Outperform your competitors on social media

Track and compare social media performance with comprehensive social media competitive analysis tools.

Outperform your competitors on social media

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Brand TBWA
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Brand Honda
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Brand Xiaomi
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Brand Beko
Brand Zeno
Brand OML
Brand rolls-royce
Brand AKQA

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Improve performance through social media benchmarking

Track your social media performance metrics and compare them against top competitors. Compare your social results against the industry and create social media industry benchmarks .
  • Perform a quick social media competitor analysis

    Group the competitors’ profiles into projects to create social media benchmarks. Stack all your competitor profiles into projects and get an overview of side-by-side data and reports.

  • Conduct competitive analysis on any social media platform

    Get competitive insights across all major social media channels.

  • Get social media competitive reports

    Download social media competitive reports in a few minutes. With all these social media competitive analysis tools you can create and automate social media reporting.

Create social media benchmarks
Track your competitors campaigns too

NewGet insightful social media industry benchmarks

Everything about your competitors and competitive industry benchmarks in one single place. See how your performance stacks up to the rest of your industry across metrics like engagement, posts, interactions, and more.
  • Get in-depth competitive industry benchmarks for Facebook and Instagram

    Do you want to know the performance of your competitors? Want to take a look at your industry benchmarks? Compare any Facebook page or Instagram profile with an industry of your choice.

  • Add competitive context to all your social media metrics

    Keep on top of your competitors, view your industry’s performance, and measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy all in one place.

Get all your competitor social media posts in one place

Identify the top-performing social posts from each competitor campaign and analyze what makes them successful: social platform choice, caption lengths, image or video formats.
  • Get the social media competitive campaigns, too

    Everything you need to know about your competitors’ social media campaigns is now in one place. Add competitive context to all your social metrics with our auto-tagging feature.

  • Track competitive hashtags

    Take a peek at competitors’ branded hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and see how the audience uses them. Create your own popular hashtags and boost engagement and mentions.

  • See which social media post is boosted

    Understand how much competitors focus on boosted posts on Facebook. Learn which postings are organic, which are boosted and notice the differences in engagement.

Get social posts performance analysis

Socialinsider gives a consolidated overview of the social media performance across most of the existing social media platforms. Love the fact that we are able to monitor competitors for our clients and generate social media competitive reports in a few clicks only.

One place for competitive brands insights

One place for social media competitive brand insights

Get a social media brand analysis across all social channels and compare your social performance with similar profiles.
  • Get social media insights on competitive brands

    Group competitors’ profiles on all channels into brand names and analyze what are the top-performing platforms.

  • Measure the social media engagement across channels

    Find out what engagement rates similar accounts are gaining across each social media channel to understand which platform offers more opportunities.

  • Get a quick overview of the total followers

    See the number of followers your main competition has on each social media platform, and understand how fast their profiles are growing.

See who’s mentioning your competitors on Twitter

See who’s mentioning your competitors on Twitter

Discover new potential leads by monitoring your competitors’ Twitter mentions. Find out who and why is interested in their company and how this would apply to your own profile.

Beyond the comprehensive social media competitive tools that automatically show engagement rates and engagement by day for most platforms, the customer service is fantastic, quick to reply and sensitive to user needs.

Streamline your reporting process
with these features

  • All channels analytics
  • Competitors analysis and benchmarking
  • Social posts analysis
  • Campaign measurement
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