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Facebook Marketing Strategy: Why You Need It And How To Create One

Elena Cucu
Laura Dascau
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Since Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms in social media, it is clear that Facebook marketing can have a huge impact on your brand.

In this article, we have compiled some tips on how to create the best Facebook marketing strategy for your business and how to get ahead of your competitors.

Let's get right into it!

The A to Z for creating a successful Facebook marketing strategy

1. What is a Facebook marketing strategy
2. Why use Facebook marketing
3. How to create a Facebook marketing strategy
3.1. Define your audience
3.2. Establish your goals
3.3. Plan your content
3.4. Optimize your page
3.5. Improve your content performance
3.6. Diversify your Facebook content
3.7. Use the Facebook features available
3.8. Build your Facebook Ads strategy
4. 4 Facebook marketing tools to use

1. What is a Facebook marketing strategy

A Facebook marketing strategy is the process through which you promote your brand’s products and services through a Facebook business page while following a well-researched plan to achieve your goals.

This plan usually relies on a step-by-step guide that helps you fulfill your main goal. The strategy can also be developed by relying on the performance of previous Facebook marketing campaigns.

These insights will help you understand more about your audience and who your buyer persona is.

You will also find out about your customers’ needs and pain points. This way, your future Facebook marketing strategy should include solutions to their problems. This is a factor able to increase sales.

2. Why use Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is an intricate process which takes a lot of sweat and tears when you set specific goals, like higher engagement, followers’ growth and bigger sales.

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Facebook marketing into your social media strategy. Here are a few of them.

  • Improve brand’s visibility

Nowadays more and more Facebook users build a presence on this social media platform to find out the latest news and collections of their favorite brands.

By building a presence on Facebook for your brand, you get to widen your horizon while more users find out about your business’ products and services.

Enlarging your audience means that you can also extend your sales. Facebook users get to know you and if your content is creative enough, they will become curious about your products and visit your website.

  • Attract your target audience

And speaking of people interested in your products, it’s really important to learn what your audience needs and wants from a brand like you.

With Facebook analytics, either the native app or a specialized app, you get a lot of data about your audience’s preferences.

Consider looking at Facebook audience metrics like demographics, geographic data, interests, lifestyle, and income.

You can use the insights you obtain to adjust your Facebook content and offer your audience and future clients exactly what they are looking for.

By making them happy, you will also be happy since you’ll be able to increase your engagement rate and impressions, while they will get a better experience with your brand.

This win-win situation will also help you build a solid and loyal community around your brand on Facebook.

  • Leverage social commerce to increase your revenue

Facebook is a complex social media tool that also offers you the opportunity to build an online store. You can even make your products in the online store visible on Instagram and, this way, you will reach a larger audience.

To make people curious about your services and products, you can also post giveaways, promotions and all sorts of challenges.

This way, your audience will be able to see in one place news and offers about your products and also order them there at the same time.

  • Build a community around your brand

Canva is one of the most popular apps when it comes to designing your own images, videos, presentations and a lot more.

It is well-known for the tool's power to make everyone think that they can master easy designs in no time. With all the features it offers, you can surely design campaigns for every social media platform.

Canva has won over the heart of many social media strategists, making their job a lot easier and efficient.

By addressing their pain points directly, offering the chance to become masters at designing their own visuals, Canva has build a community around its brand.

Now every social media strategist's starter pack also includes Canva skills. However, when it comes to designing more complicated visuals, they still need the help of UX designers.

This is the beauty of a tool that is useful and indispensable that doesn't try to steal the job of a web designer. However, it helps all those people who want to learn design and need to start somewhere.

How to do Facebook marketing like Canva

3. How to create a Facebook marketing strategy

When you need to improve your marketing game, you know that you have to learn how to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy. By following your step-by-step plan, you will get to reach all your goals.

First, develop a Facebook business page and a Facebook ad account. By developing a Facebook business page you get to show everyone what your brand is like and what it is about.

The ad account helps you develop Facebook campaigns while boosting your brand’s awareness.

Here are 8 strategies for Facebook marketing:

3.1. Define your audience

Learning who your audience is it’s the first step you need to take when creating a Facebook marketing strategy. Answer to these questions first:

  • For whom are you designing these products and services?
  • What’s their age/ location/ career?
  • Who is your target audience and potential client?
  • What are their needs and pain points?

These questions can guide you into knowing your audience. You should not consider impressing them every day with your products and campaigns.

However, what you should do on Facebook is to make your audience into a loyal community, keeping them close.

If you make your audience find that sense of familiarity and human side, you win and it is clear that they’d buy from you.

By using Meta Business Suite or a Facebook analytics tool, you can see data about your audience for your existing Facebook page and leverage the insights gathered for future campaigns.

3.2. Establish your goals

For this part, you should ask yourself a different question: What do you want to achieve by using Facebook marketing?

Usually, most brands that develop a Facebook marketing  strategy want to gain more followers and to gradually transform them into customers.

Now, to do that, your content needs to be convincing and engaging enough to make your followers want to buy something.

This means that you should set as a first goal to develop great content. The thing is like this:

Great content –> Engagement –> More followers –> More buyers

Marketing your products and services on Facebook after adjusting them to fit your target audience’s needs is the starting point towards building a loyal community and getting great sales.

3.3. Plan your content

Your content should not “wow” on a daily basis, but it should make your audience feel closer to your brand.

First, you need to establish what to post and when to do it.

For the “what” part, you should consider the rule of thirds from the social media content strategy rules.

  • ⅓ of your content - your stories and ideas
  • ⅓ of your content - promotional content
  • ⅓ of your content - interaction with your audience

In your posts, you should approach topics that include company news, industry news, new promotions, clients’ testimonials, and new products’ releases.

Then, to find out when it’s the best time to post to make sure your audience is already scrolling on Facebook, you should check the native analytics app to see audience insights.

There you can see when your audience is most active. This way, you can even schedule your content in advance, knowing for sure they will be there to interact with it.

3.4. Optimize your page

Your Facebook Business Page is like your brand’s ID. You have to make sure that everything looks good and that your brand is recognizable for your audience.

Your Facebook page needs to be optimized to include:

  • your brand’s logo as a profile photo
  • an About section with as many details as possible
  • a call-to-action button
  • your website URL, email address, phone number
  • a pinned post with your latest product launch or giveaway
  • an accurate business category

3.5. Improve your content performance

Based on the metrics data you can check via Facebook's native analytics tool or a specialised third-party tool, you can see how your previous Facebook marketing campaigns have performed.

Using all the data about your posts to adjust your marketing plan will also help you score higher values when it comes to metrics.

Choose to look at Facebook metrics in detail to understand what was its impact on your audience.

How to use Socialinsider for a successful Facebook marketing strategy

Use the insights you get to adjust your Facebook marketing and develop better content that could attract a wider audience to engage with it.

3.6. Diversify your Facebook content

Successful Facebook marketing is based on good strategic thinking on one hand, and creative execution on the other.

What you must absolutely keep in mind is that your content calendar should be shaped in a way to meet the goals you’ve established in the previous stage of your Facebook marketing process.

With so many types of posts available on the platform, from image posts, video posts, Facebook albums to live videos or even Reels, you have to make sure you do a lot of testing in order to discover what’s the miraculous formula for your brand.

But, make sure you check your analytics and optimize on the go, because waiting too long may cause some serious holes in your budget.

You may have noticed video content is great for increasing Facebook engagement, and it also has the highest CTR.

Still, don’t imagine filling your Facebook business’ page with tons of videos will automatically make your brand successful.

First of all, if you deliver the same type of content to your audiences over and over again, they will get bored sooner or later, and lose interest in your business.

And secondly, as a digital marketer, you must always keep in mind the Facebook algorithm, which favors those Facebook pages that have diversified content.

Facebook content strategies

3.7. Use the Facebook features available

For being one of the oldest social media platforms, and most certainly the largest, Facebook has overcome the status of being only a content-sharing platform a long time ago.

Since it has so many features available, besides the types of content, you should maximize your Facebook marketing strategies by making wise use of them all.

Let’s take Business Manager for example, a tool that lets you manage both your organic and paid Facebook posts.

One of its other great advantages is that it keeps the work unified among the team members.

People love to have their opinions asked and love to share their thoughts. Because it makes them feel valuable and appreciated. And this is something any brand must understand it’s necessary to be done.

A great way of doing so is through Facebook groups.

Through your own Facebook group you can unify your community and help online users that have a common interest connect easier.

This is an example of how a Facebook group is displayed in the platform.

Moreover, by learning information about your brand through real people, not only your sales channels, there is likely for people to appreciate your transparency and increase their trust level in you.

And having loyal customers is a real blessing for any brand.

3.8. Build your Facebook Ads strategy

Facebook is a social platform because of its purpose, of facilitating conversations and connections between people.

Everyone hates being sold to every minute of every day, whether it’s in real life, or in social media.

People are oriented towards creating relationships and sharing with their loved ones the important moments in their lives.

That’s exactly why the Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from user’s friends and family.

Which makes the brand’s struggle for winning over their attention a pretty tough one. Not to mention the desire to outreach the competition.

This is the part where Facebook Ads step in. Now, if you already have great content, designed to match your audience’s needs and interests, through Facebook Ads you can offer that content a little boost without making a hole in your marketing budget.

Remember, the better your content is, the lesser it will cost for you to display your ad on the platform.

Now, in order for your Facebook ads to be successful and fulfil the objective you set it for, you must do a bit of work yourself.

The first step would be to properly set the audience of your Facebook ad.

If you don’t tell the platform whom you want this ad to be shown, it won’t be able to deliver the qualitative audience you desire.

Since I mentioned earlier having awesome content will make the job a way easier for your, when crafting that content you have to take into consideration two aspects: be relevant and always try to keep your content fresh, so that the users would be able to see that’s the added value that your brand brings.

4. 4 Facebook marketing tools to use

  • Socialinsider

To improve your Facebook marketing game, you can leverage a third-party analytics tool like Socialinsider, that offers you more than basic performance metrics, allowing in-depth analysis of content pillars.

To show you how you can assess your Facebook strategy to improve your content, let’s take Rare Beauty as an example.

This beauty brand’s social strategy is built on a couple of well-established content pillars, which can be split into several categories: their brand’s founder, new product releases, new restocks to their most viral products, mental health awareness, testimonials, user-generated content and influencers’ collabs.

With a quick look through the data we discovered that the founder’s journey and product -posts are the best-performing content pillars for the brand. These kind of insights can then be used to optimize the brand’s Facebook marketing strategy, increasing engagement and favoring brand loyalty.

facebook marketing strategy content pillars for rare beauty

To get access to this kind of data with Socialinsider, you have to:

  • Enter the brand’s name or the profile URL within the dashboard;
  • Go to the Strategy section and tag your posts based on the content pillars you want to analyze
  • Move to the Campaigns Benchmarks section where you’ll find a comparison of these content pillars’ performance

To gain inspiration for your Facebook content strategy, you can also peek at your competitor’s and see the performance of their different content pillars.

You may discover post ideas that you did not integrate into your content and that seem to have high-performance potential. Or, on the contrary, you can discover that your metrics are significantly higher and that your strategy is on the right track to achieving your objectives.

For example, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga, one of Rare Beauty’s competitors has similar content pillars as Rare Beauty. They also promote clean beauty products, they’ve shared their founder’s story and they post a lot of makeup tutorials and testimonials.

facebook marketing strategy content pillars for haus labs

By comparing the numbers, we get to see that Rare Beauty KPIs are higher that its competitors’.

This highlights how Haus Labs could optimize their Facebook marketing strategy by taking inspiration from Rare Beauty’s approach - and test out new creative concepts (such as mental health awareness), mixed with different formats.

  • Creator Studio for Facebook

Meta Business Suite features the Creator Studio where you can create and schedule your content for both Facebook and Instagram.

this is a screenshot from creator studio showing facebook and instagram for socialinsider

Creator Studio helps you schedule your posts, create Reels, create Stories and even create Lives. Getting so much support from this tool, that also offers analytics insights, guides you into posting content that suits your audience needs.

this is a screenshot from creator studio showing all the steps needed to create a reel

In Creator Studio you can even create your ads, establishing how much your Facebook marketing campaign will last.

  • Facebook Commerce Manager

Facebook Commerce Manager is another useful tool that can make your process of building a Facebook marketing strategy more efficient.

First, you can learn how to efficiently upload everything about your products.

this is a screenshot from facebook commerce manager showing what the tool is about

Then, you need to choose a way to sell that best suits your brand’s interests. This is the space where you will develop your Facebook shop.

This means that your product pictures need to be creative, detailed and descriptive in order to attract your customers to add to cart.

this is a screenshot from facebook commerce manager showing a menu from which you can choose the way to sell

Then you can select what category best describes what your brand sells. Make sure you complete everything as accurately as possible.

this is a screenshot from facebook commerce manager showing a menu from which you can select your catalogue type

Facebook shopping is a great option to market on social media. This way, your audience won’t need to click on your website and add to cart there. They can directly purchase it on Facebook through its e-commerce feature.

  • Facebook Ads Library

Including Facebook ads in your to-do list for your Facebook marketing strategy is a great option if you want to reach more people.

With Facebook ads library, you get your step-by-step guide on how to build an ad and an ad campaign to give your content a boost.

showing a screenshot from facebook ad library with

Final thought

Creating a well-thought Facebook marketing strategy is more important than you might think.

Businesses rely a lot on the performance on social because this way they can engage with their audience and attract new possible clients.

Take time to create the Facebook strategy that best suits you and bring new people along the way.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook marketing

1.How can Facebook be used for marketing?

Brands can use Facebook content to promote their products and services, showcasing their latest product launches, new releases and giveaways. Also using Facebook Commerce Manager helps you develop your brand's shopping feature on Facebook, making it more accessible for users to buy your products.

2. How effective is Facebook marketing?

Since Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, it gathered a lot of users over the years. This means your content can reach a wider audience compared to other social media platforms. If you also use Facebook ads, you will be able to target your audience better and increase ROI.

3. How to do Facebook marketing?

The process of creating a strategy requires multiple steps, including setting your objectives, identifying your target audience, establishing the type of content you'll leverage (in terms of creative concepts and formats), and measuring KPIs to discover optimization possibilities.

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