Caktuss spends 50% less time conducting social media reports with Socialinsider

With Ramy Kandil, Founder & Managing Director at Caktuss

Jami Eidsvold

Caktuss is a digital advertising and marketing agency. Starting with the MENA region in 2020, Caktuss has quickly established itself as a trusted strategy development, social management, and content production solution globally.


Cairo, Egypt

  • 50% less time spent on conducting social media reports
  • Increased client retention through improved content strategy
  • 5 pitches won using Socialinsider data
Key Features Used

Caktuss can now monitor and optimize its social media efforts around the clock and benchmark against previous campaigns to determine growth. Through Socialinsider, Caktuss improved its social strategy, which resulted in higher client retention and secured new deals.

Read the story of Caktuss and see how Socialinsder helped the digital advertising and marketing agency ease their workflow and reduce costs.

A clever way to communicate with clients globally

Caktuss has established itself as a trusted marketing partner for many local, regional, and international brands in just two years of activity.

Caktuss' client portfolio includes renowned brands such as Google, YouTube, the WHO, and several real estate brands across the MENA region — Dorra Group, Qatari Diar, Orascom Development, and more.

As a worldwide digital agency that works with brands from different sectors, Caktuss needed to convey and maintain a clear and consistent message to all clients — no matter the platform or industry.

The brand found managing and tracking insights using native social media platforms challenging, as they lacked historical data and customizability.

Moreover, pitching and educating clients using the jargon of each software also proved tricky.

“It was rather frustrating having to learn each platform's insight-based lingo and educate our clients on it accordingly.”

Ramy Kandil, founder of Caktuss

This was until they discovered Socialinsider.

Socialinsider offered an all-in-one solution to their issues and allowed the Cairo-based agency to quantify performance across multiple dashboards.

“Providing a user-friendly interface and quick customer support, Socialinsider assisted Caktuss in conveying to its clients a complete story about how their brands were performing online.”

Ramy Kandil, founder of Caktuss

Ramy Kandil — the founder of Caktuss — admitted that his favorite thing about Socialinsider is how simple it is to use. Even though Socialinsider provides staff training on navigating the platform, the agency's employees needed little to none because they figured it out right away.

A fairly priced business solution to optimize workflow

Unlike other platforms, Socialinsider offered a custom plan to fit Caktuss’ day-to-day needs.

Through Socialinsider, Caktuss got access to insights, analytics, reporting, and engagement overview from a unified platform that integrates Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.

“The insights and data it could extract from social platforms, flexible pricing models, and excellent reputation for stellar customer service made the choice easy for us.”

Ramy Kandil, founder of Caktuss

Out of Socialinsider’s features, Caktuss used competitor analysis, social media reporting, and campaign monitoring the most.

Through competitor analysis, the team was able to spot trends and act on them before other businesses.

“Competitor analysis is vital, especially to our real estate clients in a highly dynamic and competitive industry. Socialinsider has enabled us to provide a holistic view of competitor performance and set benchmarks for various metrics to work towards”

Ramy Kandil, founder of Caktuss

Caktuss also uses Socialinsider weekly or bi-monthly for always-on performance assessment and client performance reporting.

By using the social media reporting feature, the agency was able to reduce the time spent on conducting social media reports by 50%.

Not only Caktuss managed to cut its reporting time in half by using Socialinsider's features. But they also helped the agency save approximately 20 working hours per month for each employee.

Strengthening client relationships via social strategy

A more frequent usage occurs in the case of active campaigns, which require weekly or even daily assessment to stay on top of what is happening and optimize results.

Caktuss uses Socialinsider's campaign monitoring feature to improve its social strategy and increase client retention.


By constantly and proactively sharing data derived from our app, offering recommendations on how to increase future engagement and improving its overall social strategy as an agency.

But campaign monitoring did more than that.

Caktuss uses the campaign monitoring feature as a selling point in their pitches when approaching prospective clients.

The results?

In less than two years, the Cairo-based agency won five pitches solely based on Socialinsider data.

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