How Hanging Gardens Agency went from a full day to only one hour for a social media report

With Dorra Lunet, Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens is a boutique agency that connects brands and consumers through creative content.


Dubai, UAE

  • Create a brand report in one hour
  • Spend more time to provide added value to clients
  • Access one single dashboard for analytics and reporting
Key Features Used

The Hanging Gardens agency is an independent marketing communications boutique agency.

The agency is led by forward-thinking marketers who know that traditional practices and approaches aren’t cutting edges in our modern complex customer-centric world.

Their boutique concept offers premium marketing strategies, social communications, content creation, and an array of services at cost-effective schemes.

Dorra Lunet, Director at Hanging Gardens Agency, gave us an overview on the challenges that the social media team faced before using Socialinsider, and how they managed to improve their efficiency, measuring and reporting methodology, as well as their results.

We’ve learned that Hanging Gardens is as focused on adding value for its clients as it is on accuracy and completeness of the social analytics reports the team delivers. So it’s no wonder that since they started using Socialinsider they’ve managed to drive impressive results and achieve their KPIs.


  • Create consolidated social media reports for clients
  • Compare strategic insights from the competitors
  • Save time on reporting

Hanging Garden Agency’s social media work required a platform that could provide a more in-depth analysis of their client’s results, and compare them with their competitors’. They also needed to see the big picture - a benchmarking overview that could provide insights regarding their campaign strategies.

“Before using Socialinsider, we were not able to have a platform allowing us to have consolidated reporting for our clients and their competitors.”

Dorra Lunet - Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

Without this level of analytics and reporting, the team had to spend much more time digging for data, trying to make sense of it, and then wrap it up in reports that made sense to their clients.

Not much time left for the actual creative work and the added value.

After all, outstanding results aren’t an outcome of a team that spends long hours doing reporting work.

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • Check the social media performance
  • Create competitive reports in a few clicks
  • Gathering all the social media insights in one single dashboard

The Hanging Gardens Agency chose Socialinsider as it gives a consolidated overview of the accounts performances across most of the existing social media platforms.

Another important reason that the agency prefers our analytics and reporting tool is being able to monitor competitors for their clients, and then being able to generate competitive reports in a few clicks only.

“The best thing about Socialinsider is regrouping all information and analytics allowing us to monitor the performances of the campaign in one tool.”

Dorra Lunet - Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

Currently, the agency uses the comprehensive Socialinsider reports on a daily basis to monitor client accounts. They look at the growth and performances reports mostly. Also, the team relies on Socialinsider to generate project basis reports, and do the monthly reporting for its clients.

Based on the results and trends that the Hanging Gardens team notices in these reports, they can focus on what’s effective and what needs to be improved, and they advise their clients to adjust their strategies accordingly. Then, data-driven decisions are made regarding content, social media campaigns, and overall marketing strategies.


  • Create a brand report in one hour
  • Spend more time to provide added value to clients
  • Access one single dashboard for analytics and reporting

By using Socialinsider, The Hanging Gardens Agency has managed to save lots of time that they previously spent on gathering information, extracting the metrics that they needed, and reporting.

Now, they use the extra time and the valuable insights from Socialinsider’s reports to maximize the results of their campaigns and invest in the best performing ones.

The agency can now customize their strategies based on what works for each client, considering the competition’s efforts, and drive top results for the brands that they work with.

“On average, a full report for a brand requires 1 to 2 hours of work with Socialinsider, where it used to require a full day to gather the data, consolidate it, verify it and place it in our reporting template.”

Dorra Lunet - Director at Hanging Gardens Agency

Socialinsider has become the number one social media analytics tool that Hanging Gardens Agency relies on to provide strategic benchmarking and advice to their clients, driving success and added value.

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