How Hype Lab took its social media reports to the next level, optimizing time and costs

With Nick Radclyffe, CEO at Hype Lab


Hype Lab is a content-first social agency. They do social for brands, people and events inside alternative culture.


London, United Kingdom

  • Team efficiency
  • Save time on reporting
  • Get in-depth social posts analytics
Key Features Used

Hype Lab is a content-first, full service social media agency based in London that specialises in creating content driven social media strategies for musicians, festivals and music brands.

And with great social campaigns comes the need for in-depth analytics and reporting, as well as content, ads, and brand analysis - the features that Socialinsider customers also use the most.

The agency has been using Socialinsider since 2019, and has become one of the advocates for our tool.

We’ve recently had a talk with Nick Radclyffe, CEO at Hype Lab. We wanted to know how much value Hype Lab is getting from Socialinsider, and how they’ve been using it to keep providing great insights for their clients.

Nick walked us through the way his agency uses Socialinsider for its clients, and the impressive results they’ve been getting so far.


  • Get the right social media metrics that matter to clients
  • Pricey social media tools compared with their offerings
  • Spend too much time on reporting

Before using Socialinsider, the team at Hype Lab found themselves spending a lot of their budget on tools that didn’t really provide them with enough value.

They were able to see some data and generate reports, but they weren’t getting the right social media metrics, the ones that really mattered to their clients.

Besides, the data that they were able to get was basic, and they couldn’t use it to provide thorough social media analyses. And that’s a big downside, especially when you’re a content-first social media agency that is focused on constant optimization.

“We used a few other tools, one called SumAll which offered a similar but less in-depth approach on a budget. The biggest issue is the sheer cost of some of these reporting tools who largely don’t even focus on the right metrics, simply showcasing the data as labeled inside the apps' API.”

Nick Radclyffe, CEO at Hype Lab

Eventually, Hype Lab switched to Socialinsider for its detailed reports, focusing on the metrics that matter, and also for its cost.

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • The most in-depth reporting tool for a very cost effective budget
  • Highly responsive team
  • Easily create monthly reports for clients
  • Review the performance of social posts

It wasn’t long before Nick and his team realised that Socialinsider turned out to be the most in-depth reporting tool for a very cost effective budget out there.

To make things even better, he was impressed with the responsiveness and quality of Socialinsider’s customer care. And we all know how much fast and effective support matters when it comes to onboarding and then customizing tools in such a way that they’re being used to their full potential.

Since they started using the Brand reports feature, the Hype Lab team has also been saving a lot of time and energy.

Socialinsider has helped them get to the next level from doing the reports manually for each client, always struggling to dig for more relevant and insightful data.

Also, the possibility to review the performance of specific posts has been a huge help in interpreting the data. Basically, the social posts analytics feature gave the team the possibility to look not just at graphs and metrics, but really understand what influences content performance and how it can be optimized.

“We use SocialInsider for day-to-day insights if we need to outline any simple strategic changes or review the performance of certain posts. We also use it to populate monthly reports for our clients quickly and easily using the Brand report function.”

Nick Radclyffe, CEO at Hype Lab


  • Team efficiency
  • Save time on reporting
  • Get in-depth social posts analytics

And they’ve had great results so far.

Today, Socialinsider means less work for the Hype Lab team due to the implementation of the automated reports that provide valuable, in depth analysis, and to the flexibility and responsiveness of the customer care.

All this at a very competitive rate, which has helped the company save considerably each year.

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