7 Twitter Marketing Features To Increase Brand Awareness In 2023
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7 Twitter Marketing Features To Increase Brand Awareness In 2023

Laura Burducel
Laura Burducel

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Twitter is the favorite virtual place for people who want to take part in public conversations, connecting those interested in the same topics.

Useful Twitter marketing features are the salt and pepper you need to spice up your content campaigns.

Twitter features for marketing could help you squeeze every advantage out of this social media platform to empower your business.

Here is a list of Twitter marketing features bound to boost your brandโ€™s performance.

Are you ready? Hop on this ride with us!

7 Twitter marketing features to use in 2023

Top Twitter marketing features

  1. Twitter Communities
  2. Twitter Spaces
  3. Twitter Moments
  4. Twitter Super Follows
  5. Twitter Blue
  6. TweetDeck
  7. Twitter Analytics

Top Twitter marketing features

Twitter studies have shown that โ€œjust a 10% rise in conversation has led up to a 3% increase in sales volumeโ€. Since it was proved that conversations on Twitter help businesses bloom, you should make the best out of all Twitter native tools.

Here are 7 Twitter marketing features you should use in 2022:

  • Twitter Communities
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Twitter Moments
  • Super Follows
  • Twitter Blue
  • TweetDeck
  • Twitter Analytics

1. Twitter Communities

  • What is Twitter Communities?

If you have always imagined a space where you can talk about your favorite matters with people online, Twitter made it real.

Twitter Communities is a Twitter marketing feature, thanks to which you can establish strong connections with people who talk about the same topics as you do.

Sharing thoughts on a certain subject and discovering people who get you for you is extremely satisfying.

When you know that some conversations are not meant to reach everyone on Twitter, you can only Tweet your Community. By joining a group on this Twitter marketing feature known as Community, you develop a small new world around a common topic.

And what unites more people than having the same interests?

  • How to use the Twitter Communities marketing feature for your brand?

Twitter Communities is supposed to have a moderator per community - a user that chooses the focus and establishes the Community rules and afterward invites people who have shown interest on Twitter in the same topic.

This Twitter marketing feature is a place where the theme and tone are established by the members of a community.

Twitter Communities

You can use this Twitter marketing feature to create different Communities focused on topics for your followers depending on their interests. This is how you can keep them engaged with your businessโ€™ content while also increasing brand recognition.

To join a Community, you need to have a public account.

When starting to use this Twitter marketing feature, choose your audience by tapping or clicking on Everyone (this will be sent to your followers) or the specific Community (if you are a member of more than one Community, you will see a list of the ones you belong to under My Communities.

If a member of the Community breaks one of the rules established by the moderator, then the user may leave the Community or even the moderator can remove them.

That is why it is important to also pay attention to Twitter Rules.

Building a Community can help prospective clients and existing customers to connect more with your brandโ€™s philosophy.

By feeling closer to the ones who have developed the business, usersโ€™ interest in your brand will increase.

2. Twitter Spaces

  • What is Twitter Spaces?

If you feel like writing Tweets all day has lost its human touch, you can now use audio on Twitter.

Twitter Spaces is a top-notch Twitter marketing feature that encourages users to develop live conversations. The best part is that anyone can join Twitter Spaces as long as they have a Twitter iOS or Android account.

However, to build a Twitter Space you need to have at least 600 followers in order to create audio chat rooms.

A Twitter Space can have up to 13 people, where one of them is the host and there can also be two co-hosts.

The creator of the Space is the host who establishes the rules and themes of conversation. The two co-hosts are the ones with which the moderator talks to, and there are 11 listeners who attend the live talk.

  • How to use Twitter Spaces for your brand?

Do live audio conversations ring any bell?

Thatโ€™s right!

You can easily hold webinars and even podcasts by using this Twitter marketing feature.

How to access Twitter on mobile

Anyone can listen to a Twitter Space, even if they are not listed as a guest. Spaces are available for all users.

To start a Space on Twitter, you can go to the Compose button from the Home menu and long press it. Then tap the Spaces icon displayed on the far left.

You can invite listeners by DMing them the link to your Space or simply Tweeting it.

When the Space starts, the host can send requests to listeners and establish who the speakers are. You need to tap the people icon and add the co-hosts or speakers.

Allow microphone access (speaking ability) to speakers by turning Allow mic access on. Once you start, let the conversation flow, following your chosen topic to accustom your followersโ€™ needs.

Welcome to Twitter Spaces

During your webinar, your followers (listeners) can learn more about the human part of your brand, your services and products, and their utility.

The great part about this Twitter marketing feature is that you can record and also schedule a Space. This way, you make sure you reach a lot more Twitter users.

You can use this in-build audio chat room on Twitter to solve customer problems, do Q&A sessions with your clients, and offer product demos.

More and more people use this Twitter marketing feature to get inspired in real-time and take advantage of the cultural discussions that appear around a big event.

  • Who can see your Spaces listening activity?

Twitter Spaces are public, just like Tweets. Therefore, anyone can see your Spaces, and your presence and activity are also public.

If you want to manage who can see your Spaces listening activity, here is what you should do:

First, go to your left navigation menu, click the more โ€ฆ icon and go to Settings and privacy. Under Settings, go to Privacy and safety. Then check Your Twitter activity, go to Spaces.

There you can choose who you allow to see your Spaces listening activity, by toggling the on and off button.

  • What is clipping?

Clipping is a Twitter marketing feature that allows moderators, co-hosts, and listeners to clip 30-second recordings from recorded Spaces.

The advantage of this tool is that you can easily Tweet that recording to all those interested in the same topic. In case they want to listen to the whole talk, you can offer them the link.

However, you should know that the host of the Spaces can deactivate the clipping function. Currently, creating a clip is available only on iOS and Android.

3. Twitter Moments

  • What is Twitter Moments?

Have you ever tried to tell a story but realized that a Tweet is not enough? We all know that no great story is that short.

Twitter Moments was especially designed for all those users who have more to say.

A Twitter marketing feature called Twitter Moments is here to encourage you to let your imagination run free.

You can create a Twitter Moment by developing a series of Tweet conversations on the same subject.

How to access Twitter moments

Moreover, you can build together with your followers a story made up of several Tweets and comments that support the same powerful message.

  • How to use Twitter Moments for your brand?

When deciding to create a Twitter Moment, you need to make sure you have a great topic in mind that will determine users to engage.

Develop a Moment in which you tell your brand story, but make it emotional to draw peopleโ€™s attention.

Or maybe you have a great customer story you want to share with your audience. Choose your subject appropriately and let inspiration guide you through.

However, a Twitter marketing feature like this that has a focus, funny insertions, and a direction will certainly win over usersโ€™ hearts.

Make sure you follow the Twitter guidelines when using this feature.

To create a Twitter marketing feature like Moment, you have to go to the โ€œ...โ€ button on your navigation bar and tap on Moments. Then click the Create button to start developing a new Moment.

Choose a title for your Twitter Moment and add a brief description to suit your topic. The next step is to import Tweets that match your subject.

You can choose how to import Tweets from the following types of Tweets:

  • Tweets I've liked: All Tweets that you've liked.
  • Tweets by Account: Use the search bar to search for Tweets to include from a Twitter account.
  • Tweet Search: Use the search bar to search for a specific Tweet by using a hashtag.

Then select a Tweet by clicking Add. Then you can set a Cover image for your Moments by clicking the camera icon. You can also add a photo from a Tweet URL that is not included in the Moment.

Click the Add button from Tweet URL and paste the URL of the Tweet that includes the photo you want to add.

When you are ready to go live with your Twitter Moment, click the Publish button and you are all set.

Donโ€™t forget to Tweet your Moment at the end to make sure it reaches as many followers as possible.

You can use this Twitter marketing feature to let your audience know about the latest company news or an event recap to highlight the success it registered.

4. Twitter Super Follows

  • What is Twitter Super Follows?

There is a saying we want to believe is useful: Keep your followers close, and your Super Follows closer.

The new Twitter feature allows you to create a Super Follows database in which you can include all those loyal followers that never missed a Tweet.

Through this Twitter marketing feature, you can offer your biggest fans bonus Tweets created especially for them.

The social media platform developed this feature in September 2021.

Due to Super Follows, you can easily select your biggest fans and offer them Super Follows subscriptions for $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month.

This way, your brand will benefit from the Super Follow subscriptions of your audience, gaining more money based on the content it produces.

  • How to use Twitter Super Follows for your brand?

If you are wondering how Super Follows work, here is what you need to learn.

People on Twitter can pay Twitter to Super Follow your account. The Super Follows will receive access to exclusive content for a monthly fee.

When users from your Super Followers list reply to you, you will see their Super Follow badge, and it will be easier for you to connect with them.

To become an eligible Super Follower, you need to be at least 18 years old, have at least 10,000 followers, and have tweeted at least 25 times in the last 30 days.

This Twitter marketing feature can really help your business thrive since you will have the chance to be closer to those followers who proved their fidelity.

The Super Follows feature can help you increase brand awareness since more and more people will be able to learn more about your business due to the extra infos they can get.

Itโ€™s a win-win situation since you can make money as you provide exclusive content for your Super Followers.

Use this Twitter feature for exclusive announcements, subscriber-only conversations, early previews, and unfiltered thoughts.

5. Twitter Blue

  • What is Twitter Blue?

Before the existence of Super Follows, the first ever Twitter subscription was Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is a feature that adds complementary data to the Twitter experience.

Among the available new characteristics with Twitter Blue, you will get:

-Bookmark Folders - This feature helps you to better organize your saved content

-Undo Tweet - It is helpful in case you have a writing error or typo

-Reader Mode - This is great for a better reading experience when you want to keep up with longer threads.

-Discover new Labs - Here, you can see more 10-minutes videos

-Customize your theme and Twitter icon - You have more theme options.-Top Articles list - This can help you be up to date when it comes to the latest news in your area of interest.

  • How to use Twitter Blue for your brand?

To use this Twitter marketing feature, Twitter Blue, you have to first navigate to the Profile menu on your app, select Twitter Blue and then select the blue button Subscribe for $/mo. The monthly fee is $4.99.

The last thing is to follow the in-app purchase instructions for iOS and Android, and you are all set. Now you are a Twitter Blue Member!

This Twitter subscription allows you to customize your Twitter experience. This way, your brand will have access to features that other brands know nothing about.

Being better organized with Bookmark Folders, it will be easier for you to categorize your content, favorite Tweets, and more.

Moreover, you can pin customer DMs to better manage your discussions with clients. Also, the Top Articles list helps you be informed at all times, finding out first about the latest updates and products in your industry.

6. TweetDeck

  • What is TweetDeck?

If OCD is your middle name, then this Twitter marketing feature will be exactly what you are looking for. Being well-organized is the new black.

TweetDeck also offers users the possibility to develop Tweet collections and schedule Tweets.

This is a free Twitter marketing feature that saves you a lot of time and provides you with dashboards.

By using TweetDeck you can also effectively collaborate with your marketing team.

TweetDeck for Socialinsider

TweetDeck allows users to have a unique experience by looking at more timelines at the same time in a single interface.

This Twitter marketing feature includes several other features, like managing several Twitter accounts at the same time.

  • How to use TweetDeck for your brand?

To learn how to use TweetDeck, you need to access http://tweetdeck.twitter.com and log in with your Twitter account.

After logging in, you can connect more Twitter accounts to your TweetDeck account and watch their timelines simultaneously on the same screen.

Using this Twitter marketing feature will help your marketing team become more productive and better organized.

You can develop a dashboard with all your scheduled posts, while you can also split your content into categories.

Your marketing strategy will benefit a lot from a feature that backs up a great business plan.

With just a few clicks, you will have everything in order, and this will save you from all the stress and trouble of losing important data.

7. Twitter Analytics

Twitter native analytics provides data about your brand's progress on Twitter, delivering data like engagement, views and impressions.

Twitter analytics in the native app

All these social media metrics can help you develop a better marketing strategy to pave your road to success.

The Twitter analytics in-built tool is free and offers marketers the opportunity to evaluate their work on a specific time period.

By monitoring your Twitter KPI, you will get insights bound to help you develop content that suits your audienceโ€™ needs.

In case you need to oversee more metrics, you should know that they are not all provided by the native app.

That is why you should consider checking a third-party analytics tool, like Socialinsider, to complete your Twitter performance report.

Final thought

Over the years, Twitter has implemented numerous features that felt like a first-aid kit for marketers.

Twitter offers users the chance to experience features that can elevate marketers' business strategy.

All the above Twitter marketing features and apps allow marketing teams to better organize, keep in touch with their clients and become more creative with their new campaigns.

Having a wide variety of marketing features to support all your efforts can clearly encourage you to move forward with confidence.

Hopefully, our list of Twitter marketing features is helpful and you may consider that youโ€™ve unlocked a new world full of possibilities.

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