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Ten Steps To Grow A Successful Instagram Account

Instagram Analytics

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Ten Steps To Grow A Successful Instagram Account

Instagram not only has an appeal that works for almost any group, but it also as a personalized and very welcoming feel.

Thus, can prove very effectual, previously, you have read on ways to create an Instagram marketing strategy for your business, and ways to write a compelling Instagram bio for your business.

In this article, the focus will be on how to be successful on Instagram and how to ensure your Instagram profile is growing.

Here’s a list of ten tips on how to build a successful Instagram account

#1. Getting the right aesthetic and sticking to it

There are different kinds of accounts, hence different themes. For example, you may find travel accounts, fashion accounts and many more. But you may not want to be constrained along the lines of a single theme – after all, Instagram is famous for its expressive features, so to get around the thematic issue, you should choose an aesthetic instead.

Examples of aesthetic styles are; golden, bold, bright, dark, colorful, moody and many more. Once you go through your photos, you will most likely see all your favorite images have a shared aesthetic; you should then go ahead to ensure the photos you post to follow that appeal. Aesthetics help get past the thematic constraint, while still maintaining the authentic feel of your account.

Getting the right aesthetic and sticking to it

#2. Filter consistency

As already established, Instagram can be very expressive, with a dozen of filters and editing features. Tempting as it may be to try something different with each post, you should have very few go to filters.

This not only work hand in hand with improving the aesthetic but also ascertains your work has a natural flow. This is not to say that you are confined to using just one filter, but you should explicitly assure they don’t go beyond three. Having a limited range of filters to choose from also go a long way in creating a niche for your account as well as helping in brand recognition.

Filterc onsistency

Pro tip: you can use apps like VSCO or Mextures for consistency.

#3. Involve your audience through the captions

Social media is supposed to be just that, social. You need to involve your followers and make them feel like part of your account and essentially, brand. You can do that through a few clever ways, but the most common is through the caption.

The caption is the gateway to your account, through it, you get more followers, and you get to keep and interact with your existing followers. One of the most popular tricks is to engage your audience with a question, either asking them for advice, opinion, or what they would do if they were in a particular position.

Involve your audience through the captions

#4. Be picky with your content

Successful Instagram accounts are synonymous with consistency. If you create a food account, it means the followers you are garnering are fans of the food posts you have. It would go beside the point for you to go ahead and post a political photo. Once you realize your niche area, it is essential to stick to it.

However, you might have one of those moments when you have a picture that doesn’t fit your account, but you just must’ post it. There are two ways to go about it:

  • One, you can link the particular photo with the subject matter of your blog, for example, if your account is about travel, but you want to post about a certain food you tried, you can use the caption to talk about the indigenous area of the food and advise people to travel there –or travel there and learn more of the place yourself.
  • Two, you can go against all your nerves and resist sharing the photo on your Instagram account, though who’s to say you can’t share it with your friends and family?

#5. Post more videos and boomerang

The goal here is to run a successful Instagram account. Thus, you need to maximize on the opportunity and use every tool to your advantage. Videos are one of the tools that will help increase your following rates. They are fascinating and always give a break from the scrolling. A video worth watching will glue your audience to your account.

Pro tip: while posting a video, consider the hashtags you use. When used correctly, hashtags can amplify your video’s reach.

#6. Go live

This is another tool that can help your account grow infinitely. For starters, it’s a live interaction between you and followers, thus solidifying your relation. Secondly, users who haven’t deactivated notifications will get a notification every time you go live, talk of free publicity.

#7. Plan your feed

It may feel like most of the successful accounts have random and sporadic posts, but the truth is, a lot of planning goes into it. If you want to get to that level, it means you will have to set time apart to create content.

It is advised to create a week’s content in advance. This not only helps with planning, but it also goes a long way to building themes and styles. Creativity is a keen item of the process.

Plan your feed

Pro tip: use apps like Later, Planable or PromoRepublic for scheduling your Instagram posts.

#8. Use Instagram Stories

More than 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day, and businesses are seeing great success with stories content:

  • Thirty-three percent of the most viewed stories come from businesses
  • 1 in 5 organic stories receives a direct message

Showcase behind the scene content, host Instagram takeovers, promote your blog posts, show lists, and countdowns, offer limited promotions, or just be creative.

Instagram Stories

Pro tip: use tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to customize your Instagram Stories.

#9. Curate your posts

Apart from having high-quality pictures, posting consistently and engaging with your audience, you also need to ensure your feed has a cohesive feel and look. This is consistent but unique feed that will allow your followers to feel more in sync and connected with your account.

#10. Who’s your competition?

Put your detective hat and start looking at your competitors' activity, see their engagement metrics, what hashtags they frequently use. If they’re using the same hashtags on a consistent basis, there’s likely a reason for it—they work :)

Pro tip: measure your Instagram efforts with tools like Socialinsider.

#11. Bonus: Use the appropriate hashtags (duh)

Hashtags are the core concept of Instagram. Instagram uses hashtags to categorize content. If you search on Instagram, you’ll notice you can search by top content, hashtag, people (username) and places.

Based on your business objectives, you can use two types of hashtags:

  • branded hashtags: #cocacola, #patagonia, #iphone6, #xbox
  • community hashtags: #cars, #instacar, #traveller, #catsofInstagram

Final thought

Instagram is one of the most creative platforms to showcase your brand. Coming out on top doesn’t happen overnight, but if you follow the above Instagram techniques, you will steadily grow your account.

To refresh, here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Get the right aesthetic for your profile and stick to it.
  • Having a limited range of filters.
  • Involve your audience through the captions.
  • Be picky with your content.
  • Post more videos and boomerang.
  • Go live and use Instagram stories.
  • Plan ahead your content strategy.
  • Curate your posts.
  • Use the appropriate hashtags.
  • Track your competitors.

I hope you found this guide useful and I’d love to hear your thoughts in comments.

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Ten Steps To Grow A Successful Instagram Account
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