How Mocha agency saves 5 full days of reporting work

With Yar Zar Aung, Founder & CEO at Mocha


Mocha is an award winning full-service digital agency which focuses on developing social media strategies for international brands.


Yangon, Myanmar

  • Use Socialinsider as a data warehouse provider
  • Save up to five days of 12 people for social media reporting
  • Save up to 4 hours per week on reporting
Key Features Used

Digital agencies are amongst the Socialinsider clients that make the most out of our social analytics and reporting tool. The features that we’ve developed along the years have helped them save time, collect and analyse relevant metrics, and deliver insights to their clients through simple, easy to understand reports.

Mocha is the first pure-digital service breed in Yangon Myanmar. The agency has a team of 54 people currently managing the social media presence of 42 brands.

They work with both local and global brands, providing services that include digital strategy planning, content planning, campaigns, media buying and analytics. And the more clients, the more reporting the team has to do.

Yar Zar Aung, founder & CEO at Mocha, breaks down how Socialinsider has become a lifesaver when it comes to reporting, and has helped increase team productivity massively.


  • Process large amounts of data to get competitors insights
  • Manually create custom reports for clients
  • 12 people working 5 days to cover all the reporting

Now, the entire team at Mocha can craft data driven digital strategy for their clients. They deliver value based on the easy to understand Socialinsider reports, that include a competitor benchmarking and relevant social analytics metrics.

“Before using Socialinsider, we used to create custom reports for global brands like L'Oréal Paris and other local top brands in PowerPoint. It consumed 7 full days of 12 people to cover 42 brands. With Socialinsider we can finish everything in 2 days.”

Yar Zar Aung, Founder & CEO at Mocha

That’s really impressive, and we’re glad to have such a positive impact. We can’t help but wonder how much productivity and creativity would increase if every agency could save 5 days’ work for 12 team members just by optimising its marketing tools.

Mocha is also saving time by using the Socialinsider benchmarking reports. Now, they don’t have to run the reports manually in order to do the competitor analysis anymore.

“The Benchmark report feature saves us tons of time in daily workflow.”

Yar Zar Aung, Founder & CEO at Mocha

And all that time spent manually gathering data and trying to make sense of it could be put to much better use. Not to mention that an overload of measuring and reporting work is what usually keeps teams in agencies from delivering more creativity, more focus on strategy, and better campaign ideas.

However, once the repetitive work is taken care of by a tool like Socialinsider, that guarantees accuracy and reliability, Mocha, as well as other agencies, has more time for the deep work.

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • Reporting only takes 2 days for all brands, instead of 7 working days
  • Straight to the point social media analytics
  • Creating monthly reports through the API

According to the founder of Mocha, the team now loves Socialinsider because of how well it suits their needs.

What they appreciate the most are the easy to understand reports and the competitor analysis, that are complete and offer all the important metrics.

“And we definitely appreciate the customer service whenever we need it. You know your industry well.”

Yar Zar Aung, Founder & CEO at Mocha

The team at Mocha now uses Socialinsider on a daily basis to record KPIs and they also check in monthly through API to gather report data.


  • Use Socialinsider as a data warehouse provider
  • Save up to five days of 12 people for social media reporting
  • Save up to 4 hours per week on reporting

Mocha has been enjoying some of the most impactful results we’ve seen in our clients, since they started using Socialinsider.

And it’s not just about the time saved and increased team productivity, but also about workplace satisfaction - now, the team at Mocha has more time to focus on the activities that really make them shine in the digital world. Getting their research and data right is taken care of by the in-depth Socialinsider analyses and reports.

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