How your competitors create impact in a time-poor digital audience

| Competitive Analysis | Adina Jipa
  • They inspire their employees to be the brands’ ambassadors, and not paying the influencers to share their brand story.
  • They create a community around their brand where people belong, not a customer database.
  • They sell better version of their clients, not products or services.
  • They don’t have the best product on the market; they care more.
  • They listen more to their users. Every time. Everywhere.
  • They are grateful for who and what they have right now.
  • They create intangible value, not tangible features.
  • They go outside the building more often.
  • They have a human business strategy.
  • They have a mission, not quick fixes.

And more important!

They are not obsessed with the competition; they are obsessed with their customers.

"If you want to disrupt your market, look for opportunities to change a single micro-moment, one person at a time" - Bernadette Jiwa

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