Ask The Experts: What’s The Future Of Facebook Marketing?

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Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing?

As everyone is keen to find new ways to raise their game on social, we’ve talked with 10 Facebook experts and social media influencers about the future of Facebook in 2018.

#1. Lilach Bullock - Forbes Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Lilach Bullock - the future of Facebook marketing

'There needs to be a bigger focus on optimizing your Facebook content for mobile - as well as any web page or content you might link to in your Facebook posts. People are increasingly using Facebook exclusively on their smartphones and it's expected that in just a few years, the majority of Facebook users will do so, so it's essential that your Facebook Page content (as well as your website and blog) is properly optimized for mobile.’

#2. Michael Stelzner - Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, Host of the Social Media Marketing podcast

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Michael Stelzner - the future of Facebook marketing

‘2018 PREDICTION: Facebook becomes MAJOR player in video.

Facebook will become a major competitor to YouTube. In 2017, Facebook kicked off the Facebook Watch rollout for select creators (their TV-like option within Facebook).

In 2018, we'll see that program expand to all people and pages on Facebook. We'll also likely see Facebook roll out new features for video creators1 that'll make it far easier to get exposure and be discovered. This could include preferential Facebook News Feed exposure for original native video, generous revenue share deals, and the eventual roll out of a dedicated video app.

We also might see Facebook negotiate traditional television deals or even start its own cable television network. If you're a video creator, watch this space closely!’

#3. Alex Khan - Social Media Strategist, CEO&founder of Attractive Media

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Alex Khan - the future of Facebook marketing

‘It´s all about attention.

Facebook reaches 2.1B people and owns one variable better than any other company. I am talking about contextual data of people. Thus being said the future for businesses on Facebook will be to create a strategy, build the right (custom, lookalike) audiences and publish great content.’

#4. Logan Young - Co-founder @ BlitzMetrics, Facebook Ads Geek

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Logan Young - the future of Facebook marketing

‘The future of Facebook marketing is clearly in multi-channel strategy and analytics. In other words, if your social media efforts are effective, they will spill over into search, email, retail, and other touchpoints, since people talk to one another and use multiple touchpoints.

Even in 2018, marketers will still assume that if you engage with customers on Facebook, then you either get a sale right then or nothing at all. This "zero funnel" strategy is giving way towards building relationships with customers over time across many channels.

Thus, expect Facebook's release of "advanced measurement" sometime in 2018 to finally address the social ROI question.

And expect more heavy automation about campaign management, such that we need only input our goals, content, and targeting.

Anyone who is still trying to pretend to be a Facebook marketing expert or someone who just does Facebook ads is in for a rude awakening eventually. You'll need to understand search, email, websites, TV, and whatever channels-- to be able to coordinate and measure campaigns.’

#5. Neal Schaffer - Social Media Author, Consultant, Educator, and Speaker

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Neal Schaffer - the future of Facebook marketing

‘Despite the rise of millennial social networks such as Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook is still alive and well and really is the central place where the earth's population goes to keep in touch with friends, family and even find information.

While Facebook will continue to experiment with providing marketers new functionality around technologies such as livestreaming, video, and messaging, it will become more difficult and more expensive for marketers to engage on Facebook and achieve the same results they have in the past.

Instagram will continue to eat up more and more of both consumer mindshare and that of consumer-facing marketers, while influencer marketing on Instagram will continue its exponential rise in 2018.’

#6. Emily Crume - Director of Strategy for Social Media Examiner

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Emily Crume - the future of Facebook marketing

‘The future of Facebook marketing will focus on video, mobile and data. Facebook continues to give preference to video content and users are consuming that on mobile phones.

The data and analytics will enable marketers to create content that gets them even closer to their customers.

Moving beyond 2018, content may also include technology like AR, VR, AI and more. Marketers should look for ways to capitalize on these features/functionalities for enhanced engagement.’

#7. Phyllis Khare - Co-founder @ Social Media Manager School

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Phyllis Khare  - the future of Facebook marketing

‘I think Facebook marketing is becoming less of a DIY thing (for small businesses) and more suited for using experts (content creation, visual, video production, advertising).’

#8. Keri Jaehnig - Founder Idea girl media, Social Media Marketer

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Keri Jaehnig - the future of Facebook marketing

‘Video! Live video, 360 video, livestreaming, created branded video organically uploaded, and any real view captured on video that lets people really connect on a more human level. Brands that create regular "shows" will see benefit and build meaningful audience.

Curated content will always be shareable, but we're seeing less attention to those types of content in the news feed, so this will decrease in importance. The future is about connecting in a personal way - Images will be a part of that too.

Usually Facebook releases a "new set of toys" right around Christmas, so lets see what happens that will keep us busy in 2018.’

#9. Glen Gilmore - Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Glen Gilmore - the future of Facebook marketing

Effective marketing on Facebook will depend more and more on a marketer’s ability to:

  • Inspire creative user-generated content and conversation;
  • Identify and activate relevant influencer (and micro-influencer) collaborations, creating relationships of trust and community that go beyond simply one-shot sponsored content-sharing moments;
  • Tap into augmented and virtual reality to offer richer experiences;
  • Be multi-faceted in content sharing, striking a balance between long-form and short-form content; recorded video and live-streaming;
  • Skillfully craft, target, measure and adjust ads.

#10. Sam Hurley - The Guy Who Went From 'Nobody' to #1 Marketing Influencer in 15 Months

Are you wondering what 2018 might look like for Facebook marketing? Sam Hurley  - the future of Facebook marketing

‘Facebook is an all-encompassing dominator that can't be ignored. No matter your business model, you must be on Facebook and applying it to sell.

Chatbots are one of the brand's biggest trending innovations to date, and we will see more of this tech next year as it grows out of its primal state. "80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020."

In 2018, marketers need to be considering the use of chatbots via Messenger to close the loop between Social Media + sales (especially those promoting Ecommerce businesses).

In combination — ad spend is required to actually get seen by audiences. Facebook have throttled organic reach and this will continue to be the case (even more so) in future.

You can (and should) also advertise in Messenger itself, which presents heaps of opportunity. Experiment and find what works for your brand!

Just be sure to keep on top of changes — Facebook NEVER stands still.’

Final thought

What do you think? How do you expect Facebook marketing to evolve in the coming months? Share your thoughts, ideas or tips with us.

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