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15 Key Tips to Boost Facebook Performance + FREE Facebook Engagement Rate Calculator

Facebook engagement is any action a user takes on your Facebook posts. These actions typically include reactions, comments, shares on your posts.

Andreea Udescu
Andreea Udescu
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While Facebook marketing is no longer what it used to be a couple of years back in terms of engagement, this social media channel still remains a major priority for most influential brands.

That is why keeping an eye on your Facebook analytics is key. And that’s where our playbook on one of one of the most important Facebook metrics  - engagement - comes to the rescue.

Complete with a FREE Facebook post engagement rate calculator and 15 actionable tips on how to increase your Facebook engagement rate, this guide should be just what you need.

Let’s dive in!

How to increase engagement on Facebook: top strategies

What is Facebook engagement?
FREE Facebook engagement rate calculator
What is a good Facebook engagement rate?
How to increase engagement on Facebook with 15 key tips
FAQs about Facebook engagememt

What is Facebook engagement?

Facebook engagement is any action a user takes on your Facebook posts. These actions typically include reactions, comments, shares on your posts.

So, if you were wondering what does post engagement mean on Facebook, keep in mind that there are many ways of engaging with Facebook content.

These include reactions, comments, shares, but also video views, post saves or link clicks, but not all of those count towards calculating the Facebook engagement through the standard formulas.

While Facebook engagement represents the total number of interactions a post gained, there's also an adjacent metric that can be used to evaluate your content's performance, this being the Facebook average engagement rate per post.

This KPI shows how a particular post performed compared to the other ones, on average, allowing best practices identification.

The average engagement rate is considered by many to be the most important social media metric to track. It can be influenced by a number of factors, so it’s a good idea to also track your social media reach on Facebook and cross-check it with your engagement performance.

FREE Facebook engagement rate calculator

Speaking of formulas, you do not need to scour the web for the perfect formula to calculate Facebook engagement. Let us make your job easy.

You can use the free Facebook engagement rate calculator we created and included down below to calculate the Facebook average engagement rate per post, both by followers and by reach.

Want to double-check the accuracy of our calculators and learn how to calculate the engagement rate on Facebook? Then you can also do the math yourself using these formulas:

Facebook Engagement Rate Formula by Followers

[(Reactions + Comments + Shares / Posts) / Followers] x 100
facebook engagement formula by followers

Facebook engagement rate calculated by followers is a useful tool for comparing yourself to your competitors.

Facebook Engagement Rate Formula by Reach

[(Reactions + Comments + Shares / Posts) / Reach] x 100
facebook engagement formula by reach

On the other hand, Facebook engagement rate calculated by reach is much more suited for reporting on your own managed Facebook accounts.

An alternative to this Facebook engagement calculator is to use our Facebook engagement rate calculator template, where you can input your own numbers and let it do the heavy lifting.

To further automate this process, you can rely on Socialinsider to do the math for you and track your Facebook engagement evolution across time. This top social media analytics tool can serve as your personal engagement rate calculator for Facebook.

Track your Facebook engagement evolution with Socialinsider!

Measure total engagement, engagement rate by followers & reach and more, all within a single dashboard.

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What is a good Facebook engagement rate?

A good Facebook engagement rate is 0.23% calculated by followers.

Our most recent Facebook engagement data tells us that the average Facebook engagement rate is 0.23% (calculated by followers), which means anything above that is considered to be a good engagement rate for Facebook.

facebook engagement rate by post type

In general, it’s a great practice to regularly check social media benchmarks data to see if your results are below or above average and by how much.

How to increase engagement on Facebook with 15 key tips

No matter how good it is, a free social media engagement calculator for Facebook can only get you so far. What you do with the results you get is what really matters.

For that, you need a plan and a lot of actionable tips to give you a sense of direction and help you create the most engaging Facebook posts.

So let’s explore 15 key tips that will help you increase Facebook engagement for your brand:

Share valuable content

Let’s start with the most obvious yet the most important tip out there. For your audience to interact with your content, you need to create valuable and relatable engagement posts for Facebook.

Given that educational and entertaining content wins on social nowadays, if you want to increase Facebook engagement, you'll have to design content that's focused on fostering a relationship with your community rather than adopting a hard-selling approach.

The important thing that you need to remember is that people don’t want to hear you brag about how awesome your products are over and over again.

In today's social media world, consumers appreciate the most the content that speaks about the brand's values, and comes with solutions to their needs.

Below, you'll find a great example of how e.l.f Cosmetics leverages its human side to develop an emotional connection with its audience and increase engagement on Facebook.

facebook engagement sharing valuable content

Prioritize video

Social media marketers need to face an undeniable truth: when it comes to social media content, video is the newly crowned king.

And there’s no reason why Facebook should be exempt from this reality. So the key to create highly engaging posts for Facebook is to lean heavily into video.

As you might have noticed in the chart we shared above, videos are the number one post type generating high Facebook engagement rate. You might’ve thought it’s Reels, but we’re sorry to report they’ve been experiencing a significant drop over the last year.

So, if you want to create only Facebook posts that get the most engagement, dare to venture into the world of Facebook video marketing.

facebook engagement prioritize video

Include attractive visuals

In the big sea of posts that get delivered to Facebook user feeds, if your content is not catchy enough, it can easily get overlooked by Facebook users.

So here’s another important lesson if you want to get more engagement on Facebook: create eye-candy content.

Given that social media is a world of aesthetics, your creative design will weigh a great deal in convincing your audience to engage with your posts. On the list of creative Facebook engagement post ideas, posts with attractive visuals rank pretty high.

Try leveraging vibrant colors, as these will make your creatives seem more cheerful, which will help them stand out more.

facebook engagement attractive visuals

Leverage CTAs

Coupling your posts with a powerful CTA (call-to-action) can be key to unlocking massive amounts of engagement.

Don't overcomplicate it! Add a simple open question at the end of your posts, or encourage your audience to hit the like or comment button if they enjoy the content you shared - simple as that.

The goal should be to create meaningful conversations around your posts, and of course, increase your engagement rate.

Invest in community management

Continuing our journey of learning how to get more Facebook engagement, as a brand that puts a lot of money into social media, you surely understand your popularity comes from your followers.

After all, their active involvement and interest is the reason behind your marketing efforts.

Therefore, if your marketing goal is to increase engagement on Facebook, then you should prioritize investing time in community management.

Facebook engagement should be a two-way street when it comes to communication, which means your community expects you to be highly involved and keep the conversations going.

After all, everybody wants to see that their opinion matters.

How to manage your community properly, you might ask. Well, you have quite a lot of options, depending on the situation.

You can ask their opinion, thank them, engage with them, and invite them to join you on your brand mission. Don't avoid negative comments (when they represent constructive feedback expressed in a respectful way), offer your support and try to resolve the situation every time.

Be as prompt as you possibly can - that can make a real difference when it comes to their buying decisions.

Be as prompt as you possibly can - that can make a real difference when it comes to their buying decisions.

facebook engagement community management

Be active in Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great way of creating strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Keep in mind they are now looking for honest communication, and this might be the missing piece when it comes to successfully unifying your community.

A Facebook group is the perfect place to start a customer loyalty program for example.

By serving your subscribers exclusive content you’ll show that you’re willing to reward them for the loyalty shown. This will only make them appreciate your brand and will help build their trust even more.

To keep it short, my advice would be: engage with your fans on your Facebook page and groups, share useful content for them, appreciate their feedback, ask questions regarding their concerns.

Need more proof? We asked our LinkedIn audience what they think is the best place for an online community, and here’s what they chose:

facebook engagement groups

Boost some of your content (especially videos)

While you might be committed to growing your Facebook organically, sometimes it’s worth investing in some post boosting to make sure your content gets in front of as many people as possible.

More reach means more people have the chance to notice your brand and take an interest in it. If they consider it to be valuable to them, they will engage and eventually (hopefully) even make a purchase.

In the Facebook reach vs engagement conundrum, both are equally important and contribute massively to your brand’s growth on Facebook.

Many Facebook engagement posts qualify for boosting, but since videos are the most powerful content type right now on Facebook, you should prioritize them.
If you choose to go down this path, then keep an eye on the performance of your boosted posts and make sure to include them in your regular social media audits.

Capitalize on nostalgia

Since millennials make up the majority of Facebook users, one other tip to implement for better Facebook engagement is to create posts that appeal to their nostalgia.

So, if you’re low on inspiration for how to get more engagement on Facebook, don’t hesitate to share content that will put your audience in a nostalgic mood, reminiscing about the “good old days” and sharing these engagement posts with their friends.

Nostalgia content is just one of those social media trends that just sticks.

As you can see below, Microsoft has done a fine job of capitalizing on people’s nostalgia for earlier versions of Windows OS, and of course, their childhood/youth.

facebook engagement nostalgia posts

Optimize your posting time and post consistently

An important part of your Facebook global engagement strategy will be to conduct an analysis to understand your audience's navigational patterns.

Questions like “when is my audience online, how often should I post, or what content pillar is best received by my audience?" should be top of mind when creating a marketing plan aimed to increase your Facebook engagement rate.

While some metrics, such as the best time to post, are available in the platform's native analytics, in the "Insights" section, a third-party tool, such as Socialinsider, can offer more in-depth audience and Facebook engagement rate data, which creates a wider context for your data.

Last but not least, once you discover when your fans are most active, you'll have to create an optimal posting schedule. Because increased post engagement on Facebook, in the long run, is achieved through consistency.

You can get clarity on this easily via Socialinsider:

facebook engagement best time to post

A couple of posts published every now and then may get you some attention, but this strategy is not going to get your brand at the top of your audience's mind and help you achieve the level of social media interaction you're looking for.

Having a content plan created based on accurate social media insights and sprinkled with creative concepts for your visuals is a flawless strategy for getting more engagement on Facebook.

Encourage opinions

If, for some reason, it is difficult for people to engage with your Facebook posts, then they won’t do it.

You have to make it easy and exciting for them to actively participate and share their thoughts. Some of the best Facebook posts for engagement are those that make people want to share and even defend their opinions on social media.

One way to do this is to share questions for Facebook engagement and include multiple answers. For example, if you’re a brand in the make-up industry, you might ask your audience something like this:

“What’s one makeup item you never leave home without?

  1. Lipstick
  2. Concealer
  3. Mascara”

You might throw in a more controversial option if you want to really challenge your audience, and you might get much more specific with your questions - that’s all up to you.

Share native content

Tempted as you may be to cross-post content from other platforms, it's not the best strategy if you want to boost your engagement on Facebook (or any other social media channel, for that matter).

You might be particularly tempted to share Reels and Stories from Instagram on Facebook, but again, it’s not a winning strategy for getting more Facebook engagement.

Instead, try to create dedicated content for Facebook, such as photo, link, video or text posts.

facebook engagement native content

Share user-generated content

A great way to connect with your audience and get them to reach out and engage is to share user-generated content.

This kind of content is a massive Facebook engagement generator, because people just love to see their own content shared by a brand they care about.

You can begin by asking your audience to send you personal photos or videos featuring your products. To incentivize them, consider turning this process into a contest and offering a gift card or free products in return. UGC-based content has the chance to result in plenty of high engagement Facebook posts.

GoPro are real pros at leveraging UGC for better engagement on Facebook:

facebook engagement ugc

Go live

One way to draw attention and subsequently improve your brand’s Facebook engagement is to do live broadcasts. Live videos usually get priority in the news feed.

Live videos give you a chance to connect with your followers, be transparent. Just remember to prepare some talking points in advance and keep engaging with your audience - and you’ll see your engagement increase and your follower growth skyrocket.

And don’t worry, live videos stay on your feed even after the livestream is over, so people can still engage with this type of content afterwards

Be active on Facebook Stories

Stories are the easiest type of content to consume on Facebook, and they’re not difficult to create either. Incorporating Stories in your strategy can do wonders for your overall engagement rate on Facebook.

As for the content itself, you can share images or videos featuring your content, as well as Q&As or polls, thus encouraging audience participation.

facebook engagement stories

Measure Facebook engagement

These Facebook engagement posts ideas we’ve shared in this guide can only get you so far. To unlock real growth for your Facebook account, you need to be tracking your progress and adjusting your strategy along the way.

You can try to do this using Meta Business Suite but using some professional Facebook analytics tools, such as Socialinsider, for example, will save you a lot of headaches and always provide you with fresh Facebook statistics.

In Socialinsider, you can explore in-depth analytics data for your Facebook and track your engagement data across time.

facebook engagement analytics

Beyond the classic social media metrics, you can also see data about the top-performing post types by engagement, engagement types distribution and much more.

It’s also recommended that you perform a Facebook competition analysis to see how your competitors are performing and whether there’s something you could do better than them.

This type of social media analysis provides some much needed context for your data and helps you understand if you should adjust your strategy to match or surpass the industry average.

facebook engagement content types data

By measuring your engagement performance with a dedicated Facebook analytics tool, you stand a better chance to reach your marketing goals, generate leads and even sales for your brand.

You can also create powerful social media reports focused on Facebook performance that prove your ROI.

Final thoughts

Facebook engagement is an important KPI to measure for every social media manager. But it’s not just about the numbers, it's also about the connection between a brand and its customers.

If your fans experience a positive feeling while interacting with your brand, they become loyal to your brand and they can recommend the brand to others.

And for sure you’ll be their top of mind choice when googling related products or services with your business. That’s the goal of social media marketing on any platform, not just Facebook.

Support your sales team with empowering content, nurture your fans and invite them to be brand ambassadors for your brand.

We hope this full guide on how to increase Facebook engagement, complete with an easy-to-use Facebook engagement rate calculator and 15 key strategies will count towards improving your engagement and building a loyal community around your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook engagement

What is a good Facebook engagement rate?

Depending on your industry, the optimal engagement rate may differ. However, with the platform's average being located at 0.23%, anything greater than that is considered a good value.

Does Facebook engagement affect other metrics?

Yes, a decrease in Facebook engagement can, for instance, affect your reach. That's because Facebook's algorithm prioritizes posts that generate meaningful interactions and conversations.

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