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How to Craft a Powerful Social Media Pitch Deck That Brings In More Clients

Develop a social media pitch deck to build trust with your future clients and prove them you have the solution to their problems.

Andreea Udescu
Andreea Udescu
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The other day I read about the impact of telling stories. Stories can help people feel emotions, empathise and relate to your situation.

A social media pitch deck could be like telling a story. One packed with data, one that has a very intricate plan at its core.

Using social media pitch deck to attract investors for your brand or to convince more clients to work with your social media agency is a helpful, straight-forward technique.

In what follows, we’ll learn everything about a social media pitch deck, with the help of a step-by-step guide.

How to create a top-notch social media deck

  1. What is a social media pitch deck?

  2. How to build a social media pitch deck

  3. Social media pitch deck best practices

  4. Free social media pitch deck template

  5. How to develop your social media pitch deck with Socialinsider

  6. Frequently asked questions

1. What is a social media pitch deck?

A social media pitch deck is a social media agency's business card. It provides potential clients with a snapshot of your agency’s unique selling points and an overview of the services you offer.

By looking at your social media pitch deck, clients should learn what to expect from a future collaboration and what they stand to gain from working with you.

When designing your pitch deck, you need to focus your attention on two key aspects: information and design, trying to find the right balance.

The design you choose needs to be compelling, eye-catching enough to stir clients’ attention. The content should be packed with the most important data about what you’ve succeeded so far, what you do and what you’re ready to do for your client.

For your business, a pitch deck can increase your growth potential, including a business plan and market opportunities.

A pitch deck can serve different purposes. If you are a brand, you could use a social media pitch deck to convince investors that your products and services are worth investing in.

If you are an agency, a social media pitch deck helps you convince clients to collaborate with you.

You will show them all your products and services, proving that you own the solution to their problems.

2. How to build a social media pitch deck

Irrespective of the type of business you have, learning how to build a social media pitch deck can really ease your work when trying to increase brand awareness.

Keep in mind that you’re creating your agency’s business card here, so the wrong approach / presentation can ruin your chances of signing a new client or securing some funding.

  • Know your target audience

Regardless of the context of your social media marketing agency or SMMA presentation, you should do your homework when it comes to the people you’re presenting to.

What do you know about your prospective client?

Find out more about their background and expectations to be able to personalise the social media pitch deck to find out their pain points and fulfil their needs.

Your social media marketing pitch should be an actionable one, offering the clients exactly what they’re searching for.

To learn more about your pitch deck’s audience, you should do calls with your prospective clients, social media audit and social media listening to find out more about their brand.

Learn about the products they sell, their competitors, location, the decision maker, and their team’s size. You either do an extensive research or you directly ask your prospective client directly.

social media audience data for strategy
Social media audience template
  • Introduce your team

After you learn the most important data about your prospective clients, it’s time to let them know who is in charge from your side.

Introduce your team and present your agency’s story to your client. Tell them how it all started and what inspired you to do what you do now.

Then, talk about the team that makes all this possible, presenting every member and underlining their expertise. Next, tell your clients why they should choose your agency from the entire niche.

  • Do your competitors research

When developing your social media pitch deck for your clients, it is also time to spill the tea. Yes, you have competitors and yes, you need to show everyone that you are aware of them.

You should actually include industry benchmarks in your pitch. These will help establish your agency as an honest company and set realistic expectations for a future collaboration.

Make sure you include in your social media pitch deck why your competitors should choose you over your competitors. To convince your clients, you have to show them that you’ve got a solution for their pains.

To engage with them, you have to have a clear and attractive answer to the question: “why you?”.

By proving that your products and services top your competitors’ ,your prospective clients will be more inclined to collaborate with you.

  • Explain your process

Even if you’re good at your job, you are only human (not ChatGPT). Your perspectives should learn from your social media pitch deck that your super powers also come with limitations.

You may have good days and bad days. That’s why it is better if you under promise and over deliver.

According to a survey conducted by SEMrush, starting your agency pitch by stating your value proposition ranks high on the importance scale for agencies (66/100).

Aside from that, you should include a breakdown of your services and deliverables. Make this part very clear - it’s usually the most anticipated portion of the presentation.

It’s crucial to explain prospective clients how you’d solve their problems by using your services and products.

Make sure you clearly include in your social media marketing deck the processes you will deliver. Tell your clients about the social media metrics you will be measuring to assess your performance.

And last but not least, include in your social media pitch deck how often you will report to them. All these will help you set their expectations.

Remember that your goal is to build trust and show transparency. Be honest with your future clients.

  • Include case studies

No matter how engaging your social media pitch deck is, your audience won’t automatically take your word for it.

You need to support the claims you’re making with case studies, customer stories and testimonials that attest to your agency’s value.

Let facts speak for you instead of just praising your services and products. Show them what results your other clients managed to achieve and this will make them curious.

social media pitch deck checklist

3. Social media pitch deck best practices

Developing your campaign pitch deck can be stressful, trying to top perspiration with a lot more inspiration.

Here is a list of top best practices when working on your marketing pitch deck.

  • Timing is essential

When presenting your social media pitch deck to your clients, make sure it’s neither too long, nor too short.

If your presentation exceeds 20 minutes, your client’s attention span might be narrower and they may stop paying attention.

Try to not make your pitch deck longer than 10 slides.

  • Use visuals

Since people’s attention span is getting narrower by the day, it’s compulsory to use visuals in your social media pitch deck presentation.

Studies have shown that people remember more of what they see than what they read. That’s why images and videos have a great impact.

Use charts and graphics to account for your data.

  • Tell a story

If you present your social media pitch deck to a 3-year old and they get it, then you’re safe. This shows that you can adapt your story so much that anyone can understand it.

If told right, stories have unlimited power: to inspire, to persuade and to move people to action.

Stories, not stats, are the most memorable - so be sure to translate all the raw data into action points and add a human touch.

  • Make your text easy to read

If you’re thinking about using fancy fonts, don’t. It’s more important to use a font that it’s easy to read, even from a distance.

Also, don’t forget to put your logo on every slide of your social media pitch deck. This way, anyone would easily recognize your brand, without even starting to read.

  • Use consistent branding

To make your presentation memorable, you should use the same color scheme and logo that you have on your website.

This way, you will make the social media pitch deck recognizable. Don’t forget that your pitch deck should look professional and every slide needs to prove consistency.

  • Talk about the issue and the solution

Most social media agencies are heavily focused on marketing their services as the best solution for clients’ issues. That’s not wrong, but it’s an incomplete approach.

Do your homework and identify the main pain points for your audience (do this through research, not assumptions). Then spend some time selling these issues.

By emphasizing the gravity of their challenges, you can connect with your audience and establish a solid foundation for a future partnership.

  • Create a PDF

When you finish presenting your marketing pitch deck, make sure you also save it in a PDF format so you can further send it to your prospective client.

4. Free social media pitch deck template

Finally, let’s go over what your social media pitch deck should include, slide by slide.

You can of course take this model and adjust it according to your own needs, services and other variables.

Here is the social media pitch deck template that can help you build a strong relationship with your clients.

Grady Anderson, the founder of Pavdy, told us in an interview about building benchmarks reports. He and his agency team build a lot of pitch decks for their clients, so they have a lot of experience with this.

Tune in to find out more about how an agency like Pavdy builds its social media pitch deck for clients.

5. How to develop your social media pitch deck with Socialinsider

To make sure your social media pitch deck is complete, you will also have to include some performance data to show your prospective client.

To collect accurate and in-depth infos about your previous campaigns’ performance, you need a trustworthy analytics tool.

Socialinsider is a complex tool, providing social media analytics and reporting, campaign reporting, competitive analysis, and cross-channel data.

In what follows, I will show you how to include your competitive analysis in your next marketing pitch deck for your client.

First, I created a new project where I developed a head-to-head comparison between Semrush and Ahrefs. I added the Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for both brands.

screnshot from socialinsider with ahrefs and semrush in the dashboard

By going to Benchmarks, I was able to run a comparison between both brands' LinkedIn metrics for the last 6 months.

screenshot from dashboard with linkedin benchmarks for ahrefs and semrush

In the benchmark section, you can choose exactly what KPIs you want to see in the dashboard.

By scrolling down, you will get insights about top 3 posts for both brands, average engagement per day, average number of posts per day, distribution of engagement, distribution of posts, changes in fans, and many more metrics.

screenshot from linkedin benchmarks in socialinsider with metrics for semrush and ahrefs

Including all these insights in your marketing pitch deck helps your prospective client get a clearer picture of your performance and how you compare with your rivals.

It is important for your future clients to understand why they should choose to collaborate with you and not with your competitors.

Moreover, all the data provided by Socialinsider's social media analytics tool will provide you with tons of actionable insights to help you improve your strategy before pitching your clients.

Final thoughts

Drafting a perfect social media marketing pitch deck might seem daunting, but it’s a crucial step for increasing your visibility and getting more clients.

With the tips, tricks and the template listed above, you’re now well on your way to building an agency pitch deck that will build trust with your clients.

Frequently asked questions

What should be included in a social media pitch deck?

Here are the infos you should include in your social media pitch deck:

  • Map the field and assess competitors
  • Clearly offer your clients the solution to their problem
  • Explain your process
  • Add infos from your case studies
  • Keep things concise
  • Add visuals
  • Personalize your pitch deck and proposal

How do I pitch my social media business?

First, you have to explain your client how you plan tp help them solve their problem. Tell them about the changes you can make for them with the services and products you provide. Do an extensive research first and gather data about your future client's business.

What are the 5 C's of social media?

The 5 Cs of Social Media provides a framework for social media managers.

The 5 Cs of Social Media are: Coordinates, Channels, Content, Connections, and Corrections. All these are interconnected elements that can help you develop an effective strategy.

How do I pitch myself as a social media marketer?

Pitch your services to relevant prospects

  • Use Google, social media and your entire network to identify relevant brands.
  • Make up a spreadsheet and include all the contact details for each company.
  • Create a social media pitch that includes who you are, what services you offer, and how you can add value to the client.
Andreea Udescu

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