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Most modern companies still use Instagram only to build brand loyalty and to drive traffic to the website. In fact, Instagram Shopping was launched in February 2018, but few companies have applied it yet.

A properly written shopping post is a powerful instrument, that can boost marketing efforts and generate high revenue. If you want to know how to create a perfect post to sell your products on Instagram, check the following useful tips.

Seven ways to sell your products on Instagram

  1. Use high-quality photos
  2. Pay attention to the background
  3. Tag multiple products in one shopping post
  4. Write engaging caption
  5. Add hashtags, locations and mentions
  6. Share your products in action
  7. Create valuable content

How to sell on Instagram

1. Use high-quality photos

First of all, understand that only high-resolution professional photos attract the Instagram users’ love. It’s impossible to sell products using photos taken on an ordinary smartphone. There is a huge difference in quality.

Modern people are spoiled with choices. They require high-quality content only. So, if you aim to promote your products using Instagram, consider investing in hiring an in-house photographer or at least learn some photography skills.

Take a look at two shopping posts, which advertise necklaces. Obviously, high-quality close-up photo:

Will bring higher sales than a blurry photo.

2. Pay attention to the background

Shopping posts on Instagram should demonstrate how items look like in a real life. So, it’s better to avoid using standard plain background product photos. They are suitable for the websites, but not for social media.

Let’s compare two shopping posts, which supposed to sell jewelry on Instagram. The first photo, created by Swarovski, has high esthetic qualities and catches attention easily. It’s more likely that this post will make user stop scrolling the updates and take a closer look at the stunning jewelry set.

In contrast to the first photo, the blue background product photo posted by At. Jewelry seems to be absolutely unattractive. It looks like a standard ad. Instagram users don’t want to follow companies, which post this type of content.

View this post on Instagram

‎پلاک طلای این دستبند با طرح گل لاله، به‌زیبایی در میان سنگ‌های سبزرنگ می‌درخشد و جلوه‌ی فوق‌العاده‌ای دارد. این دستبند با سنگ‌های تراش‌خورده‌ی سبزرنگ به وسیله‌ی یک گره‌ی بافت‌مانند به دور دست بسته می‌شود و این قابلیت را دارد تا با کشیدن دو نخ آویزان به دستبند، به ابعاد موردنظر شما تبدیل شود. پلاک این گردنبند به رنگ طلایی و به شکل طرح گل لاله است. این پلاک با ابعاد 1.1 × 1.3 سانتی‌متر طراحی شده است و تناسب خوبی با ابعاد سنگ‌ها دارد. ظرافت در طراحی این پلاک کاملا نمایان است و روی دست، جلوه‌ی بیشتری هم خواهد داشت. مسلما ترکیب دو رنگ سبز و طلایی، تاثیر زیادی در جذابیت این دستبند سنگی می‌گذارد. طلای این پلاک از جنس 18 عیار، پرکاربردترین نوع طلا برای ساخت زیورآلات است و به دلیل خلوص بیشتر، ارزش بیشتری دارد وزن طلا : ۰،۳۱۰ گرم 🤩💍💎 _____________________ 🛒 سفارش از طريق دايركت و تلفن و وب سایت ‏‭021-2482 7777‬ ارسال رايگان و پرداخت درب منزل🛵 😍👌🏼 ارسال به شهرستان ها هم رایگان است #جواهر#دستبند#طلا#طلا۱۸عیار#atjewelry #jewelry #jewellry #دستبندطلا #آویز #آویزطلا

A post shared by AmirHossein Tehrani Jewelry ( on

3. Tag multiple products in one shopping post

If you want to make your shopping posts catchy, you should tag a few products in one post. It will drive curiosity of Instagram users and will help you to drive sales.

Human beings are greedy by nature. They want to own as many products as they can afford. When you offer a few choices, some buyers will find it difficult to select only one product and they will add all products to the cart.

This marketing technique is used by many famous companies. For instance, Victoria’s Secret creates numerous shopping posts, which showcases from 2 to 5 different products. This is one of the tricks, which allowed the company to increased online sales, while store-only comparable sales fell 6%.

4. Write engaging caption

If you want to engage your target audience, you should add text to every photo you publish. Even more, it’s not enough to use one short phrase like "buy now, 50% discounts, price drop, etc". Every shopping post should contain a meaningful message.

No matter what kind of product you are going to sell, you should always put your customer first. If you want to see real-life examples, visit Pandora’s profile.

Pandora’s shopping posts always start with the words, which are addressed directly to the customers. Phrases like "highlight your beautiful features" or "shine like nobody’s watching" helps to evoke positive emotion and convince followers to make a purchase. Before describing your product, you should explain how this very product will satisfy the specific need of your client.

5. Add hashtags, locations and mentions

When you create shopping posts, you should always use descriptive hashtags, which are relevant to your product or to your current marketing campaign. Also, you should mention contributors and digital influencers, who support your brand. You can also use geotags, even though you sell your product globally.  

Famous brands such as Adidas and Gucci always follow this rule. They use their unique hashtags created to promote a specific product line. These companies also mention popular celebrities to increase reach and engagement.

Aaron Smith, a digital marketer at PickWriters recommends: “You should always use 1-5 popular descriptive hashtags.  This is the most effective way to boost visibility and to reach new customers.”

6. Share your products in action

You should understand that your Instagram profile shouldn’t look like a standard catalog. Also, you shouldn’t turn it into a little copy of your online store.

Modern people use Instagram not because they want to shop, but because they want to know what is happening in the world and to share information with their friends. For this reason, you should create shopping posts, which reflect real life. You should substitute white background product photos with vivid dynamic photos.

H&M’s profile is a great example to follow. Real-life scenes, sincere emotions, natural poses – this is how perfect product photo look like.

7. Create valuable content

Keep in mind that if you want to sell your products on Instagram, you should create valuable content. It means that you cannot post product photos only. Content on your shop’s profile should be interesting, informative and relevant.

Amount of shopping posts shouldn’t exceed 50%. Other posts can contain information about your company and your brand. Also, you can write about upcoming or current events related to your niche.

You should find a way to keep your followers being interested in checking updates, even if they have no intention to make a purchase today. Otherwise, if you will continue publishing shopping posts only, it will look like spam and your followers will be forced to unsubscribe.

Take a look at Urban Outfitter’s profile. This company alternates shopping posts with other posts, which informs about company’s news as well as charity fundraising events.

Final Thought

If you want to sell your products on Instagram, you should produce high-quality content. If you follow the recommendations given, it’s likely that Instagram will place your shopping post on Explore tab and will show it to the users, who follow hashtags you use.

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