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Trending Audio on Instagram: How to Elevate Your Brand’s Reels

Miruna Vocheci
Miruna Vocheci
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Do you always feel like haunting Instagram trending audios? Well, who’s not?

New trending Instagram songs emerge every week, and it has become a constant battle to find the perfect one that can increase your brand's visibility.

Since Reels is one of the top-performing content types on Instagram in 2024, staying up-to-date with the current trending audio on Instagram is an ace up your sleeve.

I know the process can be exhausting, and you don’t have much time; as a busy marketer, you are! But don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Here, you’ll find the latest viral sounds on Instagram, and you can start integrating them into your Instagram strategy to boost brand awareness.

Let's hop on!

Instagram trending audio: popular songs for your Reels in 2024

How do you find trending audio for Reels on Instagram?
Trending Instagram Audio for Reels in 2024

No worries if you missed the viral Instagram songs from last week! You can always seek new ones because it never ends; that’s the beauty of it.

Below, you’ll find all the ways to search and choose the best songs for your Reels and stay ahead of the game.

  • Instagram’s search feature

The easiest way to find Instagram trending audio outside of recommended options is through its search feature.

  1. Tap on the Search Bar at the top of the page and type “trending songs” or “trending audio.” Depending on your needs, you can also try something more specific, like “aesthetic songs” or “skin-care routine.”
  2. Now, you can tap the Audios and Tags filters at the top of the page and scroll until you find the perfect one for your Reel.
Instagram search audio option
  • Instagram’s Creator Account

This account is pure gold, updated with new trends and resources from Instagram creators to everyone who wants to master their Instagram strategy.

Usually, they post new trending sounds, plus editing tips. So you’ll get more than what you came for!

Creators profile on Instagram
  • Instagram’s trending audio list

This feature is only available in the US and on the Instagram mobile app, but it’s worth noting. Hopefully, it will be available for everyone one day!

You need a professional Instagram account to view reel trends.

Then, tap the three-dot icon on your profile and select Reels Trends—Select reels from Audio or Hashtags.

If “See what’s trending on Reels” first appears on your profile page, you can tap on the button to enter the Reels Trends destination and start discovering the latest trending audio.

Tip: Every Wednesday in the “A Glitch in the Metrics” Newsletter, you’ll get the most popular audio on Instagram.
  • Trending Reels on Instagram

I know that I said that your process will be simplified, yet sometimes, you just have to be chronically online.

I'm kidding, but the Trending Reels page is a perfect spot to find viral audio on Instagram. Scrolling is a big part of your job, so let’s start making it great again!

  1. Tap the Reels icon using the button on the right of your Instagram page.
  2. Scroll through the page till you find the best songs for your Reels.
  3. On the left button on the video you choose, tap the name of the trending song and the artist.
  4. You can see how many times this song has been used, and if it’s worth it, save it for your Reel.
Instagram for you page on Reels
  • Your competitor's Instagram page

Believe it or not, your competitors are a great source of inspiration when it comes to trending Reels audio. Spy on their page and check how they make use of the latest trending sounds on Reels and how they integrate them into their strategy.

Then, you can apply the strategy to your own Reels or devise something new to stay ahead.With Socialinsider, you can filter your competitors' content and see what audio for Reels they use.

Plus, you’ll get to know the performance of the post and see if it’s worth using it.

Socialinsider dashboard filter by media type

You can also sort by specific keywords if you already have a sound chosen or a hashtag.

Socialinsider dashboard filter by keyword

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You probably figured out there is no secret to finding the most trending Instagram song.

Still, following everything from above and having a special eye for spotting trends, I craft a list of current trending Instagram audio, which will be updated monthly.

Hello sharks trend + "shark tank" audio

Hello sharks, can I ask $1 million to travel the world and send you snaps with my coffee every day? That's it — the dream.

For this trend on Reels, you have to pretend you are at the TV show "Shark Tank" and ask for the most hilarious things. Check this audio and take inspo for your following Reels.

Viral audio for Instagram Reels in April

"Gimme more" audio ( Britney transition trend)

Yeah, the queen is back! Now, with new moves. For this Britney transition trend, you have to do these moves (or any cool idea of moves)on the beats and have a massive diva vibe.

This viral sound was used in 356K Reels.

Trending audio on Instagram Reels in April

Take my whisky neat

Perfect for transitions, glow-ups, and even aesthetic videos, this audio by Hozier is trending on Instagram now.

One of the most effective ways to leverage your brand on this trending audio is to involve your audience in your journey, showcasing your beginning versus now. Users love transparency and golden stories!

Viral audio on Reels for April
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This popular Reels song is on my #Fyp all the time! To be honest, it's in my headphones, too. Users are doing everything on this audio: GRWM, product presentations, travel videos, etc., so there are no rules.

And, listen, up! 752K reels were made on this audio, and Jungle ate it and gave us the best viral audio to gain views on Instagram.

trending reels sound for April

"Blue Monday" audio

Blue Monday? It's more like Angry Monday.

In this viral audio trend, you have to find a different POV and start "fighting." Like a debate, but funnier and with dance moves on the beat of the songs.

Tip: Try to make it as relatable as possible with your target audience for more engagement.

viral audio for reels in April

"SLAY!" viral audio

On this sound, everyone and everything slays! It's a must to try making a Reel using this viral audio.

This trending audio was used in 303K reels and counting. Now is your chance to use it while it is still trending.

Viral audio on Reels "Slay"

Praise Jah In The Moonlight

Hold on! Are you really telling me that Bob Marley's nephew sang this viral song on Instagram Reels? Of course it's lit and heavily used in just a few days, with 725K videos.

Two goals in a row: reggae is back, and using this trend can boost your engagement.

Ragge trending audio on Reels

Doja Cat - trauma sound

I found the flawless sound for your Reel to go viral because it's simple, effective, and gives an aesthetic vibe, which everyone adores nowadays. Let's also add that this viral audio was used in 229K Reels.

Keep it into your favorite sounds and use it next time you want to create a nice video for your brand or client.

Trending sound Reels Doja Cat

Mashup Feelin' Alive audio

The great thing about Instagram Reels is that you can play with a trending sound as much as you want. And what can a social media manager love more than an opportunity to spice up their creative skills?

With this cool trending audio, you have a chance to pop up on the For You page and get some more video views. There is no playbook for it; just have fun while doing it!

Mashup Remix Reels Trending Sound

If I won the lottery...

Let me tell you something! This trending Reels sound is the perfect way to show your brand and engage with your audience.

It's going like this: "If I win the lottery, I won't tell anyone, but there will be signs." Users add for "signs" all their favorite things like products, places, colors, etc. So here you're coming into the scene...

If I won the lottery Reels trending sound

Somedays, I am just on fire

This funny Reel audio is a great way to highlight tasks that might seem ordinary but are still worth acknowledging. Both in daily life and work life.

It's a fantastic way to connect with others and boost your presence with a smile. Plus, who can resist a good chuckle, especially when it's a sound bite from "The Office"?

Somedays I am just on fire Reels trending sound

RedRoom- 21Savage original sound

This sound has become the hottest trend of February, with a staggering 736K Reels and counting. What makes it truly remarkable is its versatility; you can apply it to any content.

An effective strategy is to showcase your products or work with this trending sound, infusing your Reel with a powerful vibe.

Reels audio trending on February

Texas Hold 'em Dance

Beyoncé released her first country song, and while opinions about this song are divided, a new dance trend show up. What could be more engaging in a Reel than some dance moves?

The original sound has been used in 468K Reels. So grab your cowboy boots and vibe on the 'For You' page.

Audio trending in February on Reels

The Mob Wife Aesthetics

The girls have spoken: 'clean girl' aesthetics are out of trend. It's time to bring back the OG of fashion. 'Mob wife aesthetics' is defined by a confident attitude above all, complemented by cool fur, sunglasses, and bold makeup.

Everyone seems to be adapting this style in their own way, and they look gorgeous. You can use this new reel trend to promote your products in even more creative ways.

Audio trends on Instagram Reels in February

Money sound - The Drums

This trending sound can be used in any creative way. I've seen it in GRWM, motivational videos, outfit checks, and even dance moves. It's important just to use it and pop up on everyone's For You page.

It's been used in almost 60K Reels, and the number keeps growing.

Trending audio on Reels in February 2024

Final Thoughts

Even though it can be quite simple to follow current Instagram Reels audio trends, nailing down your marketing game plan and finding your unique voice are key.

Make use of all the top trending audio on Instagram as much as is suitable for your business, don't do things just because everyone else is doing it.

It's important to stay relevant in this rapid transition of trends and updates in social media, so hopefully the examples provided will help you earn the well deserved glorious brand awareness.

And remember: These audios and trends are always coming and going so fast. Your creativity and strategy are here to stay! Protect them at all costs.

Miruna Vocheci

Miruna Vocheci

Marketing Specialist @ Socialinsider graduated with an M.A. in Content & Media Strategy. While I do have a bit of a social media obsession, I also enjoy history books, playing with semiotics and 🏃‍♀️.

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