Facebook Marketing Strategy: 4 Steps You Should Cover When Creating Your Facebook Content Calendar
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Facebook Marketing Strategy: 4 Steps You Should Cover When Creating Your Facebook Content Calendar

Elena Cucu
Elena Cucu

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Since Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms in social media, it is clear that Facebook marketing can have a huge impact on your brand.

But to grow your business it’s easier said than done. So, you may be wondering what you should be doing to make sure when you’re marketing on Facebook, you get the results you're after.

But don’t worry, we got you covered!

In this article, we have compiled some tips on how to create the best Facebook marketing strategy for your business and how to get ahead of your competitors.

Let’s see what I’m talking about!

4 tips for a successful Facebook marketing strategy

1. Start creating a Facebook marketing strategy by setling your Facebook goals

2. Diversify your Facebook content

3. Make the most out of all Facebook tools available

4. Determine your Facebook Ads strategy

1. Set your Facebook goals

Working in marketing may sound like an easy-peasy job, where you sometimes have to attend events, or stay on social media all day.

Yeah, how hard that must be? Some may ask.

But the truth is, behind every event there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done, and in those hours spent on social media platforms, oh boy, there’s a lot of thinking and working for creating social media posts near to perfection.

I know those of you who work in marketing get me. Am I right?

Going back to our sheep - creating a Facebook marketing strategy.

Well, that old saying: think before you do anything fits like a glove in here as well.

That is because, either when you’re writing a content calendar, or creating a more complicated Facebook marketing strategy, before doing anything, you need to know what you want to achieve.

Only after you have established your Facebook goals should you assign tasks and start spending money.

This is how you can set different goals in Google Analytics

What you must absolutely keep in mind when designing your Facebook marketing strategy is that not everyone else may have the same objectives as you.

And that’s ok, because business is different.

Your goals may differ from those of your competitors, but when establishing them, you need to take three things into consideration: your brand’s personality, and your organization’s needs, both in general, as well as at a certain moment in time.

Sure, on a general level, you may say your company’s goal is to increase your ROI, but in order for that to happen, your Facebook marketing strategy needs to be bulletproof, which means well-thought on numerous micro-levels.

Which means having a Facebook strategy that fits perfectly into your overall marketing strategy is the key for your brand’s success.

Here are the most common 4 Facebook goals marketers usually set for their Facebook marketing strategy.

Here are some of the most common goals marketers are directing their Facebook marketing strategy towards:

  • Brand awareness: this seems to be the number one goal for marketers on Facebook, as it represents the first stage of the marketing funnel.

And since your prospects lessen along the way, you must start big on this one.

Remember, in order to eventually buy from you, the online communities need to hear about your first.

  • Lead generation: if you’ve got your target audience to succeed in completing an action, whether it is downloading something, giving you some email addresses, or whatever, then congrats. You’re one step closer in your relationship with them.

Google Analytics is a great tool that can help you keep track of this particular goal’s development.

All you have to do is set up some conversion goals and snoop around to see what channels are bringing in the most leads.

  • Customer service improvement: having your customers happy is directly proportional with your increase of revenue.

And one way you can make them happy is through listening to their needs, and answering their questions.

By paying attention to what they’re interested in and being more proactive, there’s no way for them not to stand by your side.

  • Driving traffic: having your followers engage with you on social media is great. But ultimately, your sales are realised through your own website. Which means directing traffic towards it is crucial for your business’ growth.

So, a successful marketing strategy may mean founding your own formula for creating content that drives those engaging fans to your website.

Here as well Google Analytics is of much help. It is actually one of the most helpful tools for digital marketers nowadays.

This is a model of establishing business goals, the smart method.

When setting up your business goals, in order for you to be able to track and see what are the chances of reaching them, it’s preferable to create them under the form of SMART objectives. Which translates into: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

For each of the goals mentioned, marketers will have to establish different KPI's that will tell them if their Facebook marketing strategies are successful.

When doing their regular social media reporting, Facebook marketers must decide how much attention they will pay to vanity metrics.

TIP: Social media managers need to look beyond vanity metrics, and put an emphasis on those that can offer a deeper understanding of their brand’s performance on social media.

2. Diversify your Facebook content

If you’re done defining your goals, it’s time for some action. After all, a successful Facebook marketing strategy is based on good strategic thinking on one hand, and creative execution on the other.

What you must absolutely keep in mind is that your content calendar should be shaped in a way to meet the goals you’ve established in the previous stage of your Facebook marketing strategy process.

With so many types of posts available on the platform, from image posts, video posts, Facebook albums to live videos or even stories, you have to make sure you do a lot of testing in order to discover what’s the miraculous formula for your brand.

But, make sure you check your analytics and optimize on the go, because waiting too long may cause some serious holes in your budget.

You may have noticed video content is great for increasing Facebook engagement, and it also has the highest CTR.

This is the Facebook average ctr for different types of Facebook content.

Still, don’t imagine filling your Facebook business’ page with tons of videos will automatically make your brand successful.

First of all, if you deliver the same type of content to your audiences over and over again, they will get bored sooner or later, and lose interest in your business.

And secondly, as a digital marketer, you must always keep in mind the Facebook algorithm, which favors those Facebook pages that have diversified content.

3. Make the most out of all Facebook tools available

For being one of the oldest social media platforms, and most certainly the largest, Facebook has overcome the status of being only a content-sharing platform a long time ago.

Since it has so many features available, besides the types of content, you should maximize your Facebook marketing strategies by making wise use of them all.

Let’s take Business Manager for example, a tool that lets you manage both your organic and paid Facebook posts.

One of its other great advantages is that it keeps the work unified among the team members.

People love to have their opinions asked and love to share their thoughts. Because it makes them feel valuable and appreciated. And this is something any brand must understand it’s necessary to be done.

A great way of doing so is through Facebook groups.

Through your own Facebook group you can unify your community and help online users that have a common interest connect easier.

This is an example of how a Facebook group is displayed in the platform.

Moreover, by learning information about your brand through real people, not only your sales channels, there is likely for people to appreciate your transparency and increase their trust level in you.

And having loyal customers is a real blessing for any brand.

Also, you can gain their loyalty by initiating special programs like offering the members of your Facebook group exclusive content or discounts, depending on your business’ orientation.

This is a move that will surely be well-seen, since people will feel special. Rewarding them for their loyalty can only have a positive impact on your image, helping you humanize it. Keep that in mind!

Facebook chatbot or Facebook Messenger bot as may be known by some is certainly a must-have Facebook tool in 2021.

Whenever they have a question or a complaint about your brand, people are most likely to address it to you on social media, especially on your Facebook page, to be more precise.

This is exactly because of the existence of these Facebook chatbots.

People expect you to have one nowadays, for helping them to interact faster with your business. And by not doing so, you risk losing a lot of customers.

When you’re creating your Facebook marketing strategy, you must remember that customers must be your number one priority. Because all your fame and popularity is thanks to them.

4. Determine your Facebook Ads strategy

Facebook is a social platform because of its purpose, of facilitating conversations and connections between people.

Everyone hates being sold to every minute of every day, whether it’s in real life, or in social media.

People are oriented towards creating relationships and sharing with their loved ones the important moments in their lives.

That’s exactly why the Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from user’s friends and family.

Which makes the brand’s struggle for winning over their attention a pretty tough one. Not to mention the desire to outreach the competition.

This is the part where Facebook Ads step in. Now, if you already have great content, designed to match your audience’s needs and interests, through Facebook Ads you can offer that content a little boost without making a hole in your marketing budget.

Remember, the better your content is, the lesser it will cost for you to display your ad on the platform.

Now, in order for your Facebook ads to be successful and fulfil the objective you set it for, you must do a bit of work yourself.

The first step would be to properly set the audience of your Facebook ad.

If you don’t tell the platform whom you want this ad to be shown, it won’t be able to deliver the qualitative audience you desire.

Since I mentioned earlier having awesome content will make the job a way easier for your, when crafting that content you have to take into consideration two aspects: be relevant and always try to keep your content fresh, so that the users would be able to see that’s the added value that your brand brings.

Final thought

Creating a well-thought Facebook marketing strategy is more important than you might think.

Businesses rely a lot on the performance on social because this way they can engage with their audience and attract new possible clients.

Take time to create the Facebook strategy that best suits you and bring new people along the way.

Practice makes perfect!

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