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Facebook Videos Turning Into A Powerful Marketing Tool in 2021

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Facebook Videos Turning Into A Powerful Marketing Tool in 2021

Video marketing has taken over the internet!

In the past few years, video marketing on social media has transformed the marketing world. It has proven to be a really effective, interactive and engaging tool and we can all agree to this fact.

According to recent research conducted by HubSpot, four out of the top six channels on which worldwide audience watch videos are social media channels.

Facebook video marketing was all the rage in 2019 and the same will continue in the years to come. A Facebook executive predicted that the social media giant will be all videos in less than five years.

Facebook video marketing is trending and via autoplay feature, stories, 360Β° videos, and live videos you can boost your digital marketing strategy.

Today, I'm going to share with you a few tips to create powerful and cool videos on Facebook to produce excellent results in 2021.

How to create powerful videos on Facebook

Yips to create cool videos on Facebook in 2021
  1. Make your videos short and refreshing
  2. Make the first 5 to 10 seconds of the video count
  3. Get a better understanding of your audience
  4. Upload the videos directly on Facebook
  5. Make use of Facebook features
  6. Choose a thumbnail that evokes interest
  7. Publish your video during peak hours
  8. Add call to action (CTA)

1. Make your videos short and refreshing

In this fast-moving world, it is crucial to cut short your video and make it more exciting and refreshing at the same time. Short and captivating videos tend to go viral within no time. With great visual effects and a strong message, a video can even reach out to the areas with different languages and cultures.

Facebook recommends to make videos of 2 minutes or even less, as shorter videos have a strong impact and a wider reach. Short videos not only helps to deliver the message of the brand effectively but also grabs the attention of the viewers, which results in more views and shares.

People are likely to remember the information of short videos for a more extended time period. You can also make use of Renderforest to make videos that will help you to make the best promotional videos and create an emotional impact.

Dennis Yu believes that 'One minute video' will be one of the primary digital marketing trend in 2019.

2. Make the first 5 to 10 seconds of the video count

When you are video marketing on Facebook, you need to hook your audience to the video in the first 5 to 10 seconds because this is the time you can create the maximum impact.

The best way to engage your audience in the first few seconds is to generate curiosity, either by asking a question or creating suspense. To create a successful video it’s important to maintain the right balance between the use of entertainment and information. Do not include lengthy information or aggressive selling in your videos because if you do so, viewers will lose interest halfway.

The key to engaging your audience is to make the best use of the first 5 to 10 seconds of your video by demonstrating some new and exciting ideas for your product or service.

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3. Get a Better Understanding of your Audience

To gather an effective video content it’s very important to learn about your target audience. Gain an understanding of viewers needs and likes, this will help you to come up with compelling content. Remember that the videos which provide solutions to the problems of the viewers have the power to reach and spread out to a larger audience.

Once you can educate yourself with what your audience needs, then you can generate videos that yield good results. Β Famous Facebook pages like Nas Daily, 5 Minutes Craft, and Tasty have received admiration from millions of followers as they are able to deliver what their audience is actually looking for.

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4. Upload the videos directly on Facebook

Uploading videos on Facebook directly can be a lot more beneficial than uploading it through some other medium. Make videos keeping in mind the guidelines for Facebook.

If the video is created according to the Facebook requirements, then it will reach out to more people and will be seen by the Facebook algorithms. You can also get the benefit of the autoplay feature if you upload the video directly on Facebook. Β This feature plays the videos automatically, even when the person is going through his/her feed.

5. Make use of Facebook features

To effectively interact and engage with your audience make use of Facebook features like β€˜Facebook 360’ or β€˜Facebook Live’. These features help to make your video more compelling. They work best if you are promoting an event or adding posts to your page.

You can also promote your videos through Facebook Stories, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst vloggers. It allows you to publish a story for 24 hours, you can update your audience on daily basis with the help of Facebook stories. Β 

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6. Choose a thumbnail that evokes interest

Before watching the video viewers see the thumbnail. It is essential that your thumbnail is connected to your brand or service. Just as the logo identifies the brand, the same way thumbnail generates interest in a video.

With the help of Facebook Ads creation tool, you can select a new picture or choose an image from the video that can be used as a thumbnail. Even if the video does not play automatically, a compelling thumbnail can draw the attention of the viewers.

You can also add text on your thumbnail to persuade your audience, but remember that Facebook only has 20% text usage policy.

7. Publish your video during peak hours

You can schedule the publishing of your video on Facebook for any time of the day. There are certain hours in the day when the availability of audience is more and you can grab more attention of the viewers during those hours. So use these peak hours and schedule your videos accordingly.

It is easy to schedule your video on Facebook easily. Just click on the β€˜schedule post’ button which is located in the drop-down menu as you go through the process of uploading. Β 

8. Add a Call to Action (CTA)

The most useful feature of the Facebook video is that you can add the Call to Action button. The CTA tabs have options such as:

  • Sign Up
  • Shop Now Β 
  • Watch Video
  • Learn More.

It allows to attract more viewers to your video posted on your website via your Facebook cover picture. The CTA option helps to drive traffic to your page. It is vital to incorporate Facebook in your video marketing strategy, as it will not only assist you to build your brand but will also allow you to engage with a larger audience, which will further help you to draw more traffic to your website.

Final thought

Need help in getting things done? Visit Socialinsider and get new content ideas and discover more social media marketing strategies.

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Facebook Videos Turning Into A Powerful Marketing Tool in 2021
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