How the UNTOLD group manages to optimise time and develop “immediate reports” with Socialinsider

With Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Ana Pogonariu

The UNTOLD group has three big music festivals under its umbrella, like UNTOLD, Neversea and Massif. They all address different music genres’ lovers, offering participants unique experiences and a lot of fun.


Bucharest, Romania

  • Less time spent on reporting
  • Higher engagement rate, almost double
  • An improved social media strategy based on data
Key Features Used

Ana Pogonariu is the Social Media Manager at UNTOLD, a group that plans and promotes music festivals like UNTOLD, Neversea and Massif.

Working in the music domain, where trends change all the time, Ana confessed that she was accustomed to not only quickly switch between tasks, but also work at a fast pace.

The UNTOLD festival is the biggest music festival in Romania, having thousands of hundreds of fans. Summer after the summer, this festival makes hearts beat with the same rhythm for those who are in love with music.


  • Finding out what type of content performs better
  • Getting “immediate reports”
  • Learning what’s the best time to post

UNTOLD became one of our clients in August 2022 and our story together sounds like a great summer playlist.

Ana, who is a Social Media Manager for the UNTOLD group, coordinating music festivals like UNTOLD, Neversea and Massif, told us about the utility of Socialinsider and how the tool eased her work.

Working in the music festivals industry means that you always need to be on the go. Before using Socialinsider, Ana told us that she found it difficult to develop a report about a specific campaign.

That’s when our platform came to the rescue. With Socialinsider, Ana managed to download a report for a particular social media campaign.

“I used to spend a lot of time finding the right insights on social media platforms. This is one of the main problems that I had, especially because I work in the entertainment industry and in festivals or music festivals everything happens very quickly.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

The Social Media Manager for UNTOLD also told us that when she first saw the dashboard for Socialinsider, she immediately felt she could trust the data in front of her eyes.

“About two years ago, someone who really inspires me showed me this platform, showed me Socialinsider and when I got to work at UNTOLD, I immediately wanted to use it.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Ana confessed that the best thing about Socialinsider, that really comes in handy when working the music festivals industry, is social media reporting.

“ What helped me a lot was that you can also analyze other brands on social media, not only your brand.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

For the fact that she could both track the evolution of her brand, but also of the competitive ones, Ana really appreciates the functionality of the tool.

All the positive outcomes that derive from the competitive analysis helped her design better social media campaigns for UNTOLD.

Ana brought forward the notion of “immediate reports”, referring to the evolution of some specific social media posts analytics dating about 2-3 days back.

She looks at the social media metrics after posting the content to see the immediate evolution and performance and she tracks it to see the metrics grow as the days go by.

“So I go to Socialinsider, I select the range and I go exactly on social posts analytics. I am using it once per week. It’s my good buddy.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Thinking about the results she managed to achieve due to the use of Socialinsider, Ana Pogonariu told us that the engagement for her brand doubled.

“I really improved the content strategy of the brand. The engagement has doubled. Also I optimised a lot of time. Especially in this industry, time is the key.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Another feature she frequently uses on Socialinsider is the one regarding the best time to post for every social media platform. Ana says this helps her a lot to figure it out when her audience is there to quickly engage with her content.

“If Socialinsider says the right time to post is 02.00 A.M., then I’m going for 02.00 A.M.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Also Ana confessed that she loves the fact that she can also see TikTok analytics data. For her, this is a big plus.

Even if Ana couldn’t tell us how much money she saves with Socialinsider (top secret), she let us know that she saves a lot of time. And we all know that time is money.

“What I like the most is that right now we can make more complex reports, with more insights. It saves me up to 10 hours per month.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Regarding the content strategy she uses, Ana Pogonariu told us that Socialinsider helped her learn which type of content is performing better.

“For exemple on Facebook, for us, album posts perform better. And also on Instagram, it shows whether the carousels or Reels are working better.”

Ana Pogonariu, Social Media Manager at UNTOLD

Due to the use of Socialinsider, Ana told us what cannot remain untold (pun intended), namely that their social media posts get more reactions and higher engagement.

And we know that higher values for the social media KPIs is every social media manager’s dream.

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