Twitter Hashtags: How to Integrate Them Into Your Twitter Marketing Strategy
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Twitter Hashtags: How to Integrate Them Into Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Maria Ganta
Maria Ganta

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Hashtags are now used and recognized by billions and billions of people around the globe, and they’re part of everyone’s social media strategy, but this wasn’t always the case.

Today, hashtags have proven to drive excellent engagement when launching a campaign, releasing, or promoting a product or a service.

You should know that with Twitter hashtags, there are two possibilities:

On one hand, if you're not using them, your content is going to get lost in other tweets. On the other hand, your message will lose its purpose if you're using too many hashtags.

In this article, you will discover how and why Twitter hashtags are essential to promote your brand's message, when to integrate them into your Twitter marketing strategy, and much more.

Everything you need to know about Twitter hashtags

  1. Why are Twitter hashtags important
  2. How to choose a Twitter hashtag
  3. Why use hashtags on Twitter
  1. How to use Twitter hashtags for your brand
  1. What hashtags are popular on Twitter and how can you benefit from using them

1. Why are Twitter hashtags important

One of the main benefits of using hashtags on Twitter is that they can help your Tweets get maximum visibility and encourage engagement.

Make sure you choose a word or phrase relevant to your brand or the message you're trying to communicate.


Because when someone clicks on or searches a specific hashtag, they will find all the profiles and public posts that use that hashtag.

For instance, if I search for #workfromhome, I can see many posts with workspaces ideas, people working with their cats staring at them, or playing with them like in the below picture.

Make sure you choose a relevant hashtag for the Tweet you want to share

Twitter hashtags tips you should follow

  • Make them easy to write and spell.
  • According to the Twitter help center, you should use no more than two hashtags per Tweet, but you're free to use as many as you want, as long as they match the message you want to send.
  • Make sure you don't use spaces in a hashtag.
  • Don't use punctuation in the middle of a hashtag, even if it’s grammatically correct.
  • Type readable and eye-catching hashtag, maybe play with words. This will attract people’s attention.
  • Don’t use caps lock for all letters - it will seem that you’re yelling and it’s not the case.

2. How to choose a Twitter hashtag

Before you post your Tweet, ask yourself: is it instantly clear from the hashtag what my brand is talking about?

If the answer is yes, just press 'Publish', but if you question it, try finding another hashtag for your Tweet.

Very important to remember here is that your hashtags need to be relevant to the content you're posting.

3. Why use hashtags on Twitter?

Easy to use, hashtags can make your tweet easier to relate to. In a way, they are buzz words that attract people interested in the topic discussed.

As soon as you start typing in your hashtag, Twitter gives you suggestions with many followers. You can use hashtags for your post that have a better engagement.

Check out why you should consider using them regularly in your tweets.

  • Hashtags are excellent for brand awareness

People interested in a particular topic can develop an interest in your brand if you reach this audience through hashtags.

You can create a discussion around your brand and the products and services you offer, encouraging followers to learn more as you promote them.

Many brands are promoting themselves using hashtags to grow their engagement from their followers.

You can do it too. This is a good way for the brand to get involved in online conversations on different topics, which allows it to associate with shareable moments of your audience.

  • Hashtags can increase your engagement and followers

By sharing the content through a trendy hashtag, it will be viewed by a larger group than the users who usually follow you.

So, with this tool, the audience you are targeting can grow essentially because anyone who clicks on the trending topic can see your post.

As a plus, if this post is original and informative, the actions it generates will further increase impressions and comments.

People want to talk about the topics they are attracted to, so you can get involved in Twitter chats through specific hashtags by targeting the right audience for you.

The good news is that you can access a receptive audience already established and waiting to be engaged with a popular hashtag.

4. How to use Twitter hashtags for your brand

The key here is to use them correctly rather than just adding them to a Tweet and hope for the best.

Here are 4 ways in which you can use Twitter hashtags for your brand:

  • Tweet about events you host (webinars, conferences, live sessions)
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Promote your brand’s campaigns
  • Join a trend

4.1. Tweet about events you host (webinars, conferences, live sessions)

Are you hosting a conference or a webinar? Let people know that by using Twitter hashtags.

See how Social Media Examiner uses the #SMMW22 hashtag in the following Tweet to announce their next year's conference and create a discussion around the event.

Promote your events using a hashtag

Another example, when we were hosting Social Talks - a free virtual conference powered by Socialinsider, we used the hashtag #SocialTalks to promote the event and let people know about it.

This helped us get more engagement and more attendees.

Social Talks by Socialinsider

4.2. Celebrate holidays

Use Twitter hashtags when celebrating a national or global holiday with your community.

Is there a holiday coming soon? Maybe Thanksgiving, EarthDay, or CoffeeDay; make sure you create a Tweet and use the proper hashtag. This will bring more engagement and visibility o your post.

Here's the Gaia Coin Foundation post celebrating #earthday.

Celebrate a holiday

4.3. Promote your brand’s campaigns

The best time to use Twitter hashtags is when you’re launching a campaign for your brand. In this case, you can create a branded hashtag campaign because this will help you collect user-generated content and drive more visibility around your brand.

For example, H&M uses the #EditionbyJohnBoyega hashtag to promote its limited-edition collection.

H&M collection

5. What hashtags are popular on Twitter and how can you benefit from using them?

Every successful marketing campaign relies on research done right.
To seize what might work for your company, you need to find out the trending topics and create relevant content for that hashtag.

The native Twitter app lets you find what’s hot right now and what are the most discussed topics on the internet. Nonetheless, Twitter has its limits because it only shows snapshots of the top trending topics and not related ones.

No matter the niche you’re in, there is a list of hashtags that can work to better engage with your audience.

Popular hashtags

  • Hashtags that get the most likes on Twitter

According to a study, the following hashtags get the most likes on a Twitter:

  • ico
  • ethereum
  • crypto
  • crowdfunding
  • medicaid
  • blackhistorymonth
  • womenshistorymonth
  • photography
  • iwd2019
  • cryptocurrency

And if you’ve wondered what are the ones who spark conversations and attract people, they are the following:

  • merrychristmas
  • giveaway
  • contest
  • win
  • competition
  • medicaid
  • aca
  • ethereum
  • blackhistorymonth
  • photography

Use these hashtags to get conversations

If you want to get creative, you can add some questions in your tweets like: “What are your favourite #marketingbook?”

Note! The hashtags from the lists above might be changing in time as new ones appear, but as a general rule, they tend to give you good results when added in your tweets. Make sure you use the one that fit your purpose.

The trick is to pay attention to the popular hashtags from your industry.

  • Create your own branded hashtag

When setting up your marketing strategy on Twitter, creating your own branded hashtag might seem like a great idea.

Don’t worry if the engagement driven by this hashtag won’t be very encouraging at first. It will have to take some time for people to start using the hashtag.

Branded hashtags can be built communities, differentiate your products from others and add a twist and personality to your posts.

Create a branded hashtag to promote your message

There are two types of hashtags you can create for your brand:

  • Always-on hashtags - They are used in all tweets and are primarily associated with a brand mini slogan or the slogan itself. They are mainly added to all the tweets. It helps brands to keep tabs on their posts.
  • Campaign specific hashtags -  They are used only for a campaign or promotions.

Before setting up your branded hashtag, make sure nobody else is using it. Look for it in the Twitter search bar.

Final thoughts

Hashtags are an essential marketing tool, and their success won’t fade away anytime soon. Use them wisely, and they can propel your Twitter account to new heights.

Make sure you’re using relevant hashtags to get the best results for your brand. Be creative and use hashtags you’ve created, but don’t forget to include some of the trending hashtags.

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