How Locarl developed a market intelligence service based on Socialinsider’s features

With Dirk Sasse, Founder of Locarl


Locarl is a business that operates digital showrooms packed with virtual inventory for local car dealerships.


Bielefeld Area, Germany

  • Provide market intelligence to customers
  • Improve the efficiency of the social media activities
  • Compare each German region and see where they stand
Key Features Used

Locarl is a German based business that operates digital car dealerships, with virtual stocks, for local dealers of a premium German car manufacturer. They basically do dropshipping for automotive.

We wanted to know more about what made them decide to use Socialinsider for their social media analytics and the results they’ve been getting so far, so we talked to Dirk Sasse, the Founder of Locarl.


  • Easy to use social media analytics tool
  • Point solution for analytics
  • Easy to understand reports for the stakeholders

Because the dealers that Locarl works with are present in social media, the company was looking for a tool that could provide benchmarking for different regions in Germany. And since the target audience for the final reports are the General Manager and Head of Sales and Marketing, the reports needed to be easy to understand.

“We were looking for an easy to use, "point solution", that will help us monitor the social media activities of our customers. The target audience for the final reports are General Manager, Head of Sales and Marketing. The analysis and reports need to be easy to understand.”

Dirk Sasse - Founder of Locarl

When it came to choosing the best tool to do social analytics and benchmarking, Locarl decided that Socialinsider was exactly what they needed. An easy to use, "point solution", that would help them keep track of the social media activities of their customers (the dealer of the premium German cars mentioned above).

The automated reports and benchmarking offered by Socialinsider were exactly the kind of reliable solution that the company was hoping to find.

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • A reliable solution to create benchmarks and learn what works best
  • Automated reports
  • Quick and fast adjustments based on the client feedback
  • Outstanding support and assistance

The Locarl team has made it a weekly habit to send comprehensive, segmented, and easy to understand analyses to the dealers.The dealers that Locarl works with receive weekly reports that help them understand how the industry is performing in social media, packed with valuable learnings.

By sending the comparative reports generated with Socialinsider, they offer added value to their customers, the car dealers. That’s because they are able to analyse trends, activities, and results in social media in a segmented manner, in order to better understand the market specificity of each region.

Based on what they learn from the automated reports, they can optimize their own social media activities and get better results.

“For us - it is a great solution to create additional value for our customers. We use Socialinsider to monitor each dealer's social media engagements. The reports are generated once a week and distributed to the dealer. This way each dealer has a benchmark and can learn from what works best.”

Dirk Sasse - Founder of Locarl

The easy to use platform, data, and the automation features are some of the things that the Locarl team loves most about Socialinsider.

And one of the reasons that they prefer working with teams such as ours is the fast support. We all know how much it matters to be able to get those custom reports that make a real difference for a business, and getting them fast.


  • Provide market intelligence to customers
  • Improve the efficiency of the social media activities
  • Compare each German region and see where they stand

The Socialinsider features actually helped Locarl expand their services. The benchmarking services that Locarl is offering would not be available to the dealers if it weren’t for the automated reports that Socialinsider provides.

“We provide some market intelligence to our customers. If they are more efficient and effective with their social media activities, it will help everybody long term. That's what we are trying to achieve. We would not provide the service without Socialinsider. It would be way too time consuming for us.”

Dirk Sasse - Founder of Locarl

Being able to generate fast custom reports that provide their customers with benchmarking analyses has helped the German auto dropshipping company to provide an extra service and extra value, something that wouldn’t have been possible without the automated Socialinsider reports.

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