to their account. Consistently great content means sharing content that fits into an overall theme/style that you want to be known for. And then, delivering on that theme/style over and over again with incredibly high-quality photos or videos.'

You can follow Brian on 👉 Twitter.

#2. Jenn Herman - Instagram Expert, Social Media Consultant @ Jenn's trends

Jenn Herman - Instagram expert

'Businesses need to focus on creating better quality content for Instagram - and less of it. Creating more noise to add to an increasingly saturated platform won't help your marketing efforts. And if your posts aren't the quality and content your audience wants, they'll ignore it.

In terms of the Instagram algorithm, ignored content is death to your account. However, if you create quality content that appeals to your audience, and which they engage with, you will remain higher in their feeds, better able to deliver your message. So, less content but better content!'

You can follow Jenn on 👉 Instagram.

#3. Bozena Pieniazek - Head of Brand Marketing @ Typeform.com

Bozena Pieniazek from Typeform.com about Instagram strategy

'Instagram is about more than simply posting ‘pretty images’, it’s about creating an emotional connection with the community. This means brands need to really understand their audience, what drives them and create content based on this.

It’s not rocket science, really, but it’s something that is often overlooked. Brands frequently focus on the message they are trying to send without looking at what their community actually wants.

Instagram is the perfect platform to create and foster these connections between brands and their community because of its visual focus and continuous roll-out of new features to make content more engaging and interactive!'

You can follow Bozena on 👉 Twitter.

#4. Nicola Cronin - Marketing Executive @ Hopper HQ

Nicola Cronin from HopperHq about Instagram marketing

'Utilise Instagram Stories! With over 300 million people watching them every day, it's a no-brainer for brands to get involved.

There's so many effective ways to use this feature, whether it's behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, gaining customer feedback through polls, collaborations with other brands and influencers, or showcasing the best of your business in Highlights - the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity shine!

P.S remember to always add location tags and hashtags to your Stories so they will become discoverable to people outside your network and therefore get more reach!'

You can follow Nicola on 👉 Twitter.

#5. Luisana Cartay - CMO @ Photoslurp

Luisana Cartay from Photoslurp about micro-influencers on Instagram

'Based on our internal Instagram data, we've found evidence that reaching out to micro-influencers, those who can spread your brand's reach further with more impact, is a good strategy to increase engagement rate this year.

In 2017, there were a lot of successful campaigns with newer brands taking to influencers, as we discuss in our article on Expectations of Engagement Rates on Instagram. The highest scoring brand in our study, in terms of daily engagement, utilize influencer campaigns. This kind of marketing has a huge potential for engagement, as well as reach, for brands looking to level up their Instagram presence in 2018.'

You can follow Luisana on 👉 Twitter.

#6. Kirsty Sharman - Lead Growth Marketer @ WePushMedia.com

Kirsty Sharman from WePushMedia.com about growth hacking strategies on Instagram

'My top two growth tactics on Instagram have to be: 2xLoops, and FOmarketing. This is assuming you have your basics in order like great content being shared with relevant niches - ONLY once you get that right should you look at these growth tactics 🚀

2xLoops is when you add a simple loop where one user tags 2x more. Those two users tag 4x more. If you understand compound interest you'll understand how this can level up your Instagram in no time.

FOmarketing is using FOMO to engage users, by keeping certain information 'top secret' you can get people to take action if they want that information - follow, tag or like are actions you could encourage. You can even create Instagram creative with certain information blocked out, creating a Fear Of Missing Out as consumers scroll past.'

You can follow Kirsty on 👉 Twitter.

#7. Shane Barker - Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant @ Shane Barker Consulting

Shane Barker's thoughts about Instagram marketing

'Focus on leveraging Instagram Stories as much as you possibly can. With over 300 million people interacting with them every day, it’s an opportunity that must not be taken lightly.

Our fear of missing out is what makes Stories such an interesting opportunity. Because they’re only visible for 24 hours, it’s motivation enough for people to check them out before they’re gone.

Use hashtags and geolocation filters to get discovered by more people. Share interesting trivia, set up fun quizzes using polls, or have influencers take over your profile - the possibilities are endless.'

You can follow Shane on 👉 Twitter.

#8. Lexie Carbone - Content Writer @ Later

Lexie Carbone from Later about Instagram marketing strategy

'As the Instagram algorithm continues to change and impact users’ engagement, it’s no surprise more and more users are spending time on Instagram Stories, instead of their feed.

In 2018, you can expect Instagram Stories to continue to dominate and become an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Instagram Stories is a free and easy way to attract new followers, boost your engagement and drive sales!

Instagram Stories are also a great way to “hack” the algorithm - the more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feed.

If your business hasn’t jumped on this trend, now is the time to go all in on building out your Instagram Stories strategy.'

You can follow Lexie on 👉 Twitter.

#9. Yuval Maoz - Marketing Leader at Klear, the World's #1 Influencer Platform

Yuva Maoz from Klear about Instagram marketing

'Brands should start thinking of Instagram as a community.

This community consists of people who follow brands and influencers in your space, people who interact with your account, and people who follow relevant hashtags.

To level up your Instagram game this year, think of Instagram as a multi-channel platform, where the channels are the community members. Engage as many people as you can, and focus on the influential people within your target audience. These are the people who can move the needle in the community.'

You can follow Yuval on 👉 Twitter.

Final thought

Stay on top of the Instagram game with these actions:

  • Create consistently quality content
  • Understand your community needs
  • Use Instagram Stories
  • Add location tags and hashtags to your story
  • Reach out micro-influencers
  • Think of Instagram as a multi-channel platform.

Your turn. What do you think? What tactics do you use on Instagram? Share your thoughts, ideas or tips with us.

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Ask The Instagram Experts: How Brands Could Level Up Their Instagram Presence In 2018?