How Blink Agency saves 30 hours monthly on reporting by using premium social media analytics

With Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency


Blink is one of the most prominent digital marketing agencies in Myanmar. It has a diverse team of experienced and passionate creatives. They have an extensive array of projects, such as interface design, graphic design, social media campaigns, or video production.


Rangoon, Myanmar

  • Saves up to 30 hours per month on reporting
  • Using data to pitch new clients
  • Detailed and insightful reports on social
Key Features Used

Blink is a team of digital strategists, marketers, designers, producers, and IT experts who are eager to satisfy their clients’ marketing needs in new and exciting ways.

With over 7 years of experience, they had the opportunity to deliver campaigns to a wide range of industries, from Technology, Mobile Apps, Banking, Events, and Real Estate, to Lifestyle, F&B, Hotels, and Restaurants.

We talked with Lin Htet Mau, Account Manager at Blink Agency, to see why they chose Socialinsider for their social media analytics needs and what benefits they got after using our tool.


  • Manually doing social media reporting
  • Spending too much time on creating reports
  • Not getting enough competitors data from the native analytics apps

Previously, the team wasted a lot of time as they were gathering social media reports manually. They had to check all native apps’ built-in tools, such as Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, LinkedIn analytics to collect data and insights.

“Before Socialinsider, we had to work on reports almost manually.”

Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency

Since they didn’t have an automated social media dashboard before using Socialinsider, the team from Blink was spending too much time on collecting competitors’ data and had to track every social page separately, which was very tiresome.

“It consumed a lot of our time, and now, with Socialinsider, we can check and measure the social media data performance on the go, which is quite convenient.”

Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency

Socialinsider’s reports and benchmarking analysis was offering them exactly what they were hoping to find - a user-friendly platform that centralizes all the information into a single hub.

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • Premium social media analytics on the go
  • Analytics for multiple platforms
  • All in one dashboard for analytics and competitors research

Blink agency has made a habit of delivering social media campaign reports to their clients shortly after every campaign. Since they’ve been using Socialinsider, they benefited from premium social media analytics on the go.

“We shared the account with the team, and since we're applying it for all clients, we use it very frequently, like three times a week.”

Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency

One of Blink’s biggest inconveniences was the fact that they had to manually collect data for every social page separately, which was affecting their time and efficiency. Socialinsider was the perfect match as it offers them analytics for multiple platforms in one spot.

“UI/UX is friendly and easy to use, and insightful data and all social media platforms can be tracked, not only Facebook.”

Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency


  • Saves up to 40 hours per month on reporting
  • Using data to pitch new clients
  • Detailed and insightful reports on social

With Socialinsider’s help, Blink can now deliver social media reports to its clients faster and more efficiently.

They’ve managed to save a lot of time, which was previously wasted on manual data gathering. This time can now be dedicated to bringing more value to their business.

All this at a very competitive rate, which has helped the company save considerably each year.

“We usually have to do 5 to 10 different social reports per month, and probably, we can save around 30 hours per month because of Socialinsider. Approximately, it saves us 4 working hours of one team member per report.”

Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency

On top of saving them time and effort, our tool’s data can be used for impressing potential clients and facilitating the pitching process.

“Socialinsider can support us a lot when it comes to pitching new clients. We can mine accurate data very quickly and make potential clients impressed.”

Lin Htet Maw, Account Manager at Blink Agency

Being able to generate fast social media analytics reports is something that every agency wishes for. Blink can now get detailed and insightful social media reports with Socialinsider’s all-in-one platform and really capture their clients’ interest.

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