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[Complete Guide] Boost Social Media Engagement In 2020

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[Complete Guide] Boost Social Media Engagement In 2020

Are you wondering how to boost social media engagement in 2020?

In this guide, I'm going to tell you how to boost your social media engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in 2020.

  • What type of content should I post for more engagement?
  • What platform should I choose?
  • How can I boost my social media presence in 2020?

Discover all the answers to your questions in this article ⇣

How To Boost Social Media Engagement

Tips & Tricks you should try in 2020
  1. Boost social media engagement on Instagram in 2020
  2. Boost social media engagement on Facebook in 2020
  3. Boost social media engagement on Twitter in 2020
  4. Boost social media engagement on LinkedIn in 2020

1. Boost social media engagement on Instagram in 2020

Instagram is, by far, the most engaging platform out there, according to our social media content study.

With more than 1B active users every month, Instagram is the perfect place to promote your business and ideas uniquely.

Instagram vs. Facebook vs. Twitter

Firstly, make sure you handle your social your social handles are professional. Most professionals simply use their name, but some also choose a handle that represents their expertise, such as "the Instagram expert".

However, having a great handle is not enough.

If you want to boost your Instagram engagement in 2020, here are some tips & tricks that will help you.

  • Complete your profile

This is the first step, and it's a significant one.

Why? πŸ€”

If you want people to follow and trust you, they should know who you are, and this includes parts like profile picture and description.

If you are a person, use a picture with your face as a profile picture, like Dr. Natalia, Sue B. Zimmerman, or Jenn Herman are doing.

In case you are a brand, your profile picture should be a photo with your logo.

Complete your profile picture & description

Don't forget about the contact information.
Let your followers know what you are doing and what you will teach them with your posts. Give them a reason to follow you and interact with you.

Take Sue B. Zimmerman, for example: when you first visit her Instagram profile, you can see that she is an Instagram expert. If you want to learn more about this platform and how you can promote your business here, following her is a must.

  • Take advantage of the features

Want to promote your business on Instagram? Then take advantage of all the Instagram features like location tag, question sticker, mention sticker, emojis, play with the colors, and with your imagination - use Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are a powerful way to increase engagement. Take a look at how H&M, Zara, Happy Socks are using this feature to promote.

How brands are using Instagram Stories

Want to learn how to increase social media engagement with Instagram Stories? This article is for you.

  • Post more carousels posts!

Want to get more likes on your Instagram post? πŸ€”

Post more carousels! According to our Instagram study, carousel posts get more likes on Instagram.

Carousel posts for more likes
  • Post more videos!

Want to get more comments on your Instagram posts? πŸ€”

In general, people are not used to leave comments on a person's or brand's post, but according to our study, the chances to receive comments are higher when you publish video posts.

Post more videos if you want to receive more comments
  • Write short captions!

Over the years, people have tried a lot of different types of posts to increase engagement. After we analyzed 101,421,493 posts, we discovered how the perfect Instagram post looks like.

Perfect Instagram post: over 20 emojis, short captions of less than 10 words, and posting albums/ carousels.

Perfect Instagram post

2. Boost social media engagement on Facebook in 2020

With 2.45 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide, according to Statista.

Here are some tips you should follow if you want to boost engagement on Facebook in 2020.

  • Post vertical videos

Vertical videos outperform landscape video in engagement for all page sizes, according to our Facebook study.

Video formats over the years
  • Go live

Facebook Live videos get 6 times more interactions than regular Facebook videos and are a great way to increase social media engagement.

Mari Smith is a great example. Take a look at this video - she's talking about Facebook 2020 and what Mark Zuckerberg thinks will be valuable in the next decade.

5 Essential tips for when you go live:

βœ”οΈ Plan your video - What are you going to talk about and how long.
βœ”οΈ Notify followers in advance - Let your followers know about your live video in advance with posts on Facebook and other networks you are active. (Instagram, Twitter)
βœ”οΈ Write a description of your video - This part is essential because after reading the description, people may want to join.
βœ”οΈ Engage with your audience - If people are asking questions during the live stream, answer to those questions during the live session.
βœ”οΈ Be yourself

You can talk about:

βœ”οΈShare behind-the-scenes
βœ”οΈHost a Q&A
βœ”οΈDiscuss breaking news
βœ”οΈShare social media tips and news
βœ”οΈHost a webinar for your clients

  • Create a Facebook group

You might have a Facebook page for your brand, but if you want to make people engage with your content, you'll need a Facebook Group. This will help you create a community around your brand, boost engagement, and increase visibility.

The great part of a Facebook group is that you can manage the content, so make sure you complete the "Description" part for people to know what they can post and what not.

Facebook group description example
  • Ask questions

Asking questions is an excellent way to give our followers a chance to share their ideas, opinions, and beliefs about different topics.

Here’s an example where we asked our followers about what social media insights would they like to have data on:

Ask questions

You can also share recent blog posts and ask your followers what they think about that particular topic.

3. Boost social media engagement on Twitter in 2020

With an average of 330 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent per day, this platform should be on your list when planning your brand's social media strategy.

Let's find out how you can boost social media engagement on Twitter in 2020. πŸ˜‰

  • Complete your profile

Just like with Instagram and Facebook, it helps to get the profile set up entirely. Mainly for this platform, it can be great to add support hours so your customers and clients know when they can find you online.

Complete your Twitter profile with relevant info about you & your business
  • Use hashtags

When used correctly, hashtags can be a powerful way to grow your reach, boost engagement, and get more exposure on Twitter.

Use hashtags

Are you wondering:

  • How and why you should use hashtags on Twitter?
  • How many hashtags should you use?
  • How to track your Twitter hashtags and improve your hashtag strategy?

β‡’ Discover how to use Twitter hashtags for better engagement.

Use them wisely, and hashtags can drive your Twitter account to the top.

  • Use GIFs

Did you know that Tweets with GIFs receive 55% more engagement than those without? πŸ€”

β‡’ Engage with other users content
β‡’ Retweet when people mention you
β‡’ Share insightful articles
β‡’ Respond when someone Tweets to you

Retweet when people mention you
  • Post more videos

According to our study, video posts with short captions of under 10 words bring more engagement than photo posts. Take a look at the graphic.

Post more videos

4. Boost social media engagement on LinkedIn in 2020

With 303 million active users per month and 40% of which visit it daily, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking app.

Let's find out some tips you should follow if you want to boost social media engagement on LinkedIn in 2020.

  • Go live

Each time you start a live video on LinkedIn, all of your followers will receive a notification.

Choose a general topic and talk about it. Also, encourage people who joined your live video to ask questions and interact with you - just like a Q&A video.

Join live videos
  • Use hashtags

Never used hashtags on LinkedIn and you are wondering how to use them?

This article is for you: How to use LinkedIn hashtags to engage with your audience.

Use Linkedin hashtags

Here are other tips that will help you boost LinkedIn engagement:

  • Engage with others
  • Write LinkedIn articles
  • Create a LinkedIn group
  • Join LinkedIn groups
  • Share relevant content for your niche

Final thoughts

Remember: Social media is where your consumers are, so you can reach a massive scale of engagement by being active & responding on social media.

What is your favorite social media channel? How are you using these apps to achieve your business goals?

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