How Megan Jean Ruff took her freelancing in social media to a next level of productivity

With Megan Jean Ruff, Freelance Social Media Manager

Megan Ruff

Megan Jean Ruff


London, United Kingdom

  • Saving time with report
  • Tracking the most important social media KPIs
  • Tracking profiles’ growth
Key Features Used

Freelancers function like teams of one. They often switch roles, jumping from the sales person to the strategist, analyst and then to the manager. And it can be a serious workload, especially when they have to juggle with more clients, from various industries. That’s why being efficient and productive matters so much - it allows freelancers to save time on one of the roles and invest it in another one, that can get them closer to their business objectives.

Megan Jean Ruff is a UK based freelance digital marketing strategist and social media manager, working in the music industry. She provides strategy for artists' social media channels, and analyses these monthly to put together further strategies. Her aim is to help grow reach, engagement and follower numbers on the accounts.

The overall goal that she is using Socialinsider for is to make sure she’s maximising the social presence of the clients she works with. That’s why making sure that she’s tracking the right metrics and tracking them correctly is of the essence.


  • Difficult to use the native analytics
  • Spending too much time on reporting
  • Creating great-looking reports

The main problem that Megan Jean Ruff faced in her social media freelancing was having to do too much back and forth between platform reports. Some stats she got from Facebook, others from Instagram and then she’d have to check Twitter as well.

Making sense of all these data sets, not to mention reporting them in a coherent way to her clients, was a constant hassle. It also took her a lot of time, which meant that there were less hours in the day to focus on her growth hacker or salesperson roles, to create strategies and attract new business.

“I’d try to use the platform statistics by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which didn’t always give the information that I needed. I couldn’t choose specific time frames, or easily get screenshots of information to put within my reports.”

Megan Jean Ruff, Freelance Social Media Manager

Fortunately, she knew about Socialinsider and decided to start saving time, energy, and get more valuable data-based insights by using our analytics tool.

The competitive advantages with Socialinsider

  • Everything is all in one place
  • Excellent customer support
  • Tracking content performance

For Megan, using Socialinsider for all the analytics and reporting for the accounts she manages was an obvious choice. She had used it in a previous employment, where she learned what the tool can do and the value it brings both to the strategist and to the clients.

That’s why, as she started her freelance journey, she decided to keep using Socialinsider.

“I decided to stick with it as it was useful and easy to use, with good design and graphics that I could use in my reports.”

Megan Jean Ruff, Freelance Social Media Manager

As she explored Socialinsider in more detail, she realised the importance of having such an in-depth perspective across different social networks.

Now, she’s able to use data analyses to optimise exposure, budget, and campaign impact.

The automated reports, and the benchmarking make all the difference for freelancers like her or for agencies that need to always be up to date with the performance and trends in social.

Besides, our team was there for customizations, using Megan’s feedback to adjust the reports based on what mattered to her clients.

“Everything is all in one place, and there’s pretty much every stat available that you’d want. I also really like that I’ve been able to speak to the team, they’ve been helpful and made adjustments to the platform based on suggestions I’ve asked.”

Megan Jean Ruff, Freelance Social Media Manager


  • Saving time with reports
  • Tracking the most important social media KPIs
  • Tracking profiles’ growth

Now, Megan uses Socialinsider in her work as a freelancer to create monthly reports for her clients, and to check growth. She also occasionally checks the dashboard around certain moments or reviews the performance of specific posts in social media, being able to access in-depth audience and growth insights.

“I definitely save time by using Socialinsider, as I can easily just screenshot information to input it into my reports.”

Megan Jean Ruff, Freelance Social Media Manager

To finetune her strategy and make sure that her campaigns drive real results, Megan relies on Socialinsider in her freelance collaborations.

By regularly checking the social analytics dashboard in Socialinsider, she is able to get an overview of all the accounts she manages, but also of their competitors’ performance. This helps her amplify the impact of her strategy and get great results for the music industry clients that she works with.

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