How Alex Khan, top social media expert, impresses clients with data they haven’t seen before

With Alex Khan, Social Media Expert

Alex Khan

Alex Khan is a keynote speaker and social media expert. With 15 years experience, Alex Khan helps businesses to increase their revenue with social media.


Munchen, Germany

  • Pick the right moment to post on social media
  • Get insights for any page or profile
  • Save a lot of time on preparing the pitches
Key Features Used

Alex Khan started using Socialinsider in August 2017 and apart from being an entrepreneur, he also doubles up as a social media strategist and a speaker. His career is quite impressive, he used his social media experience to build himself as a brand and he successfully accomplished that. His recently introduced hashtag #WeKhan registered 100 million impressions and touched 13 million people only nine weeks after its launch.

Today, Alex’s Attractive Media agency helps some of the most exciting brands like Red Bull, OPI, Wella and SKY to leverage social media effectively. As he says, the agency is focussing on improving every touch point of a customer's journey.


  • Prepare the pitches for potential customers
  • Research the competition on social media
  • Get in-depth social posts analytics

Working with a lot of great brands, Alex Khan needs to know everything about social media insights and analytics. Using Socialinsider, he was able to save time on the research part, and focus more on the social media campaign execution.

“Socialinsider gives us a great insight in any Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page, which saves us a lot of time.”

Alex Khan - Top Social Media Expert

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • Understand what content works best on social media
  • Monitor results and compare them to other competitors
  • Impress clients with data they haven’t seen before

Meeting potential clients for the first time can be quite an uphill task. Preparations involve endless manual work, imply researching the digital strategy which often requires to be backed up by metric changes highlighting both the good or bad.

Reporting takes time, and time equals money. That’s why Alex turns to Socialinsider to do all the heavy lifting for him.

“We use Socialinsider to prepare for the first meeting with a new potential customer. We analyze their content strategy and also understand the market by seeing what their competitors are doing right and wrong.”

Alex Khan - Top Social Media Expert

We asked Alex how Socialinsider had impacted his team’s success. Besides the fact that their tactics were improved and they saved time by monitoring results and comparing them to other competitors, using Socialinsider helps them impress clients with data they haven’t seen before.


  • Pick the right moment to post on social media
  • Help clients get more revenue from social media
  • Save a lot of time on preparing the pitches

Socialinsider gives him a peek behind the curtains of the competitor’s marketing actions, allowing him to see exactly how people reacted to the campaigns’ messages.

Aside from that, Socialinsider also teaches him how to pick the moments and what to post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so as to effectively engage an audience.

“From understanding what content works best for monitoring the progress, Socialinsider is of great help.”

Alex Khan - Top Social Media Expert

Social media has long been a platform for sharing videos and photos, but that is no longer the case. It has also afforded an excellent digital stone to forge brands in a human, transparent and social light. Naturally, each social media platform requires different approaches as they are based on varying algorithms.

Socialinsider was meant to be the bridge between digital agencies such as Alex Khan’s Attractive Media and the analytics changes, good or bad, and thereby facilitate improved social media forecasting.

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