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How To Improve Your Facebook Ads And Content Strategy With A Competitors’ Research

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How To Improve Your Facebook Ads And Content Strategy With A Competitors’ Research

As a serious business owner, you shouldn't quit your Facebook presence or even contemplate doing so anytime soon.

Instead, you can take advantage of this most popular social media platform to increase the awareness of your business and reach out to as many customers as you possibly can.

Why is the case? Well, by creating an eye-catching Facebook page, it is likely that you will be exposing your business to more than 2 billion users who log in on Facebook day in day out.

Pew Research - Social media usage 2019

According to Facebook data, 2/3 of visitors on Facebook admit to visiting pages of local businesses at least once per week.

Such statistics should encourage you to keep update your page in a bid to connect and communicate easily with potential customers.

Wondering how to create winning content on Facebook? Is your business trying to establish an effective Facebook content strategy?

Today, I'm going to share with you four tactics on how to improve your Facebook content strategy and ads by using competitors' research.

Let's dive in ⇣

Here's how to improve your Facebook content with a competitors' analysis

4 ways to amp up your Facebook content and ads with a competitors' research

1. Learn from your competitors’ messaging strategy
2. Study your competitors’ ads
3. Better prepare your subject for Facebook lives
4. Improve your time to post based on industry research

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1. Learn from your competitors’ messaging strategy

There’s no better way of learning your competitor’s messaging strategy if not by visiting and liking their pages for constant updates. Starting with the most influential competitor will definitely give you the best results.

You can start the content research by creating a .csv or .xls file where you complete with data from the competitive pages.

Your analysis should tell you how keywords are used to generate traffic to their pages and how using product images play a significant role in influencing buyers’ decision.

While carrying this analysis, you should also look into their type of content - live, videos, photos, infographics or memes - and how effective the content is in engaging your competitors’ audience.

Once you are done with learning their messaging strategy, you can apply the same and make a few adjustments here and there to beat them at their own games.

Let's say, for example, you're managing the social media presence for the Southwest airlines. You can take a look at Delta's posting on Facebook and analyze their content based on these metrics:

  • type of post - in this particular case they are using polls.
  • text length - how many words do they use for better engagement
  • are they using questions or a CTA?
  • are they promoting an offer or a feature?

How do you use in-flight Wi-Fi?

Gepostet von Delta Air Lines am Montag, 29. April 2019

Diving deep into these metrics helps you strengthen your Facebook content and gives you new ideas on what to publish on your Facebook page.

Additionally, you can opt out to use an analytics tool instead of doing this manual work, and let the tool analyze the data for you.

Using a tool like Socialinsider, you can get the best postings of your competitors, how people engage with content on Facebook and most commented or shared posts.

Analyze your competitors' messaging strategy on Facebook with Socialinsider

2. Study your competitors’ ads

Another way to improve your Facebook content strategy is by studying your competitors' ads and boosting content.

  • Analyzing your competitors' active ads

Facebook removed the possibility of searching your competitors' ads using the Info & Ads tool from pages.

You can still see competitor ads under the Facebook Ads Library here and search for the competitor name, topic, organization, etc.

Here's a snapshot of Starbuck's active ads for the US market

  • Getting your competitors' boosted content

You can access your competitors' boosted content on Facebook by using a 3rd party tool like Socialinsider.

Socialinsider shows you an inside look into your competitors’ boosted content and aggregate data in a straightforward way. You'll get:

  • distribution of the boosted content
  • what type of content they are boosting - video, photos or text. As you can see from the image below Delta is promoting their video content on Facebook.

Access your competitors' boosted with Socialinsider

3. Better prepare your subject for Facebook lives

Facebook live is increasingly becoming popular and many people use it to reach out to their audiences instantly. As a matter of fact, going live on Facebook is one of the most effective ways of creating your brand awareness while reaching out to your existing fans much faster. As you get popular, so does your brand and this is the main idea behind strategizing your content.

During your preparation, you will need to learn a few things. To begin with start by learning how your competitors' audience responds to messages.

Some may respond positively while others may choose to question your ideas and try to challenge what you are trying to pass to them.

Given that you are trying to improve your content strategy, you will have to handle every situation the best way you possibly can. Therefore, you need to prepare your subject adequately before you go live to engage your audience.

Just before going live on Facebook, the next thing to do is write down your competitors' audience questions and prepare your subject thoroughly. It will help you in increasing engagement with your Facebook audience while providing an in-depth look at the brand you're trying to market. In the process, you will have some exposure and awareness.

It may not be a simple process as you may think but it is worth your effort though. In the course of going live on Facebook, you will need to keep track of those exiting questions and understand how best you can create engaging content.

Empowered women empower the world. Happy International Women's Day to the women who keep us moving and all the women worldwide.

Gepostet von Delta Air Lines am Freitag, 8. März 2019

4. Improve your time to post based on industry research

Good timing is crucial and it will keep you on toes every time you want to engage your audience. Much has been said about key times your audience is more active online, when they are more responsive and when they are likely to buy more.

While this observation might leave you scratching your head, the truth of the matter is that there’s no appropriate time that you can say it’s perfect to post any content on Facebook in the hope of finding your audience ready for it.

It could any time, let’s say in the morning, afternoon, day or night, but what is important is to anticipate the right moment to reach out your audience on social media.

Analyzing your industry's time to post, helps you improve your Facebook content strategy in relation to what your competitors are doing to stay ahead of the competition.

Moments like these are what our #ArtistsOnTheRise program is all about! We loved welcoming Thomas Csorba and Katie Pruitt into the Luck Reunion family.

Gepostet von Southwest Airlines am Donnerstag, 28. März 2019

Final thought

Competitor's research can be a vital step to help you adjust and make a few improvements on your Facebook (social media) strategy.

It can start from identifying your closest competitors all the way to doing some research on their top content in order to know where to start and how to go about your Facebook campaign.

Through Facebook competitors’ analysis, you will be able to find out how to reach out and engage your audience in a strategic manner.

Adina Jipa

Adina Jipa

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How To Improve Your Facebook Ads And Content Strategy With A Competitors’ Research
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