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15 Tools For Instagram Videos, Gifs And Stories

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15 Tools For Instagram Videos, Gifs And Stories

Get ready to improve your Instagram engagement rates with new video formats!

Update: June 20th, 2018.

Wondering which are the best-performing tools for videos and Instagram Stories? Video content is part of a new era of marketing that will determine who will survive and thrive and who will just survive.

In this article, you’ll discover how to create an Instagram video and a top of 15 Instagram tools for video editing and advertising on Instagram.

How to do Instagram video marketing

Today Instagram launched its Long Form Video Platform called IGTV and it will be part of the Explore tab, according to multiple sources.

Users can upload videos from 15 seconds to 60 minutes and its their strategy to conquer the vloggers community. According to Matt Navarra the actual specs of Instagram’s new longer form videos are:

  • Videos can be up to 60 minutes long (a big jump from Instagram’s current 60-second limit)
  • Videos can be up to 3.6gb
  • Videos will be in MP4 format
  • Videos should be 9:16 size

15 Tools for editing and designing videos, GIFs, and Stories on Instagram

#1. Storyheap

If you need to organize and manage your Instagram Story like the pros, such as DJ Khaled and many others, Storyheap is here to help! It makes adding, removing, or changing anything on your Instagram Story a breeze, and it even offers analytics, so you’ll know how your story is performing. It even has an Autopilot function, publishing to all
of your story platforms automatically!

👉 Price: $49 to $149/mo, depending on package
Create Instagram Stories with Storyheap

#2. Promo

If you’re looking for a program dedicated to making beautiful personalized Instagram video ads, look no further than Promo! With its affordable pricing, you can promote literally anything: your hometown grocery store, a local basement show, or something a whole lot larger; and you’ll still be well within your budget. Try it today and be amazed at what you can do!

👉 Price: $49-349/mo depending on package
Create beautiful Instagram videos with Promo

#3. Boomerang

If you’re looking for something free and easy to use, Boomerang from Instagram is for you! It’ll make a simple video from an existing video clip that suits your needs and can be posted right to Instagram, saving you the extra hassle of moving from app to app to edit and post advertisements.

👉 Price: absolutely free!

#4. Anchor Video

From Anchor, the easiest way to create a podcast, comes Anchor Video, an easy way to display transcribed audio in a video. With its simple user interface and excellent customer service, Anchor Video from Anchor.fm is perfect for those who need something simple, yet effective for advertising on platforms like Instagram.

👉 Price: absolutely free!

#5. Foodie

With tens of professional, high quality live filters, Foodie is perfect for restaurants that want to advertise on platforms such as Instagram. It’s also got a simple user interface, making it easy for those who aren’t very tech literate to navigate, snap a beautiful picture, and advertise with it! Use this tool in invaluable to places like restaurants, ice creameries, and bar & grilles!

👉 Price: absolutely free!

#6. Typito

If you’re looking for something with a plethora of functions, an amazing user interface, and stellar customer support, all at an affordable price, then Typito is most certainly what you’re looking for! Jam-packed with enough features to make your head spin, this is excellent for marketing specialists that need something simple and incredibly effective to make video advertisements with. If you just want to try it out,
they even have an entirely free package!

👉 Price: free to start, has packages from $0 to $129/mo.

Create text videos for Instagram marketing with Typito

#7. Hyperlapse

Another gem from the tech giant - Instagram, Hyperlapse is an incredibly useful tool in online advertising. With up to 12x speed, Hyperlapse is easily one of the best time lapse applications out there, with an incredibly simple user interface, making navigation a breeze.

👉 Price: absolutely free!

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#8. Apple Clips

Apple Clips is an iOS application used to add text, icons, and other effects to videos. While the primary function of Clips for iOS is to share fun videos with friends, this can most certainly also be used for advertising on platforms like Instagram. Coming from another tech giant, the almighty Apple, Clips is top of the tine, easy to use, and, best of all, free! Try it today and see how much fun you’ll have creating videos for any purpose.

👉 Price: absolutely free!
Create Instagram videos with Clips.

#9. VSCO

If you’re looking to make a professional, amazing advertisement at a relatively low cost, VSCO is the video
editor for you! With a very sophisticated layout, VSCO is perfect for any and all of your picture and video needs. It has enough video filter presets to blow your mind, and makes it all very simple to use, leaving you at ease when it comes to advertising for your business.

👉 Price: $19.99/year

#10. FilmoraGo

Filmora, a mainstay in low-cost, high-quality video editing, has released FilmoraGo, an application for both iOS and Android devices. This free video editor comes jam-packed with features such as live filters for videos, the ability to seamlessly add text to your photo or video.
And if you decide to switch to the PC or Mac version, switching your photos over is simple, taking the stress out of editing videos.

👉 Price: free, PC/Mac version is $59.99

#11. Lapse it

Another amazing time lapse application, Lapse it is very simple to use. With this you can make amazing time lapse
videos right from any Android or iOS device. It can even capture video in as high as 1080p in the Pro version, giving you a nice, clean, and crisp video for your advertisement.

👉 Price: free, pro version $2.99
Create time-lapse videos with Lapse it

#12. Funimate

If you’re looking for something simple with many features (and even more with the Pro version), then Funimate is perfect for you! You can draw on, add shapes, or even add text to videos easily! The Pro version is around $12 monthly, but if you believe this is the best video editing app for you, then the price is well worth it.

👉 Price: free, pro version $12/month

#13. Quik

If you plan on taking advertisement videos on Instagram with a GoPro (useful for travel and adventure-related companies), then Quik is the best application for you! With applications on both the iOS App and Google Play Stores, Quik is both accessible and easy to use, making video editing little more than a breeze! It’s even got formats specifically for Instagram, helping you even further!

👉 Price: absolutely free!

#14. Horizon

Capturing high-quality, horizontal and vertical video has never been simpler than with Horizon! With several awards, including a Webby award, under its belt, this amazing piece of software, complete with up to 120FPS capture for those slow-motion videos, is here to help! With a price scale based on only what you need, cutting out bloatware and useless features, this product is affordable and useful!

👉 Price: on request

#15. Fastory

Last but not least is Fastory! When nearly 300 million people use stories every single day, you know you’re going to need to bring your brand to life; this is where Fastory comes in. With a seamless video editor, publisher, and provided analytics, this program is perfect for large businesses that want to reach new heights with their Instagram Stories

👉 Price: on request
Create Instagram Stories with Fastory.


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Final thought

Your turn. Have tools for optimizing videos on Instagram? Do share in the comments below!

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15 Tools For Instagram Videos, Gifs And Stories
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